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WhiteRatingBlackRatingNextLast MoveGame State
Subscriber stiffmiddlefinger1173Standard member drysteam1044White to move20 Jul '18 10:59InfoIn progress
Standard member coolerthancucumber1242Subscriber stiffmiddlefinger1173Black to move20 Jul '18 10:42InfoIn progress
Subscriber stiffmiddlefinger1173Standard member Francisccom1167White to move20 Jul '18 08:40InfoIn progress
Standard member L.A Woman1123Subscriber stiffmiddlefinger1173Black to move20 Jul '18 07:27InfoIn progress
Standard member boycott1226Subscriber stiffmiddlefinger1173Black to move20 Jul '18 07:22InfoIn progress
Subscriber stiffmiddlefinger1173Subscriber swisstex1185White to move20 Jul '18 05:45InfoIn progress
Standard member RiaanMienie1169Subscriber stiffmiddlefinger1173Black to move20 Jul '18 05:43InfoIn progress
Subscriber stiffmiddlefinger1173Subscriber Daryl Bowen1101White to move20 Jul '18 03:26InfoIn progress
Standard member James Mackintosh1200Subscriber stiffmiddlefinger1173Black to move20 Jul '18 03:15InfoIn progress
Standard member EmJizza1167Subscriber stiffmiddlefinger1173Black to move20 Jul '18 03:07InfoIn progress
Subscriber stiffmiddlefinger1173Standard member veoffrey1096White to move20 Jul '18 03:04InfoIn progress
Subscriber stiffmiddlefinger1173Standard member YoungVet91045White to move20 Jul '18 02:45InfoIn progress
Subscriber stiffmiddlefinger1173Standard member boonon1121White to move20 Jul '18 02:26InfoIn progress
Standard member Boris131134Subscriber stiffmiddlefinger1173Black to move20 Jul '18 01:53InfoIn progress
Subscriber stiffmiddlefinger1173Subscriber Crypto1516White to move20 Jul '18 01:03InfoIn progress
Subscriber Crypto1516Subscriber stiffmiddlefinger1173Black to move20 Jul '18 01:03InfoIn progress
Standard member dladuke1191Subscriber stiffmiddlefinger1173Black to move20 Jul '18 00:55InfoIn progress
Subscriber stiffmiddlefinger1173Subscriber Robert Fenwick May Jr.1001White to move20 Jul '18 00:12InfoIn progress
Standard member Hardy May1088Subscriber stiffmiddlefinger1173White to move20 Jul '18 00:07InfoIn progress
Subscriber stiffmiddlefinger1173Standard member Nozzer81217Black to move19 Jul '18 23:31InfoIn progress
Subscriber dirtysniper1140Subscriber stiffmiddlefinger1173Black to move19 Jul '18 22:40InfoCheckmate (1-0)
Subscriber stiffmiddlefinger1173Standard member StephenGeorgeSr1008Black to move19 Jul '18 22:37InfoIn progress
Subscriber stiffmiddlefinger1173Standard member WillyJay1020Black to move19 Jul '18 22:16InfoIn progress
Subscriber stiffmiddlefinger1173Standard member marinj1155Black to move19 Jul '18 22:08InfoIn progress
Subscriber stiffmiddlefinger1173Standard member murmad1183Black to move19 Jul '18 18:27InfoIn progress
Subscriber stiffmiddlefinger1173Standard member giovanignacio1135Black to move19 Jul '18 18:27InfoIn progress
Standard member madmur1117Subscriber stiffmiddlefinger1173White to move19 Jul '18 18:27InfoIn progress
Subscriber stiffmiddlefinger1173Standard member Nozzer81217Black to move19 Jul '18 15:54InfoCheckmate (1-0)
Standard member SayHelloToYourMum882Subscriber stiffmiddlefinger1173White to move19 Jul '18 14:33InfoIn progress
Subscriber stiffmiddlefinger1173Subscriber Crypto1516White to move19 Jul '18 13:56InfoCheckmate (0-1)
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