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600-1500 CLUB
frequent, varied tourneys; banded and open; come join us!
  • Club rating 1628
    Joined 19 Oct '14 08:13
    Last moved 18 Feb '18 03:52
    Rated games 1190 club games played
    Win by color
Game idWhiteBlackLast MoveGame State
12599484Subscriber FransieonlineSubscriber bowie718 Feb '18 05:00infoIn progress
12599483Subscriber bowie7Subscriber Fransieonline18 Feb '18 04:59infoIn progress
12601365Subscriber lstcyronlineSubscriber bowie718 Feb '18 04:56infoIn progress
12601358Subscriber bowie7Subscriber lstcyronline18 Feb '18 04:56infoIn progress
12579956Subscriber belekasSubscriber bowie718 Feb '18 03:52infoIn progress
12601386Subscriber PhilokaliaSubscriber bowie718 Feb '18 03:50infoIn progress
12562697Subscriber invigorateSubscriber bowie718 Feb '18 03:46infoIn progress
12571719Subscriber bowie7Subscriber Timzsn18 Feb '18 03:45infoIn progress
12600214Subscriber laurence cSubscriber bowie718 Feb '18 03:44infoIn progress
12600207Subscriber bowie7Subscriber laurence c18 Feb '18 03:43infoIn progress
12603242Subscriber laurence cSubscriber bowie718 Feb '18 03:42infoIn progress
12603229Subscriber bowie7Subscriber laurence c18 Feb '18 03:36infoIn progress
12602730Subscriber bohemia51Subscriber bowie718 Feb '18 02:33infoIn progress
12601379Subscriber bohemia51Subscriber bowie718 Feb '18 02:33infoIn progress
12560590Subscriber bowie7Subscriber bohemia5118 Feb '18 02:27infoIn progress
12560591Subscriber bohemia51Subscriber bowie718 Feb '18 02:25infoIn progress
12560145Subscriber bowie7Subscriber PaulMorphyFan18 Feb '18 02:00infoIn progress
12600228Subscriber bohemia51Subscriber bowie718 Feb '18 01:29infoIn progress
12600209Subscriber bowie7Subscriber bohemia5118 Feb '18 01:27infoIn progress
12574097Subscriber bowie7Subscriber FatKidonaTrampoline18 Feb '18 01:27infoIn progress
12600210Subscriber bowie7Subscriber Philokalia18 Feb '18 01:27infoIn progress
12562603Subscriber PhilokaliaSubscriber bowie718 Feb '18 01:26infoIn progress
12600235Subscriber PhilokaliaSubscriber bowie718 Feb '18 01:24infoIn progress
12600208Subscriber bowie7Subscriber CPK18 Feb '18 01:03infoIn progress
12600221Subscriber CPKSubscriber bowie718 Feb '18 01:03infoIn progress
12574096Subscriber bowie7Subscriber CPK18 Feb '18 01:03infoResigned (1-0)
12574106Subscriber CPKSubscriber bowie718 Feb '18 01:03infoIn progress
12601361Subscriber bowie7Subscriber Philokalia18 Feb '18 01:00infoIn progress
12601360Subscriber bowie7Subscriber bohemia5118 Feb '18 00:59infoIn progress
12602727Subscriber bowie7Subscriber bohemia5118 Feb '18 00:59infoIn progress

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