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About symbolic

I enjoy winning through strategy - even if I have to loose a piece or two. I have a little boy - seven years old, but he doesn't play chess online...yet. Feel free to come and challenge me. I usually make three to four moves a day. My ratings tend to swing from a low of 1150 to highs of 1450. I live in Prince George British Columbia. Reading, teaching, and understanding science is a hobby/passion of mine, but I might be more of a philosopher. I have been going to university for over 22 years - part-time, which is far too long. I work full-time as an ecologist with a consulting firm. I specialize in amphibian management, but I also dabble in statistical ecology.

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All Games Played1063
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All Moves39721
Moves This Month94
Tournament Entry Rating1425

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1061 games


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Highest Rating141314531453
Average Rating139214041359
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Opponent Average Rating136213851330
Games Rated539267
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