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600-1500 CLUB
frequent, varied tourneys; banded and open; come join us!
  • Club rating 1474
    Joined 19 Oct '14 08:13
    Last moved 25 May '18 16:48
    Rated games 1331 club games played
    Win by color
Game idWhiteBlackLast MoveGame State
12737540Subscriber bowie7Subscriber babadadonline25 May '18 20:24infoIn progress
12686418Subscriber lstcyronlineSubscriber bowie725 May '18 19:54infoIn progress
12717127Subscriber lstcyronlineSubscriber bowie725 May '18 19:53infoIn progress
12741471Subscriber bowie7Subscriber koops25 May '18 17:54infoIn progress
12687951Subscriber bohemia51Subscriber bowie725 May '18 16:48infoIn progress
12730815Subscriber bohemia51Subscriber bowie725 May '18 16:47infoIn progress
12717141Subscriber bohemia51Subscriber bowie725 May '18 16:47infoIn progress
12717122Subscriber bowie7Subscriber bohemia5125 May '18 16:46infoIn progress
12687948Subscriber bowie7Subscriber bohemia5125 May '18 16:46infoIn progress
12666897Subscriber bohemia51Subscriber bowie725 May '18 16:45infoIn progress
12600228Subscriber bohemia51Subscriber bowie725 May '18 16:44infoIn progress
12730812Subscriber bowie7Subscriber bohemia5125 May '18 16:43infoIn progress
12737529Subscriber spartangreekSubscriber bowie725 May '18 16:42infoIn progress
12737542Subscriber bowie7Subscriber spartangreek25 May '18 16:42infoIn progress
12737558Subscriber laurence cSubscriber bowie725 May '18 16:27infoIn progress
12737545Subscriber bowie7Subscriber laurence c25 May '18 16:26infoIn progress
12741470Subscriber bowie7Subscriber spartangreek25 May '18 13:58infoIn progress
12717117Subscriber bowie7Subscriber MGRIFonline25 May '18 12:29infoIn progress
12717098Subscriber MGRIFonlineSubscriber bowie725 May '18 12:29infoIn progress
12740448Subscriber MGRIFonlineSubscriber bowie725 May '18 12:28infoIn progress
12740449Subscriber bowie7Subscriber MGRIFonline25 May '18 12:28infoIn progress
12717112Subscriber beechformSubscriber bowie725 May '18 10:39infoIn progress
12717119Subscriber bowie7Subscriber beechform25 May '18 10:38infoIn progress
12737708Subscriber bowie7Subscriber SeamusC25 May '18 06:20infoIn progress
12737707Subscriber SeamusCSubscriber bowie725 May '18 06:20infoIn progress
12737859Subscriber bowie7Subscriber tamperman25 May '18 06:02infoIn progress
12737857Subscriber tampermanSubscriber bowie725 May '18 06:01infoIn progress
12712425Subscriber bowie7Subscriber king080925 May '18 05:27infoIn progress
12717123Subscriber bowie7Subscriber king080925 May '18 05:25infoIn progress
12712428Subscriber king0809Subscriber bowie725 May '18 05:25infoIn progress

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