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600-1500 CLUB
frequent, varied tourneys; banded and open; come join us!
  • Club rating 1733
    Joined 05 Jan '12 22:35
    Last moved 19 Jul '18 22:10
    Rated games 4498 club games played
    Win by color
Game idWhiteBlackLast MoveGame State
12703781Subscriber kingdogSubscriber caesar saladonline19 Jul '18 22:58infoIn progress
12603527Subscriber lstcyrSubscriber kingdog19 Jul '18 22:23infoIn progress
12571720Subscriber bowie7Subscriber kingdog19 Jul '18 22:10infoIn progress
12693912Subscriber beechformSubscriber kingdog19 Jul '18 22:08infoIn progress
12693931Subscriber kingdogSubscriber beechform19 Jul '18 22:06infoIn progress
12703765Subscriber tejusSubscriber kingdog19 Jul '18 22:05infoIn progress
12703801Subscriber king0809Subscriber kingdog19 Jul '18 22:03infoIn progress
12708587Subscriber beechformSubscriber kingdog19 Jul '18 22:02infoIn progress
12708588Subscriber kingdogSubscriber beechform19 Jul '18 22:00infoIn progress
12740450Subscriber TimzsnSubscriber kingdog19 Jul '18 21:58infoIn progress
12759075Subscriber MGRIFSubscriber kingdog19 Jul '18 21:57infoIn progress
12759089Subscriber aravorSubscriber kingdog19 Jul '18 21:56infoIn progress
12759102Subscriber kingdogSubscriber aravor19 Jul '18 21:55infoIn progress
12769239Subscriber beechformSubscriber kingdog19 Jul '18 21:52infoIn progress
12769240Subscriber kingdogSubscriber beechform19 Jul '18 21:50infoIn progress
12792825Subscriber lstcyrSubscriber kingdog19 Jul '18 21:49infoIn progress
12792827Subscriber kingdogSubscriber lstcyr19 Jul '18 21:49infoIn progress
12792828Subscriber kingdogSubscriber Terryh7 On Vacation19 Jul '18 21:48infoIn progress
12782314Subscriber lstcyrSubscriber kingdog19 Jul '18 21:23infoIn progress
12603529Subscriber VESPINSubscriber kingdog19 Jul '18 20:09infoIn progress
12693898Subscriber spartangreekSubscriber kingdog19 Jul '18 17:34infoIn progress
12789616Subscriber lstcyrSubscriber kingdog19 Jul '18 16:35infoIn progress
12703779Subscriber kingdogSubscriber lstcyr19 Jul '18 15:52infoIn progress
12703780Subscriber kingdogSubscriber bohemia5119 Jul '18 15:12infoIn progress
12693929Subscriber kingdogSubscriber spartangreek19 Jul '18 15:05infoIn progress
12703758Subscriber spartangreekSubscriber kingdog19 Jul '18 15:04infoIn progress
12703777Subscriber kingdogSubscriber spartangreek19 Jul '18 15:04infoIn progress
12676505Subscriber sandwichjimSubscriber kingdog19 Jul '18 09:07infoIn progress
12676506Subscriber kingdogSubscriber sandwichjim19 Jul '18 09:07infoIn progress
12761872Subscriber kingdogSubscriber larry the lick19 Jul '18 07:29infoIn progress

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