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600-1500 CLUB
frequent, varied tourneys; banded and open; come join us!
  • Club rating 1384
    Joined 19 Oct '14 08:13
    Last moved 13 Dec '17 23:10
    Rated games 1071 club games played
    Win by color
Game idWhiteBlackLast MoveGame State
12503540Subscriber Trebormint24onlineSubscriber bowie714 Dec '17 07:49infoIn progress
12503527Subscriber bowie7Subscriber Trebormint24online14 Dec '17 07:48infoIn progress
12338113Subscriber bowie7Subscriber kingdog14 Dec '17 05:45infoIn progress
12328881Subscriber bowie7Subscriber kingdog14 Dec '17 05:44infoIn progress
12405340Subscriber bowie7Subscriber kingdog14 Dec '17 05:41infoIn progress
12405341Subscriber kingdogSubscriber bowie714 Dec '17 05:38infoIn progress
12452666Subscriber bowie7Subscriber kingdog14 Dec '17 05:23infoIn progress
12452667Subscriber kingdogSubscriber bowie714 Dec '17 05:22infoIn progress
12400769Subscriber lstcyrSubscriber bowie714 Dec '17 04:21infoIn progress
12496279Subscriber lstcyrSubscriber bowie714 Dec '17 04:21infoIn progress
12496278Subscriber bowie7Subscriber lstcyr14 Dec '17 04:20infoIn progress
12497757Subscriber bowie7Subscriber lstcyr14 Dec '17 04:19infoIn progress
12400768Subscriber bowie7Subscriber lstcyr14 Dec '17 04:19infoIn progress
12391860Subscriber lstcyrSubscriber bowie714 Dec '17 04:18infoCheckmate (1-0)
12420424Subscriber lstcyrSubscriber bowie714 Dec '17 04:18infoIn progress
12497759Subscriber lstcyrSubscriber bowie714 Dec '17 04:12infoIn progress
12503533Subscriber lstcyrSubscriber bowie714 Dec '17 03:03infoIn progress
12503526Subscriber bowie7Subscriber lstcyr14 Dec '17 03:03infoIn progress
12498332Subscriber bowie7Subscriber tamperman14 Dec '17 00:11infoIn progress
12498331Subscriber tampermanSubscriber bowie714 Dec '17 00:11infoIn progress
12495662Subscriber bowie7Subscriber laurence c13 Dec '17 23:37infoIn progress
12495663Subscriber laurence cSubscriber bowie713 Dec '17 23:37infoIn progress
12427293Subscriber bohemia51Subscriber bowie713 Dec '17 23:10infoIn progress
12427288Subscriber bowie7Subscriber bohemia5113 Dec '17 23:07infoIn progress
12456526Subscriber bowie7Subscriber bohemia5113 Dec '17 23:06infoIn progress
12503529Subscriber bowie7Subscriber bohemia5113 Dec '17 23:05infoIn progress
12503554Subscriber bohemia51Subscriber bowie713 Dec '17 23:05infoIn progress
12503528Subscriber bowie7Subscriber LegendOfEd13 Dec '17 23:02infoIn progress
12493831Subscriber Fagarasi075onlineSubscriber bowie713 Dec '17 23:02infoIn progress
12503547Subscriber LegendOfEdSubscriber bowie713 Dec '17 23:01infoIn progress

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