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600-1500 CLUB
frequent, varied tourneys; banded and open; come join us!
  • Club rating 1440
    Joined 17 Apr '16 11:29
    Last moved 19 Jan '18 03:56
    Rated games 1341 club games played
    Win by color
Game idWhiteBlackLast MoveGame State
12527596Subscriber TimzsnSubscriber Fransie19 Jan '18 06:55infoGame drawn
12530626Subscriber SeamusCSubscriber Timzsn19 Jan '18 06:33infoIn progress
12363300Subscriber TimzsnSubscriber kingdog19 Jan '18 06:14infoIn progress
12404877Subscriber TimzsnSubscriber kingdog19 Jan '18 06:13infoIn progress
12404879Subscriber kingdogSubscriber Timzsn19 Jan '18 06:12infoIn progress
12405298Subscriber kingdogSubscriber Timzsn19 Jan '18 06:11infoIn progress
12425224Subscriber TimzsnSubscriber kingdog19 Jan '18 06:10infoIn progress
12425225Subscriber kingdogSubscriber Timzsn19 Jan '18 06:08infoIn progress
12480777Subscriber TimzsnSubscriber kingdog19 Jan '18 06:03infoIn progress
12480778Subscriber kingdogSubscriber Timzsn19 Jan '18 06:01infoIn progress
12556542Subscriber TimzsnSubscriber kingdog19 Jan '18 05:56infoIn progress
12511386Subscriber sandwichjimSubscriber Timzsn19 Jan '18 05:38infoIn progress
12511319Subscriber TimzsnSubscriber RudySA19 Jan '18 05:14infoIn progress
12497389Subscriber RudySASubscriber Timzsn19 Jan '18 05:13infoIn progress
12531127Subscriber TimzsnSubscriber koops19 Jan '18 04:56infoIn progress
12530725Subscriber bowie7Subscriber Timzsn19 Jan '18 04:52infoIn progress
12530726Subscriber TimzsnSubscriber bowie719 Jan '18 04:51infoIn progress
12539487Subscriber rossrosenbergSubscriber Timzsn19 Jan '18 04:51infoIn progress
12539488Subscriber TimzsnSubscriber rossrosenberg19 Jan '18 04:51infoIn progress
12509818Subscriber TimzsnSubscriber MDGrant19 Jan '18 02:48infoIn progress
12488790Subscriber MDGrantSubscriber Timzsn19 Jan '18 02:48infoIn progress
12534813Subscriber TimzsnSubscriber kingdog19 Jan '18 02:48infoIn progress
12534993Subscriber Marianne bSubscriber Timzsn19 Jan '18 02:47infoIn progress
12534992Subscriber TimzsnSubscriber Marianne b19 Jan '18 02:46infoIn progress
12553457Subscriber lstcyrSubscriber Timzsn19 Jan '18 02:46infoIn progress
12553459Subscriber TimzsnSubscriber lstcyr19 Jan '18 02:46infoIn progress
12527595Subscriber TimzsnSubscriber cdurkin19 Jan '18 02:46infoIn progress
12527593Subscriber cdurkinSubscriber Timzsn19 Jan '18 02:45infoIn progress
12511728Subscriber TimzsnSubscriber lstcyr19 Jan '18 02:45infoIn progress
12517404Subscriber lstcyrSubscriber Timzsn19 Jan '18 02:44infoIn progress

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