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WhiteRatingBlackRatingNextLast MoveGame State
Subscriber richardholt1304Standard member marcysh849White to move17 Jul '18 08:49InfoIn progress
Subscriber richardholt1304Standard member Merkucio918White to move17 Jul '18 05:32InfoIn progress
Subscriber richardholt1304Standard member Cindy Ericksen Smith802White to move17 Jul '18 02:51InfoIn progress
Subscriber richardholt1304Subscriber achile444701White to move16 Jul '18 22:36InfoIn progress
Standard member Katja Bettina Rollfink716Subscriber richardholt1304Black to move16 Jul '18 22:04InfoIn progress
Standard member Olesya Vallin875Subscriber richardholt1304Black to move16 Jul '18 21:57InfoIn progress
Subscriber Croc831Subscriber richardholt1304Black to move16 Jul '18 21:35InfoIn progress
Subscriber richardholt1304Subscriber invigorate1121White to move16 Jul '18 21:28InfoIn progress
Subscriber the2000monkeys813Subscriber richardholt1304Black to move16 Jul '18 21:21InfoIn progress
Subscriber richardholt1304Subscriber the2000monkeys813White to move16 Jul '18 21:21InfoIn progress
Subscriber richardholt1304Subscriber granO2750White to move16 Jul '18 21:15InfoIn progress
Subscriber ggjark1177Subscriber richardholt1304Black to move16 Jul '18 20:24InfoIn progress
Subscriber richardholt1304Subscriber chessfun1177White to move16 Jul '18 20:19InfoIn progress
Subscriber Bodiea1035Subscriber richardholt1304Black to move16 Jul '18 19:56InfoIn progress
Subscriber richardholt1304Standard member emptyliquid876White to move16 Jul '18 19:48InfoIn progress
Subscriber richardholt1304Standard member TheAmazingOne798White to move16 Jul '18 19:31InfoIn progress
Subscriber richardholt1304Subscriber malhem1023White to move16 Jul '18 19:30InfoIn progress
Subscriber richardholt1304Subscriber BigD001080White to move16 Jul '18 19:23InfoIn progress
Subscriber Ekke1078Subscriber richardholt1304Black to move16 Jul '18 17:14InfoIn progress
Subscriber richardholt1304Standard member ricewind1972627White to move16 Jul '18 16:19InfoIn progress
Standard member Robert177677Subscriber richardholt1304Black to move16 Jul '18 15:39InfoIn progress
Subscriber richardholt1304Subscriber achilles95331136White to move16 Jul '18 15:20InfoIn progress
Subscriber richardholt1304Subscriber WB6SVS1109White to move16 Jul '18 15:12InfoIn progress
Subscriber richardholt1304Subscriber LynMichaels964White to move16 Jul '18 14:45InfoIn progress
Standard member scoobee2700Subscriber richardholt1304Black to move16 Jul '18 14:00InfoIn progress
Subscriber Mafkees9991092Subscriber richardholt1304Black to move16 Jul '18 13:42InfoIn progress
Subscriber richardholt1304Standard member Jknapp738White to move16 Jul '18 13:35InfoIn progress
Subscriber richardholt1304Subscriber lstcyr1057Black to move16 Jul '18 13:00InfoResigned (1-0)
Subscriber richardholt1304Standard member Hockwolder871White to move16 Jul '18 12:54InfoIn progress
Subscriber richardholt1304Subscriber jp49951003White to move16 Jul '18 11:43InfoIn progress
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