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600-1500 CLUB
frequent, varied tourneys; banded and open; come join us!
  • Club rating 1603
    Joined 26 Feb '16 10:10
    Last moved 15 Jan '18 20:36
    Rated games 393 club games played
    Win by color
Game idWhiteBlackLast MoveGame State
12526935Subscriber MGRIFSubscriber MDGrant16 Jan '18 22:12infoIn progress
12526937Subscriber MDGrantSubscriber MGRIF16 Jan '18 22:12infoIn progress
12488789Subscriber MDGrantSubscriber malhem16 Jan '18 18:36infoIn progress
12488786Subscriber malhemSubscriber MDGrant16 Jan '18 17:57infoIn progress
12442881Subscriber MDGrantSubscriber lstcyr16 Jan '18 16:00infoIn progress
12442878Subscriber lstcyrSubscriber MDGrant16 Jan '18 15:57infoIn progress
12521623Subscriber MDGrantSubscriber lstcyr16 Jan '18 15:28infoIn progress
12516217Subscriber MDGrantSubscriber spartangreek16 Jan '18 14:25infoIn progress
12516216Subscriber spartangreekSubscriber MDGrant16 Jan '18 14:24infoIn progress
12494900Subscriber TwirlySubscriber MDGrant16 Jan '18 12:12infoIn progress
12551111Subscriber eagleswingSubscriber MDGrant16 Jan '18 11:46infoIn progress
12551112Subscriber MDGrantSubscriber eagleswing16 Jan '18 11:45infoIn progress
12490668Subscriber MDGrantSubscriber invigorate16 Jan '18 07:03infoIn progress
12490669Subscriber invigorateSubscriber MDGrant16 Jan '18 06:56infoIn progress
12516046Subscriber sandwichjimSubscriber MDGrant16 Jan '18 06:55infoIn progress
12516049Subscriber MDGrantSubscriber sandwichjim16 Jan '18 06:55infoIn progress
12494899Subscriber MDGrantSubscriber Twirly16 Jan '18 06:02infoIn progress
12543187Subscriber MDGrantSubscriber achilles9533 On Vacation16 Jan '18 01:07infoIn progress
12543186Subscriber achilles9533 On VacationSubscriber MDGrant16 Jan '18 01:07infoIn progress
12362590Subscriber MDGrantSubscriber Larry Kasparov15 Jan '18 23:32infoIn progress
12393752Subscriber Larry KasparovSubscriber MDGrant15 Jan '18 23:23infoIn progress
12393753Subscriber MDGrantSubscriber Larry Kasparov15 Jan '18 23:21infoIn progress
12553460Subscriber cdurkinSubscriber MDGrant15 Jan '18 22:45infoIn progress
12553461Subscriber MDGrantSubscriber cdurkin15 Jan '18 22:45infoIn progress
12442872Subscriber cdurkinSubscriber MDGrant15 Jan '18 22:36infoIn progress
12465751Subscriber cdurkinSubscriber MDGrant15 Jan '18 22:36infoIn progress
12465752Subscriber MDGrantSubscriber cdurkin15 Jan '18 22:34infoIn progress
12521622Subscriber LegendOfEdSubscriber MDGrant15 Jan '18 21:55infoIn progress
12516048Subscriber LegendOfEdSubscriber MDGrant15 Jan '18 21:54infoIn progress
12509818Subscriber TimzsnSubscriber MDGrant15 Jan '18 21:54infoIn progress

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