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WhiteRatingBlackRatingNextLast MoveGame State
Subscriber Bobthebassonline1507Subscriber SirLurch1617Black to move23 Feb '18 10:27InfoIn progress
Subscriber Bobthebassonline1507Subscriber Glackentino21205Black to move23 Feb '18 10:27InfoIn progress
Subscriber sunnyday25962Subscriber Bobthebassonline1507Black to move23 Feb '18 09:54InfoIn progress
Subscriber Bobthebassonline1507Subscriber Churchley1503White to move23 Feb '18 09:29InfoResigned (0-1)
Subscriber Churchley1503Subscriber Bobthebassonline1507White to move23 Feb '18 09:29InfoIn progress
Subscriber Bobthebassonline1507Subscriber Lightening Stu1171Black to move23 Feb '18 09:13InfoIn progress
Subscriber Bobthebassonline1507Subscriber munichmick1638Black to move23 Feb '18 09:13InfoIn progress
Subscriber munichmick1638Subscriber Bobthebassonline1507White to move23 Feb '18 09:12InfoIn progress
Subscriber NAWSTAN1492Subscriber Bobthebassonline1507White to move23 Feb '18 09:12InfoIn progress
Subscriber Bobthebassonline1507Subscriber texasnurse1464Black to move23 Feb '18 09:12InfoIn progress
Subscriber Bobthebassonline1507Subscriber eir1533Black to move23 Feb '18 09:10InfoIn progress
Subscriber Sport1523Subscriber Bobthebassonline1507White to move23 Feb '18 09:09InfoIn progress
Subscriber Bobthebassonline1507Subscriber Sport1523Black to move23 Feb '18 09:08InfoIn progress
Subscriber Bobthebassonline1507Subscriber gothcharles1407Black to move23 Feb '18 09:08InfoIn progress
Subscriber gothcharles1407Subscriber Bobthebassonline1507White to move23 Feb '18 09:08InfoIn progress
Subscriber Bobthebassonline1507Subscriber boblix1541Black to move23 Feb '18 09:07InfoIn progress
Subscriber boblix1541Subscriber Bobthebassonline1507White to move23 Feb '18 09:07InfoIn progress
Subscriber Bobthebassonline1507Subscriber VanemGrenberg1639Black to move23 Feb '18 09:06InfoIn progress
Subscriber Bobthebassonline1507Subscriber NAWSTAN1492Black to move23 Feb '18 05:06InfoResigned (1-0)
Subscriber eir1533Subscriber Bobthebassonline1507Black to move23 Feb '18 01:22InfoCheckmate (1-0)
Subscriber wizardschess1849Subscriber Bobthebassonline1507White to move22 Feb '18 21:22InfoIn progress
Subscriber Bobthebassonline1507Subscriber wizardschess1849Black to move22 Feb '18 21:21InfoIn progress
Subscriber Bobthebassonline1507Subscriber VanemGrenberg1639Black to move22 Feb '18 21:20InfoIn progress
Subscriber VanemGrenberg1639Subscriber Bobthebassonline1507White to move22 Feb '18 21:19InfoIn progress
Subscriber Bobthebassonline1507Subscriber bishopfellwalker1539Black to move22 Feb '18 09:16InfoIn progress
Subscriber Bobthebassonline1507Subscriber ZorroTheFox1441Black to move21 Feb '18 23:33InfoIn progress
Subscriber ZorroTheFox1441Subscriber Bobthebassonline1507White to move21 Feb '18 23:32InfoIn progress
Standard member LUCID19631636Subscriber Bobthebassonline1507White to move21 Feb '18 23:30InfoIn progress
Subscriber andrew12zy914Subscriber Bobthebassonline1507White to move21 Feb '18 23:29InfoIn progress
Subscriber blue bird1826Subscriber Bobthebassonline1507White to move21 Feb '18 23:28InfoIn progress
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