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Having played this wonderfully frustrating "game" since preteen yrs
..tis NO game @ all. IF you call it such you dont play's HARDLY SO. Considering the almost endless strategies and infinite moves, even "BIG BLUE" a super computer & chess programs will struggle to compete against Grand Masters..A true professional, is that "human element" NO other "game" is as beguiling, their careers are destined for greatness
...their craft, only using 32 wooden pcs. on a board with 64 squares with a neat dual face time clock.. wow!
Maybe countries could play ea. other ?
The winning stakes could be financial reparations, arms concessions, lower tariffs on imports..( my wish) STOP needless & pointless violence, be it: Abortions , racial, religious or tribal...!?
...there's also something called
"Chess Boxing" it snuck into being recently w/o anyone realizing it's a thing? (look it up )You actually box your chess opponent, then play a few moves of chess ! REALLY ... sorta wierd & fascinating @ the same time! say a player gets sucker punched, aka his/her "bell" is rung, how the heck do you expect a good strategic move if your cranium is so jarred like a marshmallow? I guess you lose in the boxing ring & git mated !
Challenge Me...when I don't have a full 12 gms stacked.. Nooo, not to boxing? I don't punch, my skills however, might "sting like a BEE"
.. I'm also willing to chat about the game, help beginners? or discuss the 2020 election this November please GO VOTE! Also anything current & happening in your neck of the woods or ask me of mine if fair discussion

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