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WhiteRatingBlackRatingNextLast MoveGame State
Subscriber soni1507Subscriber nonkel On Vacation1521Black to move21 Jul '18 02:06InfoIn progress
Subscriber nonkel On Vacation1521Subscriber juilio1366White to move17 Jul '18 19:56InfoIn progress
Subscriber juilio1366Subscriber nonkel On Vacation1521Black to move17 Jul '18 19:54InfoIn progress
Subscriber nonkel On Vacation1521Subscriber Sport1487White to move17 Jul '18 16:38InfoIn progress
Subscriber Sport1487Subscriber nonkel On Vacation1521Black to move17 Jul '18 16:38InfoIn progress
Subscriber BK541485Subscriber nonkel On Vacation1521Black to move17 Jul '18 01:45InfoIn progress
Subscriber nonkel On Vacation1521Subscriber Quanto1500White to move16 Jul '18 20:20InfoIn progress
Subscriber christiaanj1412Subscriber nonkel On Vacation1521Black to move16 Jul '18 16:36InfoIn progress
Subscriber nonkel On Vacation1521Subscriber pmoffitt1388White to move16 Jul '18 13:30InfoIn progress
Subscriber nonkel On Vacation1521Subscriber Paul A Roberts1404White to move16 Jul '18 11:50InfoIn progress
Subscriber Paul A Roberts1404Subscriber nonkel On Vacation1521Black to move16 Jul '18 11:50InfoIn progress
Subscriber Mafkees9991070Subscriber nonkel On Vacation1521Black to move16 Jul '18 08:43InfoIn progress
Subscriber nonkel On Vacation1521Subscriber Acresda1380White to move15 Jul '18 21:24InfoIn progress
Subscriber Acresda1380Subscriber nonkel On Vacation1521Black to move15 Jul '18 21:23InfoIn progress
Subscriber nonkel On Vacation1521Subscriber leen68 On Vacation1453White to move15 Jul '18 17:58InfoIn progress
Subscriber dsmith1206Subscriber nonkel On Vacation1521Black to move15 Jul '18 17:11InfoIn progress
Subscriber nonkel On Vacation1521Subscriber 3rd Ave Slinger1230White to move15 Jul '18 15:22InfoIn progress
Subscriber nonkel On Vacation1521Subscriber henjutsu1529White to move15 Jul '18 10:51InfoIn progress
Subscriber nonkel On Vacation1521Subscriber chuke1453White to move15 Jul '18 09:41InfoIn progress
Subscriber chuke1453Subscriber nonkel On Vacation1521Black to move15 Jul '18 09:37InfoIn progress
Subscriber celtictiger1247Subscriber nonkel On Vacation1521Black to move15 Jul '18 07:33InfoIn progress
Subscriber nonkel On Vacation1521Subscriber celtictiger1247White to move15 Jul '18 07:33InfoIn progress
Subscriber nonkel On Vacation1521Subscriber wandersp1176White to move15 Jul '18 00:12InfoIn progress
Subscriber wandersp1176Subscriber nonkel On Vacation1521Black to move15 Jul '18 00:11InfoIn progress
Subscriber pmoffitt1388Subscriber nonkel On Vacation1521Black to move14 Jul '18 23:43InfoIn progress
Subscriber nonkel On Vacation1521Subscriber feefee1429White to move14 Jul '18 23:39InfoIn progress
Subscriber mallys71207Subscriber nonkel On Vacation1521Black to move14 Jul '18 21:35InfoIn progress
Subscriber nonkel On Vacation1521Subscriber mallys71207White to move14 Jul '18 21:34InfoIn progress
Subscriber Gruve1667Subscriber nonkel On Vacation1521Black to move14 Jul '18 19:50InfoIn progress
Subscriber bnitemoves1325Subscriber nonkel On Vacation1521Black to move14 Jul '18 19:11InfoIn progress
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