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600-1500 CLUB
frequent, varied tourneys; banded and open; come join us!
  • Club rating 1577
    Joined 26 Jun '17 13:33
    Last moved 23 Jun '18 06:22
    Rated games 484 club games played
    Win by color
Game idWhiteBlackLast MoveGame State
12776888Subscriber FransieonlineSubscriber bowie7online23 Jun '18 06:16infoIn progress
12776885Subscriber bowie7onlineSubscriber Fransieonline23 Jun '18 06:11infoIn progress
12761885Subscriber FransieonlineSubscriber Joe194923 Jun '18 02:43infoIn progress
12761888Subscriber Joe1949Subscriber Fransieonline23 Jun '18 02:42infoIn progress
12737052Subscriber bohemia51Subscriber Fransieonline22 Jun '18 18:12infoIn progress
12737051Subscriber FransieonlineSubscriber bohemia5122 Jun '18 18:11infoIn progress
12766194Subscriber bohemia51Subscriber Fransieonline22 Jun '18 18:09infoIn progress
12750346Subscriber FransieonlineSubscriber katella On Vacation22 Jun '18 18:09infoIn progress
12750345Subscriber katella On VacationSubscriber Fransieonline22 Jun '18 18:08infoIn progress
12761883Subscriber FransieonlineSubscriber BaronVonChickenpants22 Jun '18 18:08infoIn progress
12761878Subscriber BaronVonChickenpantsSubscriber Fransieonline22 Jun '18 18:07infoIn progress
12702482Subscriber cdurkinSubscriber Fransieonline22 Jun '18 18:03infoIn progress
12761881Subscriber beechformSubscriber Fransieonline22 Jun '18 17:57infoIn progress
12761884Subscriber FransieonlineSubscriber beechform22 Jun '18 17:57infoIn progress
12752674Subscriber FransieonlineStandard member Costad22 Jun '18 17:53infoIn progress
12752676Standard member CostadSubscriber Fransieonline22 Jun '18 17:52infoIn progress
12753012Subscriber lstcyrSubscriber Fransieonline22 Jun '18 15:49infoIn progress
12723020Subscriber FransieonlineSubscriber laurence c22 Jun '18 14:59infoIn progress
12723022Subscriber laurence cSubscriber Fransieonline22 Jun '18 14:59infoIn progress
12766811Subscriber cdurkinSubscriber Fransieonline22 Jun '18 13:02infoIn progress
12766812Subscriber FransieonlineSubscriber cdurkin22 Jun '18 13:01infoIn progress
12746564Subscriber bohemia51Subscriber Fransieonline22 Jun '18 12:55infoIn progress
12752675Subscriber FransieonlineSubscriber bohemia5122 Jun '18 12:55infoIn progress
12746563Subscriber FransieonlineSubscriber bohemia5122 Jun '18 12:54infoIn progress
12766193Subscriber FransieonlineSubscriber bohemia5122 Jun '18 12:48infoIn progress
12752678Subscriber bohemia51Subscriber Fransieonline22 Jun '18 12:46infoIn progress
12712430Subscriber FransieonlineSubscriber bohemia5122 Jun '18 12:46infoIn progress
12712431Subscriber bohemia51Subscriber Fransieonline22 Jun '18 12:43infoIn progress
12713152Subscriber FransieonlineSubscriber bohemia5122 Jun '18 12:43infoIn progress
12723017Subscriber ggjarkSubscriber Fransieonline22 Jun '18 00:09infoIn progress

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