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michael legna

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About michael legna

I learned to play around 8 but did not play tournaments until I was 16 pushing my rating up (after 6 years in the Navy and my BS in Physics) to around 1950 USCF. My best OTB result was a second in my state amateur championship. I later added my Master's in Physics as well but now work as an IT Manager for a financial firm.

My other interests besides chess include golf, and reading SciFi. Recently I added target archery to my hobbies, mostly because my knees can't take as much golf as they used to. I am also very busy both online in forums and locally with Christian apologetics and debate. I am still working on two projects - building a Marshall clone guitar amp on a turret board for my brother; and still teaching myself how to write apps for iOS, but now in Swift instead of Objective-C.

I am now over 60 so I have to make the time count even more.

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