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The Queen Arrives

(U.S. Copyright TXu 2-017-053, effective 8/16/2016, by texasnewt)

"Impasse, or an army slain,
my Pawns shall take no prisoners nor flee from pain.
Gallant, skilled Knights mount-up, Rex Nemesis is nigh,
and steeds do charge to the front,
before the enemy hears the fierce Bishops' battle cry.

Opening campaign was a land grab,
center squares are all.
Whilst middle-game pieces frantically grapple,
to find a winning combination or fall.

Castles herald the end-game;
anon the denouement is at hand.
Their liege has ordered them to battle,
now that few remain and stand.

Advance now the Rooks,
adorned with the terrible aegis of old;
titanic towers are laying claim to open files,
with the war hammers they hold.

But now, o'now, a silence as deafening as raging thunder,
stills the troubled board.
For a majestic, ruthless Imperatrix has moved
to slay King and opposing horde!"

FYI: I will play rated games only with players who have ratings which exceed my rating by at least 150. l play the rated games with the clocks set for a move a day, which I consider fair, since the clocks are set to equal time. When playing an unrated game, I don't care about the clock settings."
Motto: Omnia serviunt deos.

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