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600-1500 CLUB
frequent, varied tourneys; banded and open; come join us!
  • Club rating 1674
    Joined 26 Jun '17 13:33
    Last moved 20 Sep '18 20:35
    Rated games 639 club games played
    Win by color
Game idWhiteBlackLast MoveGame State
12864843Subscriber achilles9533Standard member Fransie21 Sep '18 03:40infoIn progress
12864842Standard member FransieSubscriber achilles953321 Sep '18 03:38infoIn progress
12874920Standard member FransieSubscriber The Postman21 Sep '18 03:25infoIn progress
12866907Subscriber lstcyrStandard member Fransie21 Sep '18 02:33infoIn progress
12818790Subscriber rookwormStandard member Fransie21 Sep '18 00:09infoIn progress
12869744Standard member FransieSubscriber bowie720 Sep '18 23:45infoIn progress
12869742Subscriber bowie7Standard member Fransie20 Sep '18 23:44infoIn progress
12889231Standard member FransieSubscriber bowie720 Sep '18 23:43infoIn progress
12889229Subscriber bowie7Standard member Fransie20 Sep '18 23:42infoIn progress
12873654Standard member FransieSubscriber Timzsn20 Sep '18 21:40infoIn progress
12873647Subscriber TimzsnStandard member Fransie20 Sep '18 21:39infoResigned (0-1)
12865252Subscriber koopsStandard member Fransie20 Sep '18 21:04infoIn progress
12875595Standard member FransieSubscriber projectreadonline20 Sep '18 20:55infoIn progress
12875588Subscriber projectreadonlineStandard member Fransie20 Sep '18 20:55infoIn progress
12875597Standard member FransieSubscriber laurence c20 Sep '18 20:48infoIn progress
12874919Subscriber The PostmanStandard member Fransie20 Sep '18 20:25infoIn progress
12872800Standard member FransieSubscriber lstcyr20 Sep '18 20:24infoIn progress
12875694Standard member FransieSubscriber lstcyr20 Sep '18 20:24infoIn progress
12875567Subscriber tejusStandard member Fransie20 Sep '18 20:22infoIn progress
12875592Standard member FransieSubscriber tejus20 Sep '18 20:21infoIn progress
12876766Standard member FransieSubscriber Ekke20 Sep '18 20:19infoIn progress
12875594Standard member FransieSubscriber Ekke20 Sep '18 20:17infoIn progress
12875693Standard member FransieSubscriber Ekke20 Sep '18 20:17infoIn progress
12876765Subscriber EkkeStandard member Fransie20 Sep '18 20:16infoIn progress
12875581Subscriber EkkeStandard member Fransie20 Sep '18 20:16infoIn progress
12875680Subscriber EkkeStandard member Fransie20 Sep '18 20:08infoIn progress
12843127Standard member FransieSubscriber katella20 Sep '18 14:20infoIn progress
12843125Subscriber katellaStandard member Fransie20 Sep '18 14:20infoIn progress
12870754Standard member CostadStandard member Fransie20 Sep '18 13:45infoIn progress
12875603Subscriber kingdogStandard member Fransie20 Sep '18 13:12infoIn progress

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