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WhiteRatingBlackRatingNextLast MoveGame State
Standard member gatanu1539Subscriber loudog1247Black to move24 May '18 16:39InfoIn progress
Standard member nulladies1181Subscriber loudog1247White to move24 May '18 11:20InfoIn progress
Subscriber loudog1247Subscriber 1chester11204Black to move24 May '18 11:18InfoIn progress
Standard member cottonmouthp 1608Subscriber loudog1247Black to move22 May '18 01:06InfoResigned (1-0)
Subscriber loudog1247Standard member Mysticidium1441White to move12 May '18 05:24InfoCheckmate (0-1)
Standard member outastate1336Subscriber loudog1247Black to move09 May '18 15:20InfoTimeout (1-0)
Subscriber loudog1247Standard member endrit1414White to move09 May '18 14:12InfoTimeout (0-1)
Standard member Livio1348Subscriber loudog1247Black to move08 May '18 09:01InfoCheckmate (1-0)
Subscriber loudog1247Standard member casual nic1494White to move07 May '18 07:38InfoCheckmate (0-1)
Standard member DeadSoldier1484Subscriber loudog1247Black to move07 May '18 03:36InfoCheckmate (1-0)
Standard member KnightTimeD1484Subscriber loudog1247Black to move06 May '18 12:10InfoCheckmate (1-0)
Standard member whitepebble1224Subscriber loudog1247White to move02 May '18 02:03InfoTimeout (0-1)
Subscriber loudog1247Subscriber nondual1500White to move29 Apr '18 16:13InfoCheckmate (0-1)
Subscriber loudog1247Subscriber cianti1146Black to move24 Apr '18 13:16InfoResigned (1-0)
Subscriber loudog1247Standard member mdziedzic1593Black to move24 Apr '18 10:24InfoResigned (1-0)
Subscriber loudog1247Standard member Pickslides1324White to move19 Apr '18 11:25InfoCheckmate (0-1)
Standard member ColoradoKid1559Subscriber loudog1247Black to move16 Apr '18 19:40InfoCheckmate (1-0)
Standard member richiemcd1265Subscriber loudog1247Black to move16 Apr '18 06:53InfoCheckmate (1-0)
Subscriber sevy1246Subscriber loudog1247Black to move16 Apr '18 00:48InfoGame drawn
Standard member johny091541Subscriber loudog1247Black to move15 Apr '18 17:22InfoCheckmate (1-0)
Standard member Gary Ell1312Subscriber loudog1247Black to move09 Apr '18 08:20InfoCheckmate (1-0)
Subscriber loudog1247Standard member Jorge Luis Candela Castilla1146Black to move06 Apr '18 11:10InfoTimeout (1-0)
Standard member Bromdogonline1388Subscriber loudog1247Black to move04 Apr '18 11:04InfoCheckmate (1-0)
Subscriber loudog1247Standard member Forbidden Fruit1426White to move04 Apr '18 08:53InfoCheckmate (0-1)
Standard member Paul891944Subscriber loudog1247Black to move01 Apr '18 01:35InfoCheckmate (1-0)
Subscriber loudog1247Standard member pikecreekbuilder1396White to move29 Mar '18 11:52InfoResigned (0-1)
Standard member Tim Tomkins1477Subscriber loudog1247White to move28 Mar '18 10:44InfoResigned (0-1)
Subscriber loudog1247Standard member Livio1348White to move27 Mar '18 00:54InfoGame drawn
Standard member Mott The Hoople1166Subscriber loudog1247White to move23 Mar '18 15:05InfoResigned (0-1)
Subscriber loudog1247Subscriber sevy1246White to move23 Mar '18 13:33InfoGame drawn
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