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  • Club rating 1292
    Joined 16 May '12 07:29
    Last moved 16 Jul '18 21:59
    Rated games 2153 club games played
    Win by color
Game idWhiteBlackLast MoveGame State
12740450Subscriber TimzsnSubscriber kingdog17 Jul '18 02:36infoIn progress
12719450Standard member cookiesSubscriber kingdog16 Jul '18 21:59infoIn progress
12719451Subscriber kingdogStandard member cookies16 Jul '18 21:58infoIn progress
12571720Subscriber bowie7Subscriber kingdog16 Jul '18 21:53infoIn progress
12703765Subscriber tejusSubscriber kingdog16 Jul '18 21:47infoIn progress
12758894Subscriber EkkeSubscriber kingdog16 Jul '18 21:42infoIn progress
12759105Subscriber kingdogSubscriber Terryh716 Jul '18 21:33infoIn progress
12759118Subscriber Terryh7Subscriber kingdog16 Jul '18 21:33infoIn progress
12761869Subscriber larry the lickSubscriber kingdog16 Jul '18 14:41infoIn progress
12761872Subscriber kingdogSubscriber larry the lick16 Jul '18 14:40infoIn progress
12794516Subscriber TimzsnSubscriber kingdog16 Jul '18 07:26infoIn progress
12735537Subscriber Larry KasparovSubscriber kingdog16 Jul '18 06:06infoIn progress
12735538Subscriber kingdogSubscriber Larry Kasparov16 Jul '18 06:03infoIn progress
12740451Subscriber kingdogSubscriber Timzsn16 Jul '18 04:05infoIn progress
12744484Subscriber kingdogSubscriber Timzsn16 Jul '18 04:04infoIn progress
12744483Subscriber TimzsnSubscriber kingdog16 Jul '18 04:04infoIn progress
12770001Subscriber kingdogSubscriber Timzsn16 Jul '18 04:03infoIn progress
12759103Subscriber kingdogSubscriber bowie716 Jul '18 03:06infoIn progress
12761873Subscriber kingdogSubscriber laurence c16 Jul '18 00:24infoIn progress
12761876Subscriber laurence cSubscriber kingdog16 Jul '18 00:23infoIn progress
12759082Subscriber projectreadSubscriber kingdog15 Jul '18 23:39infoIn progress
12759101Subscriber kingdogSubscriber projectread15 Jul '18 23:39infoIn progress
12794517Subscriber kingdogSubscriber Timzsn15 Jul '18 17:26infoIn progress
12523595Subscriber TimzsnSubscriber kingdog15 Jul '18 17:21infoIn progress
12534814Subscriber kingdogSubscriber Timzsn15 Jul '18 17:21infoIn progress
12703780Subscriber kingdogSubscriber bohemia5115 Jul '18 14:55infoIn progress
12703787Subscriber bohemia51Subscriber kingdog15 Jul '18 09:55infoIn progress
12674018Subscriber kingdogSubscriber king080915 Jul '18 09:49infoIn progress
12674019Subscriber king0809Subscriber kingdog15 Jul '18 09:49infoIn progress
12703782Subscriber kingdogSubscriber king080915 Jul '18 08:03infoIn progress

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