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600-1500 CLUB
frequent, varied tourneys; banded and open; come join us!
  • Club rating 1509
    Joined 05 Jan '12 22:35
    Last moved 21 Jan '18 07:47
    Rated games 4324 club games played
    Win by color
Game idWhiteBlackLast MoveGame State
12405340Subscriber bowie7onlineSubscriber kingdog21 Jan '18 08:48infoIn progress
12405341Subscriber kingdogSubscriber bowie7online21 Jan '18 08:46infoIn progress
12452666Subscriber bowie7onlineSubscriber kingdog21 Jan '18 08:44infoIn progress
12452667Subscriber kingdogSubscriber bowie7online21 Jan '18 08:42infoIn progress
12404878Subscriber kingdogSubscriber lstcyr21 Jan '18 07:48infoIn progress
12243098Subscriber kingdogSubscriber lstcyr21 Jan '18 07:47infoIn progress
12303016Subscriber kingdogSubscriber lstcyr21 Jan '18 07:47infoIn progress
12402328Subscriber kingdogSubscriber lstcyr21 Jan '18 07:46infoIn progress
12402325Subscriber lstcyrSubscriber kingdog21 Jan '18 07:46infoIn progress
12394892Subscriber kingdogSubscriber lstcyr21 Jan '18 07:45infoIn progress
12394890Subscriber lstcyrSubscriber kingdog21 Jan '18 07:45infoIn progress
12342806Subscriber lstcyrSubscriber kingdog21 Jan '18 07:44infoIn progress
12344532Subscriber lstcyrSubscriber kingdog21 Jan '18 07:44infoIn progress
12344533Subscriber kingdogSubscriber lstcyr21 Jan '18 07:43infoIn progress
12349384Subscriber ggjarkSubscriber kingdog21 Jan '18 07:42infoIn progress
12379480Subscriber kingdogSubscriber lstcyr21 Jan '18 07:41infoIn progress
12349387Subscriber kingdogSubscriber ggjark21 Jan '18 07:40infoIn progress
12506455Subscriber kingdogSubscriber lstcyr21 Jan '18 07:36infoIn progress
12506454Subscriber lstcyrSubscriber kingdog21 Jan '18 07:35infoIn progress
12525203Subscriber lstcyrSubscriber kingdog21 Jan '18 07:34infoIn progress
12525204Subscriber kingdogSubscriber lstcyr21 Jan '18 07:34infoIn progress
12437783Subscriber TimzsnSubscriber kingdog21 Jan '18 07:28infoIn progress
12402327Subscriber VESPIN On VacationSubscriber kingdog21 Jan '18 06:49infoIn progress
12482542Subscriber kingdogSubscriber Zorromoody21 Jan '18 06:16infoIn progress
12482544Subscriber ZorromoodySubscriber kingdog21 Jan '18 06:16infoIn progress
12437785Subscriber kingdogSubscriber Timzsn21 Jan '18 03:55infoIn progress
12320543Subscriber kingdogSubscriber lstcyr21 Jan '18 00:03infoIn progress
12320542Subscriber lstcyrSubscriber kingdog21 Jan '18 00:03infoIn progress
12388312Subscriber kingdogSubscriber Larry Kasparov20 Jan '18 23:59infoIn progress
12317116Subscriber Larry KasparovSubscriber kingdog20 Jan '18 23:57infoIn progress

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