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WhiteRatingBlackRatingNextLast MoveGame State
Subscriber lord kev1655Subscriber Bobthebass1523Black to move22 Sep '18 19:00InfoIn progress
Subscriber Bobthebass1523Subscriber Alienist1570White to move22 Sep '18 18:58InfoIn progress
Subscriber meule1631Subscriber Bobthebass1523Black to move22 Sep '18 13:54InfoIn progress
Subscriber PeanutsbySchulz On Vacation1526Subscriber Bobthebass1523Black to move22 Sep '18 13:42InfoIn progress
Subscriber Bobthebass1523Subscriber PeanutsbySchulz On Vacation1526White to move22 Sep '18 13:39InfoIn progress
Subscriber masterfosse1418Subscriber Bobthebass1523Black to move22 Sep '18 13:14InfoIn progress
Subscriber luizandre1676Subscriber Bobthebass1523Black to move22 Sep '18 13:10InfoIn progress
Subscriber Bobthebass1523Subscriber luizandre1676White to move22 Sep '18 13:09InfoIn progress
Subscriber Bobthebass1523Subscriber ZorroTheFox1463White to move22 Sep '18 13:07InfoIn progress
Subscriber dougthedoc1625Subscriber Bobthebass1523Black to move22 Sep '18 12:41InfoIn progress
Subscriber ifalfio1690Subscriber Bobthebass1523Black to move22 Sep '18 12:40InfoIn progress
Subscriber Bobthebass1523Subscriber dougthedoc1625White to move22 Sep '18 12:39InfoIn progress
Subscriber Odinson1755Subscriber Bobthebass1523White to move22 Sep '18 11:18InfoIn progress
Subscriber munichmick1606Subscriber Bobthebass1523White to move22 Sep '18 10:16InfoIn progress
Subscriber Bobthebass1523Subscriber munichmick1606Black to move22 Sep '18 10:16InfoIn progress
Subscriber Obscuridades1586Subscriber Bobthebass1523White to move22 Sep '18 10:13InfoIn progress
Subscriber Bobthebass1523Subscriber Obscuridades1586Black to move22 Sep '18 10:08InfoIn progress
Subscriber Bobthebass1523Subscriber LKIERA1527Black to move22 Sep '18 10:08InfoIn progress
Subscriber Bobthebass1523Subscriber Carlitos1538Black to move22 Sep '18 10:07InfoIn progress
Subscriber Carlitos1538Subscriber Bobthebass1523White to move22 Sep '18 10:06InfoIn progress
Subscriber Bobthebass1523Subscriber Odinson1755White to move21 Sep '18 23:48InfoCheckmate (0-1)
Subscriber Bobthebass1523Subscriber gothcharles1485Black to move21 Sep '18 22:42InfoIn progress
Subscriber fixli1350Subscriber Bobthebass1523White to move21 Sep '18 22:37InfoIn progress
Subscriber Bobthebass1523Subscriber nemostat1515Black to move21 Sep '18 11:39InfoIn progress
Subscriber nemostat1515Subscriber Bobthebass1523White to move21 Sep '18 11:38InfoIn progress
Subscriber boydie1416Subscriber Bobthebass1523White to move21 Sep '18 08:39InfoIn progress
Subscriber Bobthebass1523Subscriber boydie1416Black to move21 Sep '18 08:39InfoIn progress
Subscriber Bobthebass1523Subscriber bishopfellwalker1567Black to move21 Sep '18 08:36InfoIn progress
Subscriber Bobthebass1523Subscriber Knight Lightning1418Black to move21 Sep '18 08:18InfoIn progress
Subscriber Bobthebass1523Subscriber con251532Black to move20 Sep '18 11:19InfoResigned (1-0)
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