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600-1500 CLUB
frequent, varied tourneys; banded and open; come join us!
  • Club rating 1626
    Joined 26 Jun '17 13:31
    Last moved 19 Jul '18 20:33
    Rated games 1216 club games played
    Win by color
Game idWhiteBlackLast MoveGame State
12790308Subscriber beechformonlineSubscriber bohemia5120 Jul '18 09:08infoIn progress
12790309Subscriber bohemia51Subscriber beechformonline20 Jul '18 09:07infoIn progress
12796819Subscriber bohemia51Subscriber beechformonline20 Jul '18 09:06infoIn progress
12796818Subscriber beechformonlineSubscriber bohemia5120 Jul '18 09:06infoIn progress
12722815Subscriber bohemia51Subscriber king080920 Jul '18 08:09infoIn progress
12799918Subscriber bohemia51Subscriber king080920 Jul '18 08:09infoIn progress
12703789Subscriber bohemia51Subscriber king080920 Jul '18 08:08infoIn progress
12703802Subscriber king0809Subscriber bohemia5120 Jul '18 08:08infoIn progress
12808789Subscriber king0809Subscriber bohemia5120 Jul '18 08:07infoIn progress
12696048Subscriber king0809Subscriber bohemia5120 Jul '18 08:06infoIn progress
12696045Subscriber bohemia51Subscriber king080920 Jul '18 08:06infoIn progress
12752773Subscriber PonderableSubscriber bohemia5120 Jul '18 08:01infoIn progress
12799920Subscriber king0809Subscriber bohemia5120 Jul '18 07:09infoIn progress
12752679Subscriber bohemia51Standard member Costadonline20 Jul '18 06:39infoIn progress
12752677Standard member CostadonlineSubscriber bohemia5120 Jul '18 06:38infoIn progress
12808784Subscriber bohemia51Subscriber king080920 Jul '18 06:34infoIn progress
12803593Subscriber bohemia51Subscriber king080920 Jul '18 06:33infoIn progress
12803595Subscriber king0809Subscriber bohemia5120 Jul '18 06:33infoIn progress
12810570Subscriber bohemia51Subscriber king080920 Jul '18 06:32infoIn progress
12634307Subscriber bohemia51Subscriber king080920 Jul '18 06:31infoIn progress
12740069Subscriber bohemia51Subscriber king080920 Jul '18 06:31infoIn progress
12761373Subscriber king0809Subscriber bohemia5120 Jul '18 06:28infoIn progress
12761372Subscriber bohemia51Subscriber king080920 Jul '18 06:28infoIn progress
12741516Subscriber king0809Subscriber bohemia5120 Jul '18 06:25infoIn progress
12740070Subscriber king0809Subscriber bohemia5120 Jul '18 06:24infoIn progress
12741514Subscriber bohemia51Subscriber king080920 Jul '18 06:24infoIn progress
12722816Subscriber king0809Subscriber bohemia5120 Jul '18 06:23infoIn progress
12718498Subscriber bohemia51Subscriber king080920 Jul '18 06:22infoIn progress
12810573Subscriber king0809Subscriber bohemia5120 Jul '18 06:21infoIn progress
12718499Subscriber king0809Subscriber bohemia5120 Jul '18 06:21infoIn progress

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