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  • Club rating 1087
    Joined 11 Aug '15 05:34
    Last moved 17 Mar '18 03:37
    Rated games 2715 club games played
    Win by color
Game idWhiteBlackLast MoveGame State
12589410Subscriber TimzsnSubscriber lstcyr17 Mar '18 03:50infoIn progress
12589407Subscriber lstcyrSubscriber Timzsn17 Mar '18 03:50infoIn progress
12561611Subscriber lstcyrSubscriber LEUR17 Mar '18 03:14infoIn progress
12590646Subscriber lstcyrSubscriber honus17 Mar '18 02:55infoIn progress
12521621Subscriber LegendOfEdSubscriber lstcyr17 Mar '18 02:53infoIn progress
12562063Subscriber PhilokaliaSubscriber lstcyr17 Mar '18 02:52infoIn progress
12558216Subscriber lstcyrSubscriber The Postman17 Mar '18 02:51infoIn progress
12553554Subscriber lstcyrSubscriber LEUR17 Mar '18 02:51infoIn progress
12646533Subscriber lstcyrSubscriber OMuniz86017 Mar '18 02:49infoIn progress
12645823Subscriber OMuniz860Subscriber lstcyr17 Mar '18 02:49infoIn progress
12645789Subscriber OMuniz860Subscriber lstcyr17 Mar '18 02:49infoIn progress
12645788Subscriber lstcyrSubscriber OMuniz86017 Mar '18 02:48infoIn progress
12645973Subscriber lstcyrSubscriber OMuniz86017 Mar '18 02:47infoIn progress
12623585Subscriber lstcyrSubscriber Timzsn17 Mar '18 02:36infoIn progress
12599342Subscriber TimzsnSubscriber lstcyr17 Mar '18 02:35infoIn progress
12642824Subscriber king0809Subscriber lstcyr17 Mar '18 02:33infoIn progress
12645931Subscriber lstcyrSubscriber king080917 Mar '18 02:32infoIn progress
12601387Subscriber PhilokaliaSubscriber lstcyr17 Mar '18 00:39infoIn progress
12601368Subscriber lstcyrSubscriber Philokalia17 Mar '18 00:39infoIn progress
12593908Subscriber PhilokaliaSubscriber lstcyr17 Mar '18 00:38infoIn progress
12639998Subscriber lstcyrDonation Luck16 Mar '18 23:24infoIn progress
12639997Donation LuckSubscriber lstcyr16 Mar '18 23:22infoIn progress
12644424Subscriber lstcyrSubscriber norfolk and good16 Mar '18 22:30infoIn progress
12644425Subscriber norfolk and goodSubscriber lstcyr16 Mar '18 22:29infoIn progress
12646535Subscriber OMuniz860Subscriber lstcyr16 Mar '18 22:11infoIn progress
12645975Subscriber OMuniz860Subscriber lstcyr16 Mar '18 22:10infoIn progress
12521619Subscriber lstcyrSubscriber LegendOfEd16 Mar '18 21:46infoGame drawn
12617220Subscriber lstcyrSubscriber katella16 Mar '18 21:46infoIn progress
12617217Subscriber katellaSubscriber lstcyr16 Mar '18 21:45infoIn progress
12610265Subscriber katellaSubscriber lstcyr16 Mar '18 21:45infoIn progress

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