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name's aaron. i enjoy sports moderately. i'm a web developer. i obviously greatly enjoy's one of my few passions in life. i read all sorts of books and watch worthwhile movies. another portion of the few passions i wield is music; i've been steadfastly creating a soundtrack to my life since i was about seventeen years old. the only instrument i play is the soundboard, and most of the time, only in live environments, as i find that to be the most vicarious and appropriate manner of expression for a soundboard...well, maybe, not quite sure, but that's how i like to use 'em. anyway, i've been playing increasingly better chess as the years slip-slide away, although i do seem to have an unintentional penchant for taking prolonged hiatus at almost regular intervals; not sure what that's about - sorry to those affected. i love to play random games against random opponents, but i will only accept challenges from pawnstars (subscribe, it's worth it!) and i prefer to play as both black and white, so challenge me as each color, please!

anyway, to round out the introduction: i hate capital letters when typing, do not care for paragraphs, and i've a soft spot for irony. welp, see ya later!

ah yes, and due to the proliferation of pittsburgh- and steelers-related profiles and supporters ...

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