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WhiteRatingBlackRatingNextLast MoveGame State
Subscriber Antoine1338Standard member Ciro Piccoloonline1127White to move24 May '18 19:31InfoIn progress
Subscriber Antoine1338Standard member Ron Dayonline1354White to move24 May '18 19:31InfoIn progress
Subscriber bttnpshrxonline1328Subscriber Antoine1338Black to move24 May '18 19:26InfoIn progress
Subscriber Antoine1338Subscriber bttnpshrxonline1328White to move24 May '18 19:26InfoIn progress
Standard member CameraManonline1240Subscriber Antoine1338Black to move24 May '18 19:18InfoIn progress
Standard member TheRebus1468Subscriber Antoine1338White to move24 May '18 19:15InfoIn progress
Subscriber herrero1423Subscriber Antoine1338White to move24 May '18 19:14InfoIn progress
Subscriber Antoine1338Subscriber herrero1423Black to move24 May '18 19:13InfoIn progress
Subscriber Antoine1338Standard member Cetus1444White to move24 May '18 19:10InfoIn progress
Subscriber Antoine1338Standard member casual nic1494Black to move24 May '18 19:09InfoIn progress
Standard member mazinsq1309Subscriber Antoine1338White to move24 May '18 19:01InfoIn progress
Subscriber stephen0011347Subscriber Antoine1338White to move24 May '18 19:00InfoIn progress
Subscriber Antoine1338Subscriber dinc1681228Black to move24 May '18 19:00InfoIn progress
Subscriber dinc1681228Subscriber Antoine1338White to move24 May '18 19:00InfoIn progress
Subscriber cteichman1391Subscriber Antoine1338Black to move24 May '18 18:58InfoIn progress
Subscriber Antoine1338Subscriber cteichman1391White to move24 May '18 18:57InfoIn progress
Subscriber Antoine1338Standard member antoni1323White to move24 May '18 18:37InfoIn progress
Subscriber Antoine1338Subscriber fixli1362White to move24 May '18 18:31InfoIn progress
Subscriber Antoine1338Subscriber cevans1457White to move24 May '18 18:28InfoIn progress
Subscriber cevans1457Subscriber Antoine1338Black to move24 May '18 18:27InfoIn progress
Subscriber neskayatower1713Subscriber Antoine1338Black to move24 May '18 18:23InfoIn progress
Subscriber NoFriendsPete1415Subscriber Antoine1338Black to move24 May '18 18:23InfoIn progress
Subscriber Antoine1338Subscriber NoFriendsPete1415White to move24 May '18 18:23InfoIn progress
Subscriber Antoine1338Subscriber neskayatower1713White to move24 May '18 18:22InfoIn progress
Subscriber FvG11408Subscriber Antoine1338Black to move24 May '18 18:17InfoIn progress
Subscriber Antoine1338Subscriber FvG11408White to move24 May '18 18:15InfoIn progress
Subscriber Antoine1338Subscriber stephen0011347Black to move24 May '18 18:12InfoIn progress
Standard member marinelli1417Subscriber Antoine1338Black to move24 May '18 17:48InfoIn progress
Standard member Leon Botha1327Subscriber Antoine1338Black to move24 May '18 17:47InfoIn progress
Subscriber joeboy691414Subscriber Antoine1338Black to move24 May '18 17:36InfoIn progress
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