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600-1500 CLUB
frequent, varied tourneys; banded and open; come join us!
  • Club rating 1786
    Joined 26 Jun '17 13:31
    Last moved 23 Jan '18 11:55
    Rated games 536 club games played
    Win by color
Game idWhiteBlackLast MoveGame State
12517394Subscriber bohemia51onlineSubscriber LegendOfEd23 Jan '18 11:14infoIn progress
12564343Subscriber bohemia51onlineSubscriber alan holman23 Jan '18 11:14infoIn progress
12534507Subscriber bohemia51onlineSubscriber lstcyr23 Jan '18 11:13infoIn progress
12517180Subscriber bohemia51onlineSubscriber Ponderable23 Jan '18 11:13infoIn progress
12539762Subscriber bohemia51onlineSubscriber lstcyr23 Jan '18 11:12infoIn progress
12542960Subscriber bohemia51onlineSubscriber lstcyr23 Jan '18 11:12infoIn progress
12549694Subscriber bohemia51onlineSubscriber lstcyr23 Jan '18 11:12infoIn progress
12498631Subscriber bohemia51onlineSubscriber Antoine23 Jan '18 11:11infoIn progress
12498630Subscriber AntoineSubscriber bohemia51online23 Jan '18 11:10infoIn progress
12477728Subscriber bohemia51onlineSubscriber Antoine23 Jan '18 11:09infoIn progress
12561139Subscriber lstcyrSubscriber bohemia51online23 Jan '18 11:09infoIn progress
12562056Subscriber bohemia51onlineSubscriber lstcyr23 Jan '18 11:08infoIn progress
12479182Subscriber bohemia51onlineSubscriber Antoine23 Jan '18 11:08infoIn progress
12562037Subscriber lstcyrSubscriber bohemia51online23 Jan '18 11:07infoIn progress
12561140Subscriber bohemia51onlineSubscriber lstcyr23 Jan '18 11:07infoIn progress
12479271Subscriber bohemia51onlineSubscriber Antoine23 Jan '18 11:07infoIn progress
12462698Subscriber AntoineSubscriber bohemia51online23 Jan '18 11:06infoIn progress
12549693Subscriber lstcyrSubscriber bohemia51online23 Jan '18 11:06infoIn progress
12542957Subscriber lstcyrSubscriber bohemia51online23 Jan '18 11:04infoIn progress
12539755Subscriber lstcyrSubscriber bohemia51online23 Jan '18 11:04infoIn progress
12534506Subscriber lstcyrSubscriber bohemia51online23 Jan '18 11:04infoIn progress
12520431Subscriber bohemia51onlineSubscriber lstcyr23 Jan '18 11:03infoIn progress
12520428Subscriber lstcyrSubscriber bohemia51online23 Jan '18 11:03infoIn progress
12518765Subscriber bohemia51onlineSubscriber lstcyr23 Jan '18 11:03infoIn progress
12483416Subscriber bohemia51onlineSubscriber lstcyr23 Jan '18 11:02infoIn progress
12483415Subscriber lstcyrSubscriber bohemia51online23 Jan '18 11:01infoIn progress
12480083Subscriber bohemia51onlineSubscriber lstcyr23 Jan '18 11:01infoIn progress
12518746Subscriber lstcyrSubscriber bohemia51online23 Jan '18 11:01infoIn progress
12480082Subscriber lstcyrSubscriber bohemia51online23 Jan '18 11:00infoIn progress
12516017Subscriber bohemia51onlineSubscriber lstcyr23 Jan '18 11:00infoIn progress

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