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About NoFriendsPete

49 yrs Male in Christchurch New Zealand.. I like to talk to people im playing against, and enjoy trying a variety of openings. I take skulls in tourney and clan games.Im a single parent, myself and my 15 yr old daughter Kayla. I have 10 cats and 1 golden retriever. Breakfast time at my place gets somewhat competitive. I have 5 tropical fish tanks with a good selection of fish, my African Cichlids tank would have to be my fav Chess isn't a matter of life or death, it's more important than that. Listen to music when I move in my games, usually punk rock, hard core. Oi .anything alternative. Collect old British punkrock on vinyl. Love my motorbikes and enjoy a fast ride

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All Games Played16130
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All Moves594794
Moves This Month5953
Tournament Entry Rating1560

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15913 games


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Highest Rating165416601767
Average Rating146914711527
Lowest Rating128412581238
Opponent Average Rating145414991517
Games Rated696311913399
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