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600-1500 CLUB
frequent, varied tourneys; banded and open; come join us!
  • Club rating p1200
    Joined 06 Dec '17 15:52
    Last moved 15 Dec '17 21:53
    Rated games 4 club games played
    Win by color
Game idWhiteBlackLast MoveGame State
12510974Subscriber Terryh7onlineSubscriber Tathagatas15 Dec '17 23:13infoIn progress
12510967Subscriber TathagatasSubscriber Terryh7online15 Dec '17 23:04infoIn progress
12506812Subscriber TathagatasSubscriber woolley15 Dec '17 22:57infoIn progress
12506813Subscriber woolleySubscriber Tathagatas15 Dec '17 22:57infoIn progress
12503506Subscriber TathagatasSubscriber Trebormint2415 Dec '17 22:49infoIn progress
12503537Subscriber Trebormint24Subscriber Tathagatas15 Dec '17 22:48infoIn progress
12506530Subscriber TathagatasSubscriber laurence c15 Dec '17 22:45infoIn progress
12506535Subscriber laurence cSubscriber Tathagatas15 Dec '17 22:44infoIn progress
12506532Subscriber projectreadSubscriber Tathagatas15 Dec '17 21:29infoIn progress
12506529Subscriber TathagatasSubscriber projectread15 Dec '17 21:29infoIn progress
12510234Subscriber koopsSubscriber Tathagatas15 Dec '17 21:28infoIn progress
12510233Subscriber TathagatasSubscriber koops15 Dec '17 21:28infoIn progress
12503502Subscriber TathagatasSubscriber katella15 Dec '17 21:19infoIn progress
12503509Subscriber katellaSubscriber Tathagatas15 Dec '17 21:17infoIn progress
12503544Subscriber LegendOfEdSubscriber Tathagatas15 Dec '17 19:37infoResigned (1-0)
12503507Subscriber TathagatasSubscriber LegendOfEd15 Dec '17 19:36infoIn progress
12503505Subscriber TathagatasSubscriber lstcyr15 Dec '17 17:39infoIn progress
12503530Subscriber lstcyrSubscriber Tathagatas15 Dec '17 17:36infoIn progress
12498348Subscriber TathagatasSubscriber Aquinas15 Dec '17 17:34infoIn progress
12510966Subscriber TathagatasSubscriber lstcyr15 Dec '17 17:29infoIn progress
12510971Subscriber lstcyrSubscriber Tathagatas15 Dec '17 17:29infoIn progress
12510965Subscriber TathagatasSubscriber beechform15 Dec '17 17:04infoIn progress
12510968Subscriber beechformSubscriber Tathagatas15 Dec '17 17:04infoIn progress
12503508Subscriber TathagatasSubscriber bohemia5115 Dec '17 17:00infoIn progress
12503551Subscriber bohemia51Subscriber Tathagatas15 Dec '17 14:40infoIn progress
12498592Subscriber TathagatasSubscriber larry the lick15 Dec '17 12:41infoIn progress
12503523Subscriber bowie7Subscriber Tathagatas15 Dec '17 11:19infoIn progress
12503504Subscriber TathagatasSubscriber bowie715 Dec '17 11:18infoIn progress
12507754Subscriber koopsSubscriber Tathagatas15 Dec '17 08:34infoIn progress
12507753Subscriber TathagatasSubscriber koops15 Dec '17 08:33infoIn progress

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