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WhiteRatingBlackRatingNextLast MoveGame State
Subscriber tappa On Vacation2363Subscriber grandmasteryoda On Vacation2167White to move15 Dec '17 13:39InfoIn progress
Subscriber glenamadda1625Subscriber tappa On Vacation2363Black to move15 Dec '17 13:08InfoIn progress
Subscriber tappa On Vacation2363Standard member sir2270White to move15 Dec '17 10:10InfoIn progress
Subscriber barracuda772099Subscriber tappa On Vacation2363Black to move15 Dec '17 09:12InfoIn progress
Subscriber tappa On Vacation2363Standard member Denho552074White to move15 Dec '17 08:49InfoIn progress
Subscriber tappa On Vacation2363Subscriber barracuda772099White to move15 Dec '17 06:08InfoIn progress
Subscriber tappa On Vacation2363Subscriber WaydeS1792White to move15 Dec '17 03:49InfoIn progress
Subscriber tappa On Vacation2363Standard member Aerodynamikonline2077White to move14 Dec '17 21:22InfoIn progress
Standard member Aerodynamikonline2077Subscriber tappa On Vacation2363Black to move14 Dec '17 21:10InfoIn progress
Subscriber tappa On Vacation2363Subscriber yrddraig2035White to move14 Dec '17 17:09InfoIn progress
Standard member mihai522449Subscriber tappa On Vacation2363Black to move14 Dec '17 15:53InfoIn progress
Subscriber tappa On Vacation2363Standard member mihai522449White to move14 Dec '17 15:51InfoIn progress
Subscriber tappa On Vacation2363Subscriber NN Cheap2181White to move14 Dec '17 10:10InfoIn progress
Subscriber NN Cheap2181Subscriber tappa On Vacation2363Black to move14 Dec '17 10:07InfoIn progress
Standard member KASPOV6662019Subscriber tappa On Vacation2363Black to move14 Dec '17 09:51InfoIn progress
Subscriber tappa On Vacation2363Standard member hmnishanth2026White to move14 Dec '17 09:17InfoIn progress
Standard member hmnishanth2026Subscriber tappa On Vacation2363Black to move14 Dec '17 09:15InfoIn progress
Standard member michelleon2407Subscriber tappa On Vacation2363White to move14 Dec '17 08:50InfoIn progress
Subscriber tappa On Vacation2363Standard member michelleon2407Black to move14 Dec '17 08:23InfoIn progress
Subscriber tappa On Vacation2363Subscriber Zenic On Vacation1536White to move14 Dec '17 06:02InfoIn progress
Subscriber tappa On Vacation2363Standard member cocodrilo2400White to move13 Dec '17 16:29InfoResigned (0-1)
Subscriber c antunes1953Subscriber tappa On Vacation2363White to move10 Dec '17 13:46InfoIn progress
Subscriber tappa On Vacation2363Subscriber c antunes1953Black to move10 Dec '17 11:34InfoIn progress
Standard member cocodrilo2400Subscriber tappa On Vacation2363Black to move09 Dec '17 17:03InfoResigned (1-0)
Subscriber tappa On Vacation2363Subscriber sbinionline1583Black to move08 Dec '17 15:29InfoCheckmate (1-0)
Subscriber tappa On Vacation2363Subscriber jtab1720Black to move08 Dec '17 07:52InfoResigned (1-0)
Subscriber tappa On Vacation2363Subscriber barracuda772099Black to move06 Dec '17 10:46InfoIn progress
Subscriber sbinionline1583Subscriber tappa On Vacation2363White to move06 Dec '17 06:50InfoResigned (0-1)
Subscriber barracuda772099Subscriber tappa On Vacation2363White to move05 Dec '17 17:39InfoIn progress
Subscriber lewdaddie1463Subscriber tappa On Vacation2363White to move03 Dec '17 14:47InfoResigned (0-1)
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