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600-1500 CLUB
frequent, varied tourneys; banded and open; come join us!
  • Club rating 1462
    Joined 19 Oct '14 08:13
    Last moved 20 Aug '18 08:26
    Rated games 1522 club games played
    Win by color
Game idWhiteBlackLast MoveGame State
12820708Subscriber king0809Subscriber bowie7online20 Aug '18 08:27infoIn progress
12854666Subscriber Fagarasi075Subscriber bowie7online20 Aug '18 08:26infoIn progress
12854791Subscriber LegendOfEdSubscriber bowie7online20 Aug '18 08:25infoIn progress
12854852Subscriber sandwichjimSubscriber bowie7online20 Aug '18 08:23infoIn progress
12854853Subscriber bowie7onlineSubscriber sandwichjim20 Aug '18 08:23infoIn progress
12840298Subscriber bowie7onlineSubscriber SeamusC20 Aug '18 08:23infoIn progress
12850081Subscriber invigorateSubscriber bowie7online20 Aug '18 08:22infoIn progress
12850118Subscriber bowie7onlineSubscriber invigorate20 Aug '18 08:20infoIn progress
12854755Subscriber Fagarasi075Subscriber bowie7online20 Aug '18 08:18infoIn progress
12854768Subscriber bowie7onlineSubscriber Fagarasi07520 Aug '18 08:18infoIn progress
12854667Subscriber bowie7onlineSubscriber Fagarasi07520 Aug '18 08:17infoIn progress
12854772Subscriber bowie7onlineSubscriber LegendOfEd20 Aug '18 08:07infoIn progress
12820022Subscriber OMuniz860Subscriber bowie7online20 Aug '18 04:16infoIn progress
12820015Subscriber bowie7onlineSubscriber OMuniz86020 Aug '18 04:16infoIn progress
12854777Subscriber lstcyr On VacationSubscriber bowie7online20 Aug '18 03:20infoIn progress
12858931Subscriber bowie7onlineSubscriber Timzsn20 Aug '18 02:10infoIn progress
12858934Subscriber TimzsnSubscriber bowie7online20 Aug '18 02:10infoIn progress
12851230Subscriber bowie7onlineSubscriber Sevensquare20 Aug '18 01:37infoIn progress
12837099Subscriber bowie7onlineSubscriber LEUR20 Aug '18 01:36infoIn progress
12837102Subscriber LEURSubscriber bowie7online20 Aug '18 01:35infoIn progress
12819216Subscriber bowie7onlineSubscriber kingdog20 Aug '18 01:33infoIn progress
12819219Subscriber kingdogSubscriber bowie7online20 Aug '18 01:32infoIn progress
12788449Subscriber katellaSubscriber bowie7online20 Aug '18 01:18infoIn progress
12820014Subscriber bowie7onlineSubscriber katella20 Aug '18 01:18infoIn progress
12820007Subscriber katellaSubscriber bowie7online20 Aug '18 01:17infoIn progress
12821191Subscriber bowie7onlineSubscriber katella20 Aug '18 01:16infoIn progress
12820012Subscriber bowie7onlineSubscriber spartangreek20 Aug '18 01:14infoIn progress
12854767Subscriber bowie7onlineSubscriber spartangreek20 Aug '18 01:10infoIn progress
12854748Subscriber spartangreekSubscriber bowie7online20 Aug '18 01:10infoIn progress
12845016Subscriber bohemia51Subscriber bowie7online20 Aug '18 01:02infoIn progress

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