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About Sevensquare

I am a retired maths teacher, living in Sussex, UK. This site is the first time I've played chess against people I don't know. I want to test myself against a good range of opponents.

On most days I will move a game on by several moves (if you reply!)

I consider that time constraints are part of the rules of the game so I take skulls as soon as they appear.

I have learnt a lot by reading the free newsletters from Tim Brennan at

Highest RHP rating: 1583 - Jan 2016
Lowest RHP rating: 1265 - Mar 2011
Highest ladder positions
1 - day 32 Oct 2017
3 - day 137 Aug 2019
Game with most moves - 95 (lost) - Jan 2019
Won game with most moves - 85 - Sep 2015
Lost game with most moves - 95 - Jan 2019

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1252 games

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614 games

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638 games

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All Games Played1283
In Progress7
All Moves43266
Moves This Month564
Tourn. Entry Rating1374

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1252 games


539 games


624 games


89 games

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64 games


0 games


90 days1 Year5 Years
Highest Rating138414421583
Average Rating134013611401
Lowest Rating129512951295
Opponent Average Rating138414031443
Games Rated48165686
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