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WhiteRatingBlackRatingNextLast MoveGame State
Standard member Black Bear1094Subscriber stiffmiddlefinger1116Black to move21 Jan '18 06:00InfoIn progress
Subscriber stiffmiddlefinger1116Subscriber ben2039913White to move21 Jan '18 01:18InfoIn progress
Subscriber stiffmiddlefinger1116Standard member Bardo56862White to move20 Jan '18 21:43InfoIn progress
Standard member RCOplayer1173Subscriber stiffmiddlefinger1116Black to move20 Jan '18 18:37InfoIn progress
Standard member voyageur119902Subscriber stiffmiddlefinger1116Black to move20 Jan '18 18:07InfoIn progress
Standard member Denis V1012Subscriber stiffmiddlefinger1116Black to move20 Jan '18 18:04InfoIn progress
Standard member geoff marks1140Subscriber stiffmiddlefinger1116Black to move20 Jan '18 16:16InfoIn progress
Standard member madmur1263Subscriber stiffmiddlefinger1116Black to move20 Jan '18 15:22InfoIn progress
Standard member coolerthancucumber1081Subscriber stiffmiddlefinger1116Black to move20 Jan '18 13:59InfoIn progress
Subscriber Robert Fenwick May Jr.947Subscriber stiffmiddlefinger1116Black to move20 Jan '18 12:50InfoIn progress
Standard member TingTong1165Subscriber stiffmiddlefinger1116Black to move20 Jan '18 12:27InfoIn progress
Standard member priskilla1075Subscriber stiffmiddlefinger1116Black to move20 Jan '18 11:35InfoIn progress
Standard member Frantic Joe1133Subscriber stiffmiddlefinger1116Black to move20 Jan '18 10:58InfoIn progress
Subscriber stiffmiddlefinger1116Standard member car621133White to move20 Jan '18 10:30InfoIn progress
Standard member Hickspurs1181Subscriber stiffmiddlefinger1116Black to move20 Jan '18 08:35InfoIn progress
Subscriber stiffmiddlefinger1116Subscriber richardholt1186White to move20 Jan '18 07:56InfoIn progress
Subscriber richardholt1186Subscriber stiffmiddlefinger1116Black to move20 Jan '18 07:56InfoIn progress
Subscriber swisstex1314Subscriber stiffmiddlefinger1116Black to move20 Jan '18 05:29InfoIn progress
Subscriber stiffmiddlefinger1116Standard member Golfer75511156White to move20 Jan '18 02:07InfoIn progress
Subscriber stiffmiddlefinger1116Standard member murphius1016White to move20 Jan '18 01:24InfoIn progress
Subscriber Timzsn1212Subscriber stiffmiddlefinger1116Black to move20 Jan '18 01:19InfoIn progress
Subscriber stiffmiddlefinger1116Standard member chuckwagon1116White to move20 Jan '18 01:04InfoIn progress
Subscriber stiffmiddlefinger1116Subscriber catnap6421190White to move20 Jan '18 00:37InfoIn progress
Subscriber stiffmiddlefinger1116Standard member drysteam954White to move20 Jan '18 00:35InfoIn progress
Subscriber stiffmiddlefinger1116Subscriber Crypto1567White to move20 Jan '18 00:17InfoIn progress
Subscriber Crypto1567Subscriber stiffmiddlefinger1116Black to move20 Jan '18 00:16InfoIn progress
Standard member pawnbaron1191Subscriber stiffmiddlefinger1116Black to move20 Jan '18 00:13InfoIn progress
Standard member StephenGeorgeSr1038Subscriber stiffmiddlefinger1116White to move19 Jan '18 22:52InfoIn progress
Standard member coolerthancucumber1081Subscriber stiffmiddlefinger1116White to move19 Jan '18 19:33InfoResigned (0-1)
Standard member powersurge1154Subscriber stiffmiddlefinger1116Black to move19 Jan '18 05:43InfoCheckmate (1-0)
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