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WhiteRatingBlackRatingNextLast MoveGame State
Subscriber Apawnocalypse1992Subscriber blue bird1718White to move20 Mar '18 13:12InfoIn progress
Subscriber Apawnocalypse1992Standard member caissad42364White to move20 Mar '18 07:20InfoTimeout (0-1)
Subscriber neskayatower On Vacation1589Subscriber Apawnocalypse1992Black to move19 Mar '18 17:26InfoIn progress
Subscriber Apawnocalypse1992Subscriber neskayatower On Vacation1589White to move19 Mar '18 17:24InfoIn progress
Standard member caodannyp 1200Subscriber Apawnocalypse1992Black to move18 Mar '18 18:56InfoIn progress
Subscriber Apawnocalypse1992Donation joost2075White to move18 Mar '18 18:00InfoIn progress
Donation joost2075Subscriber Apawnocalypse1992Black to move18 Mar '18 17:50InfoIn progress
Subscriber Apawnocalypse1992Standard member mihai522425White to move18 Mar '18 16:52InfoIn progress
Subscriber funkydunky712012Subscriber Apawnocalypse1992Black to move18 Mar '18 10:13InfoIn progress
Subscriber RedHotMayor1597Subscriber Apawnocalypse1992Black to move18 Mar '18 00:08InfoIn progress
Subscriber Apawnocalypse1992Subscriber RedHotMayor1597White to move18 Mar '18 00:08InfoIn progress
Subscriber rookguy1798Subscriber Apawnocalypse1992Black to move17 Mar '18 22:47InfoIn progress
Subscriber Apawnocalypse1992Subscriber rookguy1798White to move17 Mar '18 22:47InfoIn progress
Subscriber Apawnocalypse1992Subscriber Churchley1568White to move17 Mar '18 21:28InfoIn progress
Standard member Andrei Javierp 1200Subscriber Apawnocalypse1992White to move17 Mar '18 20:33InfoCheckmate (0-1)
Subscriber abalone On Vacation2060Subscriber Apawnocalypse1992White to move17 Mar '18 20:32InfoIn progress
Subscriber Apawnocalypse1992Subscriber abalone On Vacation2060Black to move17 Mar '18 20:32InfoIn progress
Subscriber MAURO SEMER2006Subscriber Apawnocalypse1992White to move17 Mar '18 20:31InfoIn progress
Standard member WernherK1748Subscriber Apawnocalypse1992Black to move17 Mar '18 20:06InfoIn progress
Subscriber Apawnocalypse1992Standard member WernherK1748White to move17 Mar '18 20:05InfoIn progress
Subscriber Apawnocalypse1992Subscriber soulby1833White to move17 Mar '18 11:23InfoIn progress
Subscriber soulby1833Subscriber Apawnocalypse1992Black to move17 Mar '18 11:18InfoIn progress
Subscriber Apawnocalypse1992Subscriber chessnut691783White to move16 Mar '18 09:14InfoIn progress
Subscriber chessnut691783Subscriber Apawnocalypse1992Black to move16 Mar '18 09:11InfoIn progress
Subscriber Apawnocalypse1992Subscriber Aspasia2090White to move15 Mar '18 19:22InfoIn progress
Standard member mihai522425Subscriber Apawnocalypse1992Black to move15 Mar '18 18:47InfoIn progress
Subscriber Apawnocalypse1992Standard member mihai522425White to move15 Mar '18 18:36InfoIn progress
Subscriber Aspasia2090Subscriber Apawnocalypse1992Black to move15 Mar '18 15:49InfoIn progress
Standard member John McRow1612Subscriber Apawnocalypse1992Black to move15 Mar '18 10:58InfoIn progress
Subscriber Apawnocalypse1992Standard member John McRow1612White to move15 Mar '18 10:58InfoIn progress
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