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WhiteRatingBlackRatingNextLast MoveGame State
Subscriber scorpio441908Subscriber Zenic1485Black to move19 Sep '18 14:36InfoIn progress
Subscriber Zenic1485Subscriber ZorroTheFox1486White to move19 Sep '18 12:10InfoIn progress
Subscriber Zenic1485Subscriber gedwin1858White to move19 Sep '18 12:03InfoIn progress
Subscriber Zenic1485Subscriber chesco6971086White to move19 Sep '18 10:59InfoIn progress
Subscriber flatcap1147Subscriber Zenic1485Black to move19 Sep '18 06:40InfoIn progress
Subscriber Zenic1485Subscriber herrero1252Black to move19 Sep '18 06:05InfoIn progress
Subscriber herrero1252Subscriber Zenic1485White to move19 Sep '18 06:04InfoIn progress
Subscriber nonkel1459Subscriber Zenic1485White to move19 Sep '18 06:03InfoIn progress
Subscriber Zenic1485Subscriber blue bird1740White to move19 Sep '18 05:16InfoIn progress
Subscriber Romie Dread1555Subscriber Zenic1485Black to move19 Sep '18 01:05InfoIn progress
Subscriber gjengeda1636Subscriber Zenic1485Black to move18 Sep '18 21:25InfoIn progress
Subscriber de naronline1131Subscriber Zenic1485Black to move18 Sep '18 14:36InfoIn progress
Subscriber Zenic1485Subscriber ianp1589White to move18 Sep '18 05:55InfoIn progress
Subscriber Acresda1448Subscriber Zenic1485Black to move18 Sep '18 05:36InfoIn progress
Subscriber fixli1379Subscriber Zenic1485White to move18 Sep '18 04:56InfoIn progress
Subscriber king0809726Subscriber Zenic1485White to move18 Sep '18 04:55InfoIn progress
Subscriber gumbie1472Subscriber Zenic1485White to move18 Sep '18 04:47InfoIn progress
Subscriber Zenic1485Subscriber gumbie1472Black to move18 Sep '18 04:47InfoIn progress
Subscriber Leonardo Salmaso1100Subscriber Zenic1485White to move18 Sep '18 04:47InfoIn progress
Subscriber Zenic1485Subscriber Leonardo Salmaso1100Black to move18 Sep '18 04:47InfoIn progress
Subscriber Zenic1485Subscriber gjengeda1636Black to move18 Sep '18 04:34InfoIn progress
Subscriber blue bird1740Subscriber Zenic1485Black to move18 Sep '18 04:12InfoIn progress
Subscriber Zenic1485Subscriber ZorroTheFox1486White to move18 Sep '18 02:14InfoIn progress
Subscriber ZorroTheFox1486Subscriber Zenic1485Black to move18 Sep '18 02:00InfoIn progress
Subscriber IBeatScurvey1446Subscriber Zenic1485Black to move18 Sep '18 01:58InfoIn progress
Subscriber Zenic1485Subscriber IBeatScurvey1446White to move18 Sep '18 01:58InfoIn progress
Subscriber Zenic1485Subscriber nemostat1537White to move17 Sep '18 19:44InfoIn progress
Subscriber Zenic1485Subscriber cubsnation131507White to move17 Sep '18 14:58InfoIn progress
Subscriber gq80nn935Subscriber Zenic1485Black to move17 Sep '18 14:05InfoIn progress
Subscriber wandersp880Subscriber Zenic1485White to move17 Sep '18 05:12InfoIn progress
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