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Popeye the Sailor Man Club
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  • Club rating 1438
    Joined 08 Sep '17 18:37
    Last moved 22 Jun '18 06:12
    Rated games 249 club games played
    Win by color
Game idWhiteBlackLast MoveGame State
12705231Subscriber LegendOfEdSubscriber celtictiger22 Jun '18 14:39infoIn progress
12707982Subscriber sallenSubscriber celtictiger22 Jun '18 14:17infoIn progress
12570307Subscriber bohemia51Subscriber celtictiger22 Jun '18 14:11infoIn progress
12685424Subscriber celtictigerSubscriber bohemia5122 Jun '18 14:11infoIn progress
12685431Subscriber bohemia51Subscriber celtictiger22 Jun '18 14:10infoIn progress
12750527Subscriber bohemia51Subscriber celtictiger22 Jun '18 14:10infoIn progress
12750526Subscriber celtictigerSubscriber bohemia5122 Jun '18 14:10infoIn progress
12739252Subscriber bob58Subscriber celtictiger22 Jun '18 08:16infoIn progress
12709192Subscriber kirbythecatSubscriber celtictiger22 Jun '18 07:07infoIn progress
12637956Subscriber celtictigerSubscriber golddog222 Jun '18 05:25infoIn progress
12637959Subscriber golddog2Subscriber celtictiger22 Jun '18 05:24infoIn progress
12769689Subscriber blue birdSubscriber celtictiger22 Jun '18 05:19infoIn progress
12739240Subscriber celtictigerSubscriber Very Rusty22 Jun '18 05:17infoIn progress
12690851Subscriber BartVHSubscriber celtictiger22 Jun '18 05:17infoIn progress
12685458Subscriber ZorroTheFox On VacationSubscriber celtictiger22 Jun '18 04:12infoIn progress
12685465Subscriber celtictigerSubscriber ZorroTheFox On Vacation22 Jun '18 04:12infoIn progress
12739239Subscriber celtictigerSubscriber ZorroTheFox On Vacation22 Jun '18 04:11infoIn progress
12739235Subscriber ZorroTheFox On VacationSubscriber celtictiger22 Jun '18 04:11infoIn progress
12707290Subscriber celtictigerSubscriber golddog222 Jun '18 01:11infoIn progress
12570005Subscriber blue birdSubscriber celtictiger21 Jun '18 23:37infoIn progress
12746936Subscriber Romie DreadSubscriber celtictiger21 Jun '18 22:59infoIn progress
12746933Subscriber celtictigerSubscriber Romie Dread21 Jun '18 22:58infoIn progress
12739244Subscriber Very RustySubscriber celtictiger21 Jun '18 21:32infoIn progress
12685473Subscriber Very RustySubscriber celtictiger21 Jun '18 21:31infoIn progress
12709184Subscriber celtictigerSubscriber Very Rusty21 Jun '18 21:30infoIn progress
12680357Subscriber celtictigerStandard member Nortel21 Jun '18 16:57infoIn progress
12685494Subscriber mcmreSubscriber celtictiger21 Jun '18 09:00infoIn progress
12709185Subscriber celtictigerSubscriber kirbythecat21 Jun '18 08:25infoIn progress
12533095Subscriber celtictigerSubscriber mallys721 Jun '18 07:39infoIn progress
12570285Subscriber celtictigerSubscriber mallys721 Jun '18 07:38infoIn progress

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