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600-1500 CLUB
frequent, varied tourneys; banded and open; come join us!
  • Club rating 891
    Joined 06 Dec '17 15:52
    Last moved 18 Jul '18 11:08
    Rated games 733 club games played
    Win by color
Game idWhiteBlackLast MoveGame State
12799919Subscriber king0809Subscriber Tathagatas18 Jul '18 20:49infoIn progress
12799916Subscriber TathagatasSubscriber king080918 Jul '18 20:49infoIn progress
12803448Subscriber TimzsnSubscriber Tathagatas18 Jul '18 15:09infoIn progress
12803447Subscriber TathagatasSubscriber Timzsn18 Jul '18 15:09infoIn progress
12796442Subscriber OMuniz860Subscriber Tathagatas18 Jul '18 14:41infoIn progress
12796441Subscriber TathagatasSubscriber OMuniz86018 Jul '18 14:41infoIn progress
12808937Subscriber TathagatasSubscriber OMuniz86018 Jul '18 14:41infoIn progress
12808939Subscriber OMuniz860Subscriber Tathagatas18 Jul '18 14:40infoIn progress
12789524Subscriber TathagatasSubscriber laurence c18 Jul '18 14:24infoIn progress
12785698Subscriber laurence cSubscriber Tathagatas18 Jul '18 14:23infoIn progress
12799749Subscriber laurence cSubscriber Tathagatas18 Jul '18 14:23infoIn progress
12785695Subscriber TathagatasSubscriber laurence c18 Jul '18 14:23infoIn progress
12799748Subscriber TathagatasSubscriber laurence c18 Jul '18 14:22infoIn progress
12789526Subscriber laurence cSubscriber Tathagatas18 Jul '18 14:21infoIn progress
12785248Subscriber TathagatasSubscriber SeamusC18 Jul '18 14:01infoIn progress
12785249Subscriber SeamusCSubscriber Tathagatas18 Jul '18 14:01infoIn progress
12811437Subscriber OMuniz860Subscriber Tathagatas18 Jul '18 11:29infoIn progress
12811436Subscriber TathagatasSubscriber OMuniz86018 Jul '18 11:25infoIn progress
12789523Subscriber TathagatasSubscriber invigorate18 Jul '18 11:08infoIn progress
12812565Subscriber TathagatasSubscriber Fagarasi07518 Jul '18 11:08infoIn progress
12799915Subscriber TathagatasSubscriber bohemia5118 Jul '18 11:08infoIn progress
12799917Subscriber bohemia51Subscriber Tathagatas18 Jul '18 11:08infoIn progress
12812566Subscriber Fagarasi075Subscriber Tathagatas18 Jul '18 11:08infoIn progress
12785694Subscriber TathagatasSubscriber xinebbsa18 Jul '18 10:55infoIn progress
12785696Subscriber xinebbsaSubscriber Tathagatas18 Jul '18 10:54infoIn progress
12800749Subscriber TathagatasSubscriber SadAntAlphaViking18 Jul '18 02:42infoIn progress
12800750Subscriber SadAntAlphaVikingSubscriber Tathagatas18 Jul '18 02:42infoIn progress
12798688Subscriber TathagatasSubscriber rookworm18 Jul '18 02:08infoIn progress
12798689Subscriber rookwormSubscriber Tathagatas18 Jul '18 02:08infoIn progress
12789521Subscriber invigorateSubscriber Tathagatas17 Jul '18 20:46infoIn progress

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