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Yilin Zhu

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About Yilin Zhu

I was used to like playing strategy video game like Red Alert and Age of Empires, but eventually I will feel bored about the video game no matter how good it is. I never feeling bored about chess, I image myself is a commandant and I always feel excited to figure out some perfect strategies to against you. I also like overcoming the adversities during the games, I will fight back until you checkmate me. -- A higher level of enjoyment exists in an imagination, inspired by an art of game.

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121 games

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63 games

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58 games

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All Games Played172
In Progress2
All Moves5970
Moves This Month9
Tournament Entry Rating1605

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121 games


79 games


31 games


11 games

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Highest Rating162016711671
Average Rating158116231512
Lowest Rating153915391351
Opponent Average Rating145414361380
Games Rated716121
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