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600-1500 CLUB
frequent, varied tourneys; banded and open; come join us!
  • Club rating 1590
    Joined 26 Jun '17 13:33
    Last moved 17 Mar '18 13:26
    Rated games 359 club games played
    Win by color
Game idWhiteBlackLast MoveGame State
12641740Subscriber Joe1949Subscriber Fransie17 Mar '18 15:50infoIn progress
12641739Subscriber FransieSubscriber Joe194917 Mar '18 15:49infoIn progress
12599697Subscriber cdurkinSubscriber Fransie17 Mar '18 15:27infoIn progress
12599699Subscriber FransieSubscriber cdurkin17 Mar '18 15:26infoIn progress
12630709Subscriber FransieSubscriber tamperman17 Mar '18 15:04infoIn progress
12635508Subscriber FransieSubscriber bohemia5117 Mar '18 14:06infoIn progress
12642802Subscriber FransieSubscriber alan holman17 Mar '18 14:03infoIn progress
12642789Subscriber alan holmanSubscriber Fransie17 Mar '18 14:02infoIn progress
12645930Subscriber FransieSubscriber beechform17 Mar '18 13:49infoIn progress
12645929Subscriber beechformSubscriber Fransie17 Mar '18 13:49infoIn progress
12630710Subscriber FransieSubscriber LegendOfEd17 Mar '18 13:47infoIn progress
12630707Subscriber tampermanSubscriber Fransie17 Mar '18 12:54infoIn progress
12599700Subscriber FransieSubscriber bohemia5117 Mar '18 12:14infoIn progress
12599702Subscriber bohemia51Subscriber Fransie17 Mar '18 12:14infoIn progress
12576652Subscriber bohemia51Subscriber Fransie17 Mar '18 12:11infoIn progress
12612125Subscriber FransieSubscriber bohemia5117 Mar '18 12:11infoIn progress
12612126Subscriber bohemia51Subscriber Fransie17 Mar '18 12:10infoIn progress
12576651Subscriber FransieSubscriber bohemia5117 Mar '18 12:10infoIn progress
12642811Subscriber bohemia51Subscriber Fransie17 Mar '18 12:05infoIn progress
12642804Subscriber FransieSubscriber bohemia5117 Mar '18 11:51infoIn progress
12644683Subscriber bohemia51Subscriber Fransie17 Mar '18 11:49infoIn progress
12644681Subscriber FransieSubscriber bohemia5117 Mar '18 11:48infoIn progress
12644682Subscriber FransieSubscriber Tenacitiz17 Mar '18 11:45infoIn progress
12642805Subscriber FransieSubscriber Tenacitiz17 Mar '18 11:45infoIn progress
12642818Subscriber TenacitizSubscriber Fransie17 Mar '18 11:45infoIn progress
12644685Subscriber TenacitizSubscriber Fransie17 Mar '18 11:45infoIn progress
12612716Subscriber FransieSubscriber Larry Kasparov17 Mar '18 04:52infoIn progress
12642801Subscriber FransieSubscriber boydie17 Mar '18 04:51infoIn progress
12642782Subscriber boydieSubscriber Fransie17 Mar '18 04:51infoIn progress
12612714Subscriber Larry KasparovSubscriber Fransie17 Mar '18 04:51infoIn progress

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