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600-1500 CLUB
frequent, varied tourneys; banded and open; come join us!
  • Club rating 1110
    Joined 09 Jan '12 11:07
    Last moved 12 Dec '17 03:12
    Rated games 1932 club games played
    Win by color
Game idWhiteBlackLast MoveGame State
12394888Subscriber DragonLadySubscriber kingdog12 Dec '17 03:12infoIn progress
12490511Subscriber bowie7Subscriber DragonLady12 Dec '17 03:11infoIn progress
12490510Subscriber DragonLadySubscriber bowie712 Dec '17 03:11infoIn progress
12497756Subscriber bowie7Subscriber DragonLady12 Dec '17 03:11infoIn progress
12374115Subscriber DragonLadyStandard member cookies12 Dec '17 03:11infoIn progress
12374114Standard member cookiesSubscriber DragonLady12 Dec '17 03:11infoIn progress
12491215Subscriber koopsSubscriber DragonLady12 Dec '17 03:11infoIn progress
12394889Subscriber lstcyrSubscriber DragonLady12 Dec '17 03:10infoIn progress
12394887Subscriber DragonLadySubscriber lstcyr12 Dec '17 03:10infoIn progress
12497758Subscriber lstcyrSubscriber DragonLady12 Dec '17 03:10infoIn progress
12497755Subscriber DragonLadySubscriber lstcyr12 Dec '17 03:10infoIn progress
12461915Subscriber jcandanceSubscriber DragonLady12 Dec '17 03:10infoIn progress
12455283Subscriber babadadSubscriber DragonLady12 Dec '17 03:10infoIn progress
12455308Subscriber DragonLadySubscriber babadad12 Dec '17 03:10infoIn progress
12359236Subscriber EkkeSubscriber DragonLady12 Dec '17 03:09infoIn progress
12491205Subscriber spartangreekSubscriber DragonLady12 Dec '17 03:09infoIn progress
12455304Subscriber spartangreekSubscriber DragonLady12 Dec '17 03:09infoIn progress
12455311Subscriber DragonLadySubscriber spartangreek12 Dec '17 03:09infoIn progress
12476565Subscriber DragonLadySubscriber spartangreek12 Dec '17 03:09infoIn progress
12476564Subscriber spartangreekSubscriber DragonLady12 Dec '17 03:08infoIn progress
12491208Subscriber DragonLadySubscriber spartangreek12 Dec '17 03:08infoIn progress
12461914Subscriber DragonLadySubscriber jcandance12 Dec '17 03:08infoIn progress
12461905Subscriber Chewie976Subscriber DragonLady12 Dec '17 03:08infoIn progress
12461906Subscriber DragonLadySubscriber Chewie97612 Dec '17 03:08infoIn progress
12455313Subscriber DragonLadySubscriber beechform12 Dec '17 03:07infoIn progress
12455326Subscriber beechformSubscriber DragonLady12 Dec '17 03:07infoIn progress
12301975Subscriber DragonLadySubscriber Antoine12 Dec '17 03:07infoIn progress
12455297Subscriber invigorateSubscriber DragonLady12 Dec '17 03:07infoIn progress
12487968Subscriber DragonLadySubscriber kingdog12 Dec '17 03:07infoIn progress
12487969Subscriber kingdogSubscriber DragonLady12 Dec '17 03:06infoIn progress

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