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600-1500 CLUB
frequent, varied tourneys; banded and open; come join us!
  • Club rating 1519
    Joined 05 Jan '12 22:35
    Last moved 24 Apr '18 06:43
    Rated games 4397 club games played
    Win by color
Game idWhiteBlackLast MoveGame State
12030216Subscriber beechformSubscriber kingdog24 Apr '18 07:59infoIn progress
12338113Subscriber bowie7onlineSubscriber kingdog24 Apr '18 06:51infoIn progress
12338114Subscriber kingdogSubscriber bowie7online24 Apr '18 06:50infoIn progress
12374108Subscriber bowie7onlineSubscriber kingdog24 Apr '18 06:50infoIn progress
12374110Subscriber kingdogSubscriber bowie7online24 Apr '18 06:49infoIn progress
12340143Subscriber kingdogSubscriber tangerinefish24 Apr '18 06:48infoIn progress
12404808Subscriber tangerinefishSubscriber kingdog24 Apr '18 06:47infoIn progress
12404810Subscriber kingdogSubscriber tangerinefish24 Apr '18 06:46infoIn progress
12008092Subscriber kingdogSubscriber Timzsn24 Apr '18 06:43infoIn progress
12299859Subscriber kingdogSubscriber Timzsn24 Apr '18 06:40infoIn progress
12437781Subscriber lstcyrSubscriber kingdog24 Apr '18 06:25infoIn progress
12531422Subscriber lstcyrSubscriber kingdog24 Apr '18 06:24infoIn progress
12531423Subscriber kingdogSubscriber lstcyr24 Apr '18 06:23infoIn progress
12609105Subscriber MGRIFSubscriber kingdog24 Apr '18 06:21infoIn progress
12609106Subscriber kingdogSubscriber MGRIF24 Apr '18 06:19infoIn progress
12634142Subscriber kingdogSubscriber spartangreek24 Apr '18 06:18infoIn progress
12674018Subscriber kingdogSubscriber king0809 On Vacation24 Apr '18 06:17infoIn progress
12674019Subscriber king0809 On VacationSubscriber kingdog24 Apr '18 06:17infoIn progress
12693891Subscriber babadadSubscriber kingdog24 Apr '18 06:14infoIn progress
12693928Subscriber kingdogSubscriber babadad24 Apr '18 06:14infoIn progress
12601370Subscriber kingdogSubscriber SeamusC24 Apr '18 05:25infoIn progress
12523595Subscriber TimzsnSubscriber kingdog24 Apr '18 02:09infoIn progress
12523596Subscriber kingdogSubscriber Timzsn24 Apr '18 02:08infoIn progress
12500883Subscriber VESPINSubscriber kingdog24 Apr '18 01:16infoResigned (0-1)
12552205Subscriber lstcyrSubscriber kingdog24 Apr '18 00:47infoIn progress
12552206Subscriber kingdogSubscriber lstcyr24 Apr '18 00:47infoIn progress
12598609Subscriber lstcyrSubscriber kingdog24 Apr '18 00:47infoIn progress
12598610Subscriber kingdogSubscriber lstcyr24 Apr '18 00:46infoIn progress
12601366Subscriber lstcyrSubscriber kingdog24 Apr '18 00:46infoIn progress
12601373Subscriber kingdogSubscriber lstcyr24 Apr '18 00:46infoIn progress

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