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Hi my name is Ian I live in Solihull in the United Kingdom, I play for Sutton Coldfield Chess Club.\n\nI love playing chess , anyone in the West Midlands area please let me know we can have some coffee house chess I’m sure I can travel no worries on that one please check my you tube channel out ( Ian Morley ) click on my picture and there are various chess videos from Holland Park on there ! Love to play down London at Holland Park at the cafe great games there and the guys and gals play Cafe Forum late Thursdays , Fridays and Saturdays .... Also Cafe Nero Shepherds Bush .....

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All Games Played2469
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All Moves83198
Moves This Month394
Tourn. Entry Rating1561

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2414 games


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Highest Rating140116611661
Average Rating131213871322
Lowest Rating119511951111
Opponent Average Rating141114661434
Games Rated2705141004
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