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Popeye the Sailor Man Club
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  • Club rating 850
    Joined 13 Oct '15 12:29
    Last moved 21 Mar '18 20:56
    Rated games 271 club games played
    Win by color
Game idWhiteBlackLast MoveGame State
12574140Subscriber DragonLadyDonation Luckonline22 Mar '18 04:15infoIn progress
12574127Donation LuckonlineSubscriber DragonLady22 Mar '18 04:14infoIn progress
12507282Subscriber DragonLadySubscriber Great Big Stees22 Mar '18 00:15infoIn progress
12491188Subscriber DragonLadySubscriber Great Big Stees22 Mar '18 00:15infoIn progress
12507283Subscriber Great Big SteesSubscriber DragonLady22 Mar '18 00:12infoIn progress
12514231Subscriber DragonLadySubscriber lstcyr21 Mar '18 20:56infoIn progress
12497755Subscriber DragonLadySubscriber lstcyr21 Mar '18 20:56infoIn progress
12593807Subscriber DragonLadySubscriber bnitemoves21 Mar '18 20:55infoIn progress
12593809Subscriber bnitemovesSubscriber DragonLady21 Mar '18 20:54infoIn progress
12574177Subscriber bohemia51Subscriber DragonLady21 Mar '18 20:52infoIn progress
12574146Subscriber DragonLadySubscriber bohemia5121 Mar '18 20:52infoIn progress
12574144Subscriber DragonLadySubscriber jb7021 Mar '18 20:29infoIn progress
12574163Subscriber jb70Subscriber DragonLady21 Mar '18 20:28infoIn progress
12574141Subscriber DragonLadySubscriber mallys721 Mar '18 20:26infoIn progress
12574134Subscriber mallys7Subscriber DragonLady21 Mar '18 20:26infoIn progress
12593808Subscriber DragonLadySubscriber Hanzii21 Mar '18 20:23infoIn progress
12574143Subscriber DragonLadySubscriber projectread21 Mar '18 20:22infoIn progress
12574156Subscriber projectreadSubscriber DragonLady21 Mar '18 20:21infoIn progress
12593811Subscriber HanziiSubscriber DragonLady21 Mar '18 20:21infoIn progress
12521134Subscriber lstcyrSubscriber DragonLady21 Mar '18 17:26infoIn progress
12491189Subscriber Great Big SteesSubscriber DragonLady19 Mar '18 12:29infoCheckmate (1-0)
12574145Subscriber DragonLadySubscriber sallen19 Mar '18 11:46infoCheckmate (0-1)
12574149Subscriber ZorroTheFoxSubscriber DragonLady19 Mar '18 06:52infoIn progress
12574142Subscriber DragonLadySubscriber ZorroTheFox19 Mar '18 06:52infoIn progress
12593436Subscriber DragonLadySubscriber Joe194917 Mar '18 15:44infoTimeout (0-1)
12574170Subscriber sallenSubscriber DragonLady13 Mar '18 23:54infoCheckmate (1-0)
12514234Subscriber lstcyrSubscriber DragonLady06 Mar '18 02:56infoCheckmate (1-0)
12521133Subscriber DragonLadySubscriber lstcyr14 Feb '18 23:33infoCheckmate (1-0)
12468896Subscriber DragonLadySubscriber Great Big Stees12 Feb '18 13:54infoResigned (1-0)
12504415Subscriber DragonLadySubscriber mallys706 Feb '18 17:29infoTimeout (0-1)

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