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WhiteRatingBlackRatingNextLast MoveGame State
Subscriber stiffmiddlefinger1131Standard member cputech1149White to move26 Apr '18 07:29InfoIn progress
Standard member djkali1010Subscriber stiffmiddlefinger1131Black to move26 Apr '18 04:46InfoIn progress
Subscriber Anselmo1110Subscriber stiffmiddlefinger1131Black to move26 Apr '18 03:07InfoIn progress
Subscriber stiffmiddlefinger1131Standard member Denis V929White to move26 Apr '18 00:57InfoIn progress
Subscriber stiffmiddlefinger1131Standard member twphoto551011White to move25 Apr '18 23:46InfoIn progress
Subscriber stiffmiddlefinger1131Standard member Sree Ram Kumar Namuni1235White to move25 Apr '18 23:29InfoIn progress
Subscriber stiffmiddlefinger1131Subscriber Jedisharp1200White to move25 Apr '18 23:05InfoIn progress
Subscriber stiffmiddlefinger1131Standard member drysteam1014White to move25 Apr '18 23:00InfoIn progress
Subscriber swisstex1186Subscriber stiffmiddlefinger1131Black to move25 Apr '18 21:22InfoIn progress
Standard member Brut19721220Subscriber stiffmiddlefinger1131Black to move25 Apr '18 21:18InfoIn progress
Subscriber stiffmiddlefinger1131Standard member RedChess1115White to move25 Apr '18 20:47InfoIn progress
Subscriber stiffmiddlefinger1131Standard member StephenGeorgeSr1176White to move25 Apr '18 20:12InfoIn progress
Subscriber stiffmiddlefinger1131Standard member StephenGeorgeSr1176White to move25 Apr '18 20:11InfoIn progress
Standard member ec2jwb1009Subscriber stiffmiddlefinger1131Black to move25 Apr '18 20:05InfoIn progress
Standard member ec2jwb1009Subscriber stiffmiddlefinger1131Black to move25 Apr '18 20:04InfoIn progress
Subscriber stiffmiddlefinger1131Standard member Jonny Lee1203White to move25 Apr '18 20:04InfoIn progress
Subscriber Crypto1493Subscriber stiffmiddlefinger1131Black to move25 Apr '18 19:12InfoIn progress
Subscriber stiffmiddlefinger1131Subscriber Crypto1493White to move25 Apr '18 19:10InfoIn progress
Subscriber James Duncan1109Subscriber stiffmiddlefinger1131Black to move25 Apr '18 18:51InfoIn progress
Standard member pawnbaron1213Subscriber stiffmiddlefinger1131Black to move25 Apr '18 18:44InfoIn progress
Subscriber stiffmiddlefinger1131Standard member coolerthancucumber1296White to move25 Apr '18 18:43InfoIn progress
Subscriber stiffmiddlefinger1131Standard member aleksandrK1029White to move25 Apr '18 18:35InfoIn progress
Standard member Holmesdale988Subscriber stiffmiddlefinger1131Black to move25 Apr '18 18:23InfoIn progress
Subscriber stiffmiddlefinger1131Standard member RCOplayer1168White to move25 Apr '18 18:19InfoIn progress
Standard member dongbrain1189Subscriber stiffmiddlefinger1131Black to move25 Apr '18 18:19InfoIn progress
Subscriber stiffmiddlefinger1131Subscriber cianti1234White to move25 Apr '18 17:16InfoCheckmate (0-1)
Standard member Jelmer Oldersmaonline1088Subscriber stiffmiddlefinger1131White to move25 Apr '18 00:23InfoResigned (0-1)
Standard member StephenGeorgeSr1176Subscriber stiffmiddlefinger1131Black to move24 Apr '18 14:20InfoCheckmate (1-0)
Standard member Kjell1084Subscriber stiffmiddlefinger1131White to move23 Apr '18 22:29InfoTimeout (0-1)
Subscriber James Duncan1109Subscriber stiffmiddlefinger1131Black to move23 Apr '18 17:22InfoCheckmate (1-0)
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