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Chess Club Directory

Chess Club Directory


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  • Minnesota Chess Players

    A club for chess players in Minnesota!
    Admin Subscriber swandog On Vacation
    Members 1
    Tournaments 0
    Formed 08 Jun '18 03:41

Members Required


    Admin Standard member BISHOP1954
    Members 9
    Tournaments 0
    Formed 30 Aug '08 02:48

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Popeye the Sailor Man ClubYou want Tournaments? We have tournaments of every kind.16041122 Jun '18 26 Jul '09
Gambit FantasyRecruiting tournament players178115320 Jun '18 01 Sep '09
PhilosophiaA "place" for philosophical discussions.58417 Jun '18 02 Jan '09
Bang AverageFor players 1100 - 1350 that like Tournaments313816 Jun '18 14 Jul '17

All Clubs

Mike Hunt UtdChess players... *whistle* ... :D:D:D1003 Mar '12
Rookies Chess ClubThe Club is Closed...11726 Dec '12 24 Mar '12
Gremio Football Portoalegrens...Imortal tricolor!1011 Aug '12
Scuola di Scacchi1007 Feb '13
voidvoid1013 Mar '13
Tournament Rematch ClubAllow the finalists from a recent public tournament to play a...1020 Mar '13
960 - fischer random chessunrated tournaments only--8 players only, for that is the sit...1005 Jun '13
A1007 Jun '13
NANA1010 Nov '13
Monkey TeamGDC chess club1005 Apr '14
Zimbabwe Club (closed)Not enough member interest, non members cant play tournys and...1124 May '14 18 May '14
FunnyBoardsLet's play nontraditional boards.1007 Sep '14
Malpajorros1014 Oct '14
Under 800Chalenging under 800 rating1019 Jan '15
CA_BR1022 Jan '15
Hellenic Academy Chess ClubHellenic Senior School Chess Club. Begun 20161026 Jan '16
Baby Seal Clubber's ClubA favourite Canadian pastime.1015 Feb '17
XineBBSA's Online Chess ClubA Club for fun and play!1007 Jun '17
Wallyjack's Chess ZealotsThis is a club1024 Sep '17
Pink Floyd SlayerAdmittedly, our moods depend on the music being played...1030 Sep '17

Club Ratings

All club members have an additional rating - their club rating. Any rated game completed against another member of the same club will change your club rating. Your club ratings are in addition to your site rating.

Joining a Club

Do not hesitate to request membership to a club if you would like to participate - your normal Red Hot Pawn experience will remain unaffected.

Both subs and non-subs can join a club.

Club membership is only limited by the club administrator who accepts or declines club membership requests.

Creating a Club

Although anyone can join a club, only subscribers can create one. If you do create a club, please remember that only clubs with at least 10 members will have an active club rating.