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600-1500 CLUB
frequent, varied tourneys; banded and open; come join us!
  • Club rating 1156
    Joined 09 Jan '12 11:07
    Last moved 24 Feb '18 21:04
    Rated games 1971 club games played
    Win by color
Game idWhiteBlackLast MoveGame State
12521134Subscriber lstcyrSubscriber DragonLady26 Feb '18 00:59infoIn progress
12497755Subscriber DragonLadySubscriber lstcyr26 Feb '18 00:37infoIn progress
12497754Subscriber DragonLadySubscriber bowie725 Feb '18 21:17infoIn progress
12514232Subscriber bowie7Subscriber DragonLady25 Feb '18 08:19infoIn progress
12514230Subscriber DragonLadySubscriber bowie725 Feb '18 08:17infoIn progress
12461906Subscriber DragonLadySubscriber Chewie97625 Feb '18 03:51infoIn progress
12581452Subscriber Chewie976Subscriber DragonLady25 Feb '18 03:49infoIn progress
12581451Subscriber DragonLadySubscriber Chewie97625 Feb '18 03:49infoIn progress
12613548Subscriber DragonLadySubscriber MICHAEL JOHN24 Feb '18 23:03infoIn progress
12613549Subscriber MICHAEL JOHNSubscriber DragonLady24 Feb '18 23:02infoIn progress
12590652Subscriber DragonLadySubscriber babadad24 Feb '18 21:35infoIn progress
12590651Subscriber babadadSubscriber DragonLady24 Feb '18 21:34infoIn progress
12582758Subscriber DragonLadySubscriber babadad24 Feb '18 21:34infoIn progress
12561094Subscriber babadadSubscriber DragonLady24 Feb '18 21:34infoIn progress
12553833Subscriber DragonLadyStandard member cookies24 Feb '18 09:42infoIn progress
12553834Standard member cookiesSubscriber DragonLady24 Feb '18 09:42infoIn progress
12593436Subscriber DragonLadySubscriber Joe194923 Feb '18 22:09infoIn progress
12535170Subscriber DragonLadySubscriber rossrosenberg23 Feb '18 20:09infoIn progress
12574143Subscriber DragonLadySubscriber projectreadonline23 Feb '18 20:04infoIn progress
12574156Subscriber projectreadonlineSubscriber DragonLady23 Feb '18 20:02infoIn progress
12574177Subscriber bohemia51Subscriber DragonLady23 Feb '18 16:39infoIn progress
12574146Subscriber DragonLadySubscriber bohemia5123 Feb '18 16:33infoIn progress
12476564Subscriber spartangreekSubscriber DragonLady23 Feb '18 14:35infoIn progress
12519931Subscriber RudySASubscriber DragonLady23 Feb '18 10:49infoIn progress
12519930Subscriber DragonLadySubscriber RudySA23 Feb '18 10:46infoIn progress
12490510Subscriber DragonLadySubscriber bowie723 Feb '18 05:17infoIn progress
12497756Subscriber bowie7Subscriber DragonLady23 Feb '18 05:15infoIn progress
12514234Subscriber lstcyrSubscriber DragonLady23 Feb '18 05:14infoIn progress
12514231Subscriber DragonLadySubscriber lstcyr23 Feb '18 05:13infoIn progress
12491212Subscriber Larry KasparovSubscriber DragonLady23 Feb '18 03:57infoIn progress

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