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600-1500 CLUB
frequent, varied tourneys; banded and open; come join us!
  • Club rating 719
    Joined 04 Dec '17 17:46
    Last moved 16 Dec '17 11:41
    Rated games 142 club games played
    Win by color
Game idWhiteBlackLast MoveGame State
12512349Subscriber projectreadSubscriber VICKY2116 Dec '17 20:23infoIn progress
12512371Subscriber woolleySubscriber VICKY2116 Dec '17 20:11infoIn progress
12512328Subscriber babadadSubscriber VICKY2116 Dec '17 19:34infoIn progress
12512197Subscriber CostadSubscriber VICKY2116 Dec '17 18:20infoIn progress
12512378Subscriber Terryh7Subscriber VICKY2116 Dec '17 18:03infoIn progress
12497297Subscriber spartangreekonlineSubscriber VICKY2116 Dec '17 15:58infoIn progress
12497334Subscriber VICKY21Subscriber spartangreekonline16 Dec '17 15:58infoIn progress
12511505Subscriber MGRIFSubscriber VICKY2116 Dec '17 12:24infoIn progress
12496020Subscriber VICKY21Subscriber CPK16 Dec '17 02:44infoIn progress
12496021Subscriber CPKSubscriber VICKY2115 Dec '17 23:08infoIn progress
12496109Subscriber VICKY21Subscriber laurence c15 Dec '17 22:52infoIn progress
12510961Subscriber projectreadSubscriber VICKY2115 Dec '17 19:56infoIn progress
12507747Subscriber katellaSubscriber VICKY2115 Dec '17 19:49infoIn progress
12507748Subscriber VICKY21Subscriber katella15 Dec '17 19:49infoIn progress
12510958Subscriber TheSoucinatorSubscriber VICKY2115 Dec '17 15:45infoIn progress
12500924Subscriber lstcyrSubscriber VICKY2115 Dec '17 15:35infoIn progress
12500923Subscriber VICKY21Subscriber lstcyr15 Dec '17 15:32infoIn progress
12497325Subscriber jp4995Subscriber VICKY2115 Dec '17 14:57infoIn progress
12502399Subscriber VICKY21Subscriber beechform15 Dec '17 13:56infoIn progress
12502400Subscriber beechformSubscriber VICKY2115 Dec '17 13:56infoIn progress
12502565Subscriber VICKY21Subscriber beechform15 Dec '17 13:55infoIn progress
12502566Subscriber beechformSubscriber VICKY2115 Dec '17 13:55infoIn progress
12510955Subscriber invigorateSubscriber VICKY2115 Dec '17 13:25infoIn progress
12500990Subscriber Fagarasi075Subscriber VICKY2115 Dec '17 11:56infoIn progress
12500991Subscriber VICKY21Subscriber Fagarasi07515 Dec '17 11:56infoIn progress
12496110Subscriber laurence cSubscriber VICKY2115 Dec '17 04:18infoIn progress
12500844Subscriber FransieSubscriber VICKY2114 Dec '17 15:46infoIn progress
12500843Subscriber VICKY21Subscriber Fransie14 Dec '17 15:45infoIn progress
12497338Subscriber VICKY21Subscriber jp499514 Dec '17 15:10infoIn progress
11913460Subscriber VICKY21Subscriber manudav6823 Nov '17 20:59infoCheckmate (1-0)

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