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Popeye the Sailor Man Club
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  • Club rating 1439
    Joined 05 Jul '15 20:07
    Last moved 24 Mar '18 17:12
    Rated games 592 club games played
    Win by color
Game idWhiteBlackLast MoveGame State
12647881Subscriber bob58Subscriber dinc16824 Mar '18 17:31infoIn progress
12647862Subscriber dinc168Subscriber bob5824 Mar '18 17:30infoIn progress
12637979Subscriber bob58Subscriber gina010424 Mar '18 17:12infoIn progress
12637976Subscriber gina0104Subscriber bob5824 Mar '18 17:12infoIn progress
12647876Subscriber gina0104Subscriber bob5824 Mar '18 17:11infoIn progress
12641449Subscriber Romie DreadSubscriber bob5824 Mar '18 17:10infoIn progress
12647879Subscriber bob58Donation Luck24 Mar '18 17:10infoIn progress
12647848Donation LuckSubscriber bob5824 Mar '18 17:10infoIn progress
12559633Subscriber bob58Subscriber mallys724 Mar '18 17:08infoIn progress
12619995Subscriber bob58Subscriber beatlemania24 Mar '18 16:40infoIn progress
12619990Subscriber beatlemaniaSubscriber bob5824 Mar '18 16:40infoIn progress
12647834Subscriber Charlie670Subscriber bob5824 Mar '18 16:26infoIn progress
12647877Subscriber bob58Subscriber Charlie67024 Mar '18 16:25infoIn progress
12637983Subscriber bohemia51Subscriber bob5824 Mar '18 16:08infoIn progress
12637980Subscriber bob58Subscriber bohemia5124 Mar '18 16:07infoIn progress
12647878Subscriber bob58Donation rigidwithfear24 Mar '18 16:07infoIn progress
12647841Donation rigidwithfearSubscriber bob5824 Mar '18 16:07infoIn progress
12647883Subscriber bob58Subscriber gina010424 Mar '18 15:52infoIn progress
12641445Subscriber bob58Subscriber Romie Dread24 Mar '18 15:52infoIn progress
12641436Donation LuckSubscriber bob5824 Mar '18 15:24infoIn progress
12641443Subscriber bob58Donation Luck24 Mar '18 15:23infoIn progress
12641453Subscriber BonarparteSubscriber bob5824 Mar '18 13:17infoResigned (0-1)
12570364Subscriber 64squaresofpainSubscriber bob5824 Mar '18 11:59infoIn progress
12620411Subscriber texasnurseSubscriber bob5824 Mar '18 11:49infoIn progress
12650212Subscriber golddog2Subscriber bob5823 Mar '18 22:25infoIn progress
12650213Subscriber bob58Subscriber golddog223 Mar '18 22:24infoIn progress
12570351Subscriber bob58Subscriber 64squaresofpain23 Mar '18 22:22infoIn progress
12540270Subscriber bob58Subscriber mallys723 Mar '18 18:47infoIn progress
12531265Subscriber mallys7Subscriber bob5823 Mar '18 18:43infoIn progress
12585091Subscriber bob58Subscriber blue birdonline23 Mar '18 18:40infoIn progress

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