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WhiteRatingBlackRatingNextLast MoveGame State
Subscriber Zenic1496Standard member RBHILL1321White to move21 Mar '18 00:35InfoIn progress
Subscriber Vise1424Subscriber Zenic1496Black to move20 Mar '18 21:28InfoIn progress
Subscriber tubseller1682Subscriber Zenic1496Black to move20 Mar '18 18:57InfoIn progress
Subscriber Zenic1496Subscriber coyote1262White to move20 Mar '18 17:16InfoIn progress
Subscriber texasnurseonline1377Subscriber Zenic1496White to move20 Mar '18 13:51InfoGame drawn
Subscriber Zenic1496Subscriber tubseller1682White to move20 Mar '18 12:33InfoIn progress
Subscriber OMuniz8601279Subscriber Zenic1496Black to move20 Mar '18 10:55InfoIn progress
Subscriber Zenic1496Subscriber OMuniz8601279White to move20 Mar '18 10:54InfoIn progress
Subscriber Berniedrummond1399Subscriber Zenic1496Black to move20 Mar '18 10:32InfoIn progress
Subscriber spats1527Subscriber Zenic1496Black to move20 Mar '18 10:16InfoIn progress
Subscriber de nar1045Subscriber Zenic1496Black to move20 Mar '18 08:43InfoIn progress
Subscriber Zenic1496Subscriber Melina671596White to move20 Mar '18 07:31InfoIn progress
Subscriber Melina671596Subscriber Zenic1496Black to move20 Mar '18 07:31InfoIn progress
Subscriber Zenic1496Subscriber flatcap1198White to move20 Mar '18 07:23InfoIn progress
Subscriber Zenic1496Subscriber soonermagic19991562Black to move20 Mar '18 05:08InfoIn progress
Subscriber Mezentius1467Subscriber Zenic1496White to move20 Mar '18 05:07InfoIn progress
Subscriber Zenic1496Subscriber WoodPush1313Black to move20 Mar '18 05:05InfoIn progress
Subscriber WoodPush1313Subscriber Zenic1496White to move20 Mar '18 05:03InfoIn progress
Subscriber Zenic1496Subscriber Mezentius1467Black to move20 Mar '18 05:01InfoIn progress
Subscriber shaptoni1840Subscriber Zenic1496White to move20 Mar '18 04:59InfoIn progress
Subscriber The Dark Knight 7771337Subscriber Zenic1496White to move20 Mar '18 04:55InfoIn progress
Subscriber Zenic1496Subscriber The Dark Knight 7771337Black to move20 Mar '18 04:54InfoIn progress
Subscriber Zenic1496Standard member AcemComeBackp 1200Black to move20 Mar '18 04:40InfoIn progress
Standard member RBHILL1321Subscriber Zenic1496Black to move20 Mar '18 03:33InfoIn progress
Subscriber Zenic1496Standard member RBHILL1321White to move20 Mar '18 03:31InfoIn progress
Standard member RBHILL1321Subscriber Zenic1496Black to move20 Mar '18 03:31InfoIn progress
Subscriber Zenic1496Standard member RBHILL1321White to move20 Mar '18 03:31InfoIn progress
Subscriber Zenic1496Subscriber jcspessanha1270White to move19 Mar '18 21:52InfoIn progress
Subscriber Zenic1496Subscriber spats1527White to move19 Mar '18 19:07InfoIn progress
Subscriber Zenic1496Subscriber nemostat1553White to move19 Mar '18 12:37InfoIn progress
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