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    Game idWhiteBlackLast MoveGame State
    12692004Subscriber lstcyrSubscriber katella On Vacation23 Jun '18 15:47infoIn progress
    12691997Subscriber katella On VacationSubscriber lstcyr23 Jun '18 15:46infoIn progress
    12712427Subscriber lstcyrSubscriber king080923 Jun '18 15:46infoIn progress
    12681924Subscriber katella On VacationSubscriber lstcyr23 Jun '18 15:46infoIn progress
    12682018Subscriber katella On VacationSubscriber lstcyr23 Jun '18 15:46infoIn progress
    12681926Subscriber lstcyrSubscriber katella On Vacation23 Jun '18 15:46infoIn progress
    12673947Subscriber lstcyrSubscriber katella On Vacation23 Jun '18 15:45infoIn progress
    12673942Subscriber katella On VacationSubscriber lstcyr23 Jun '18 15:45infoIn progress
    12662473Subscriber lstcyrSubscriber katella On Vacation23 Jun '18 15:45infoIn progress
    12662460Subscriber katella On VacationSubscriber lstcyr23 Jun '18 15:45infoIn progress
    12721468Subscriber katella On VacationSubscriber lstcyr23 Jun '18 15:44infoIn progress
    12741512Subscriber lstcyrSubscriber king080923 Jun '18 15:01infoIn progress
    12746566Subscriber king0809Subscriber lstcyr23 Jun '18 15:00infoIn progress
    12642824Subscriber king0809Subscriber lstcyr23 Jun '18 15:00infoIn progress
    12642799Subscriber lstcyrSubscriber king080923 Jun '18 14:59infoIn progress
    12717149Subscriber king0809Subscriber lstcyr23 Jun '18 14:58infoIn progress
    12717130Subscriber lstcyrSubscriber king080923 Jun '18 14:57infoIn progress
    12712429Subscriber king0809Subscriber lstcyr23 Jun '18 14:57infoIn progress
    12703775Subscriber lstcyrSubscriber king080923 Jun '18 14:56infoIn progress
    12692007Subscriber lstcyrSubscriber king080923 Jun '18 14:56infoIn progress
    12692026Subscriber king0809Subscriber lstcyr23 Jun '18 14:55infoIn progress
    12645931Subscriber lstcyrSubscriber king080923 Jun '18 14:55infoIn progress
    12671391Subscriber king0809Subscriber lstcyr23 Jun '18 14:54infoIn progress
    12656952Subscriber lstcyrSubscriber king080923 Jun '18 14:42infoIn progress
    12578918Subscriber lstcyrSubscriber Tenacitiz23 Jun '18 12:21infoIn progress
    12592847Subscriber lstcyrSubscriber oriole112223 Jun '18 12:20infoIn progress
    12592844Subscriber oriole1122Subscriber lstcyr23 Jun '18 12:19infoIn progress
    12681163Subscriber lstcyrSubscriber Timzsn23 Jun '18 12:19infoIn progress
    12754903Subscriber king0809Subscriber lstcyr23 Jun '18 12:16infoIn progress
    12671361Subscriber lstcyrSubscriber oriole112223 Jun '18 11:02infoIn progress

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