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600-1500 CLUB
frequent, varied tourneys; banded and open; come join us!
  • Club rating 790
    Joined 04 Dec '17 17:46
    Last moved 17 Jul '18 17:10
    Rated games 251 club games played
    Win by color
Game idWhiteBlackLast MoveGame State
12798446Subscriber VICKY21Subscriber spartangreekonline20 Jul '18 13:46infoTimeout (0-1)
12788470Subscriber lstcyrSubscriber VICKY2119 Jul '18 14:27infoIn progress
12790385Subscriber spartangreekonlineSubscriber VICKY2119 Jul '18 13:17infoTimeout (1-0)
12790392Subscriber VICKY21Subscriber spartangreekonline19 Jul '18 13:17infoTimeout (0-1)
12788460Subscriber VICKY21Subscriber bohemia5118 Jul '18 12:22infoIn progress
12788491Subscriber bohemia51Subscriber VICKY2118 Jul '18 12:22infoIn progress
12788457Subscriber VICKY21Subscriber lstcyr18 Jul '18 02:57infoIn progress
12788448Subscriber katellaSubscriber VICKY2118 Jul '18 02:43infoIn progress
12788455Subscriber VICKY21Subscriber katella18 Jul '18 02:43infoIn progress
12790482Subscriber jp4995Subscriber VICKY2117 Jul '18 20:32infoIn progress
12790483Subscriber VICKY21Subscriber jp499517 Jul '18 20:32infoIn progress
12788459Subscriber VICKY21Subscriber Fransieonline17 Jul '18 18:27infoIn progress
12752616Subscriber Fagarasi075Subscriber VICKY2117 Jul '18 18:24infoIn progress
12752629Subscriber VICKY21Subscriber Fagarasi07517 Jul '18 18:23infoIn progress
12752645Subscriber TimzsnSubscriber VICKY2117 Jul '18 17:23infoIn progress
12752632Subscriber VICKY21Subscriber Timzsn17 Jul '18 17:23infoIn progress
12752631Subscriber VICKY21Subscriber beechform17 Jul '18 06:57infoIn progress
12752638Subscriber beechformSubscriber VICKY2117 Jul '18 06:57infoIn progress
12750232Subscriber VICKY21Subscriber MGRIF16 Jul '18 12:30infoIn progress
12750229Subscriber MGRIFSubscriber VICKY2116 Jul '18 12:30infoIn progress
12788461Subscriber VICKY21Subscriber richard spedale 216 Jul '18 10:27infoIn progress
12788498Subscriber richard spedale 2Subscriber VICKY2116 Jul '18 10:26infoIn progress
12755677Subscriber VICKY21Subscriber richard spedale 216 Jul '18 10:25infoIn progress
12755811Subscriber richard spedale 2Subscriber VICKY2116 Jul '18 03:35infoIn progress
12798415Subscriber spartangreekonlineSubscriber VICKY2116 Jul '18 02:45infoIn progress
12752634Subscriber VICKY21Subscriber woolley15 Jul '18 23:25infoIn progress
12752659Subscriber woolleySubscriber VICKY2115 Jul '18 23:24infoIn progress
12761499Subscriber VICKY21Subscriber PaulMorphyFan14 Jul '18 22:14infoIn progress
12761506Subscriber PaulMorphyFanSubscriber VICKY2114 Jul '18 22:13infoIn progress
12770976Subscriber scwymstrSubscriber VICKY2114 Jul '18 18:03infoTimeout (1-0)

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