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600-1500 CLUB
frequent, varied tourneys; banded and open; come join us!
  • Club rating 1418
    Joined 17 Apr '16 11:29
    Last moved 17 Jul '18 14:41
    Rated games 1613 club games played
    Win by color
Game idWhiteBlackLast MoveGame State
12785245Subscriber TimzsnSubscriber laurence conline17 Jul '18 15:25infoIn progress
12778285Subscriber laurence conlineSubscriber Timzsn17 Jul '18 15:24infoIn progress
12800995Subscriber woolleyonlineSubscriber Timzsn17 Jul '18 15:09infoIn progress
12783450Subscriber TimzsnSubscriber LEUR17 Jul '18 15:09infoIn progress
12800988Subscriber eagleswingSubscriber Timzsn17 Jul '18 15:00infoIn progress
12800981Subscriber TimzsnSubscriber eagleswing17 Jul '18 15:00infoIn progress
12797062Subscriber TimzsnSubscriber king080917 Jul '18 14:47infoIn progress
12797064Subscriber king0809Subscriber Timzsn17 Jul '18 14:46infoIn progress
12771621Subscriber TimzsnSubscriber king080917 Jul '18 14:46infoIn progress
12811220Subscriber scwymstrSubscriber Timzsn17 Jul '18 14:44infoIn progress
12810007Subscriber TimzsnSubscriber king080917 Jul '18 14:43infoIn progress
12811221Subscriber TimzsnSubscriber scwymstr17 Jul '18 14:42infoIn progress
12810009Subscriber king0809Subscriber Timzsn17 Jul '18 14:42infoIn progress
12800973Subscriber bowie7Subscriber Timzsn17 Jul '18 14:29infoIn progress
12789985Subscriber TimzsnSubscriber spartangreekonline17 Jul '18 14:27infoIn progress
12789984Subscriber spartangreekonlineSubscriber Timzsn17 Jul '18 14:27infoIn progress
12768164Subscriber TimzsnSubscriber spartangreekonline17 Jul '18 14:26infoIn progress
12783747Subscriber SeamusCSubscriber Timzsn17 Jul '18 14:26infoIn progress
12783746Subscriber TimzsnSubscriber SeamusC17 Jul '18 14:26infoIn progress
12803500Subscriber eagleswingSubscriber Timzsn17 Jul '18 14:25infoIn progress
12803499Subscriber TimzsnSubscriber eagleswing17 Jul '18 14:24infoIn progress
12768165Subscriber TimzsnSubscriber Chewie97617 Jul '18 14:23infoIn progress
12808806Subscriber TimzsnSubscriber MGRIF17 Jul '18 14:23infoIn progress
12808803Subscriber MGRIFSubscriber Timzsn17 Jul '18 14:23infoIn progress
12800959Subscriber MGRIFSubscriber Timzsn17 Jul '18 14:23infoIn progress
12800978Subscriber TimzsnSubscriber MGRIF17 Jul '18 14:22infoIn progress
12805863Subscriber TimzsnSubscriber caesar salad17 Jul '18 14:21infoIn progress
12805862Subscriber caesar saladSubscriber Timzsn17 Jul '18 14:19infoIn progress
12797186Subscriber TimzsnSubscriber bohemia5117 Jul '18 14:18infoIn progress
12785890Subscriber TimzsnSubscriber bohemia5117 Jul '18 14:18infoIn progress

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