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Enjoyed chess when I was younger, playing more often now thanks to this site. Recently bought a nice chess set, so thought i must get more into the game.. Love the game.. Im 36, father of two awesome young boys, I'm a Sikh by faith and I work as a West Midlands Ambulance Service Paramedic. Try and move multiple times a day. Apparently the way to get good is 1) play a better opponent, and 2) don't care about your rating.. so here go's..

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224 games

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99 games

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125 games

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All Games Played226
In Progress3
All Moves8055
Moves This Month95
Tourn. Entry Rating1334

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224 games


129 games


89 games


6 games

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8 games


15 games


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Highest Rating129913811518
Average Rating129313481410
Lowest Rating128812881288
Opponent Average Rating142414131397
Games Rated224115
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