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600-1500 CLUB
frequent, varied tourneys; banded and open; come join us!
  • Club rating 1323
    Joined 06 Dec '17 15:52
    Last moved 22 Mar '18 03:35
    Rated games 235 club games played
    Win by color
Game idWhiteBlackLast MoveGame State
12646907Subscriber achilles9533Subscriber Tathagatas22 Mar '18 04:01infoTimeout (1-0)
12646906Subscriber TathagatasSubscriber achilles953322 Mar '18 04:01infoIn progress
12653534Subscriber laurence cSubscriber Tathagatas22 Mar '18 03:32infoIn progress
12652186Subscriber TathagatasSubscriber eagleswing22 Mar '18 03:32infoIn progress
12652188Subscriber eagleswingSubscriber Tathagatas22 Mar '18 03:32infoIn progress
12653533Subscriber TathagatasSubscriber laurence c22 Mar '18 03:32infoIn progress
12589209Subscriber lstcyrSubscriber Tathagatas22 Mar '18 01:07infoIn progress
12530842Subscriber TathagatasSubscriber lstcyr21 Mar '18 23:57infoIn progress
12600196Subscriber TathagatasSubscriber Philokalia21 Mar '18 23:22infoTimeout (0-1)
12600233Subscriber PhilokaliaSubscriber Tathagatas21 Mar '18 23:22infoTimeout (1-0)
12610428Subscriber TathagatasSubscriber Terryh721 Mar '18 19:23infoIn progress
12627850Subscriber TathagatasSubscriber Terryh721 Mar '18 19:23infoIn progress
12627851Subscriber Terryh7Subscriber Tathagatas21 Mar '18 19:22infoIn progress
12573978Subscriber TathagatasSubscriber bohemia5121 Mar '18 19:16infoIn progress
12558218Subscriber bohemia51Subscriber Tathagatas21 Mar '18 19:15infoCheckmate (1-0)
12583979Subscriber TathagatasSubscriber bohemia5121 Mar '18 19:14infoIn progress
12558217Subscriber TathagatasSubscriber bohemia5121 Mar '18 19:12infoIn progress
12562718Subscriber bohemia51Subscriber Tathagatas21 Mar '18 19:11infoIn progress
12516011Subscriber bohemia51Subscriber Tathagatas21 Mar '18 19:10infoIn progress
12600195Subscriber TathagatasSubscriber bohemia5121 Mar '18 18:55infoTimeout (0-1)
12603246Subscriber bohemia51Subscriber Tathagatas21 Mar '18 18:54infoTimeout (1-0)
12652185Subscriber TathagatasSubscriber Ponderable21 Mar '18 17:43infoTimeout (0-1)
12652183Subscriber PonderableSubscriber Tathagatas21 Mar '18 17:42infoTimeout (1-0)
12583995Subscriber lstcyrSubscriber Tathagatas21 Mar '18 17:32infoIn progress
12610424Subscriber TathagatasSubscriber lstcyr21 Mar '18 17:30infoIn progress
12600226Subscriber bohemia51Subscriber Tathagatas21 Mar '18 16:48infoTimeout (1-0)
12574087Subscriber bohemia51Subscriber Tathagatas21 Mar '18 16:48infoTimeout (1-0)
12584016Subscriber bohemia51Subscriber Tathagatas21 Mar '18 16:48infoTimeout (1-0)
12596330Subscriber king0809Subscriber Tathagatas21 Mar '18 16:43infoIn progress
12615114Subscriber spartangreekSubscriber Tathagatas21 Mar '18 16:04infoTimeout (1-0)

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