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WhiteRatingBlackRatingNextLast MoveGame State
Subscriber bvinci2334Standard member mihai522368White to move20 Aug '18 11:53InfoIn progress
Subscriber silentknights2241Subscriber bvinci2334White to move20 Aug '18 11:15InfoIn progress
Subscriber bvinci2334Subscriber afcacbs2155White to move20 Aug '18 07:10InfoIn progress
Subscriber afcacbs2155Subscriber bvinci2334Black to move20 Aug '18 07:07InfoIn progress
Subscriber bvinci2334Subscriber King Lear1767Black to move20 Aug '18 03:05InfoIn progress
Subscriber kirbythecat1700Subscriber bvinci2334Black to move20 Aug '18 01:15InfoIn progress
Subscriber bvinci2334Subscriber kirbythecat1700White to move20 Aug '18 01:14InfoIn progress
Subscriber bvinci2334Subscriber Brrr2322White to move19 Aug '18 19:22InfoIn progress
Subscriber Brrr2322Subscriber bvinci2334Black to move19 Aug '18 19:20InfoIn progress
Subscriber wim b1691Subscriber bvinci2334Black to move19 Aug '18 18:26InfoIn progress
Subscriber bvinci2334Subscriber tappa2383White to move19 Aug '18 18:12InfoIn progress
Subscriber bvinci2334Subscriber QUAGMYR2316Black to move19 Aug '18 14:26InfoIn progress
Subscriber QUAGMYR2316Subscriber bvinci2334White to move19 Aug '18 14:22InfoIn progress
Subscriber cenerentola2501Subscriber bvinci2334White to move19 Aug '18 14:13InfoIn progress
Subscriber bvinci2334Subscriber jankrb2024White to move19 Aug '18 11:33InfoIn progress
Subscriber tappa2383Subscriber bvinci2334Black to move19 Aug '18 11:16InfoIn progress
Standard member Farzad Farsee1334Subscriber bvinci2334White to move19 Aug '18 04:45InfoIn progress
Subscriber bvinci2334Subscriber cenerentola2501White to move19 Aug '18 03:11InfoIn progress
Subscriber blue bird1716Subscriber bvinci2334Black to move18 Aug '18 12:13InfoIn progress
Subscriber bvinci2334Subscriber blue bird1716White to move18 Aug '18 12:12InfoIn progress
Subscriber bvinci2334Subscriber jankrb2024White to move18 Aug '18 07:35InfoIn progress
Subscriber bvinci2334Subscriber cenerentola2501Black to move17 Aug '18 17:42InfoIn progress
Subscriber mghrn551668Subscriber bvinci2334Black to move17 Aug '18 00:09InfoIn progress
Subscriber bvinci2334Subscriber georgea1415White to move16 Aug '18 20:54InfoIn progress
Subscriber bvinci2334Subscriber fogie On Vacation1109White to move16 Aug '18 18:28InfoIn progress
Subscriber bvinci2334Subscriber redward1629Black to move16 Aug '18 15:56InfoIn progress
Subscriber jankrb2024Subscriber bvinci2334Black to move15 Aug '18 18:50InfoResigned (1-0)
Subscriber Kratic1667Subscriber bvinci2334Black to move14 Aug '18 20:29InfoIn progress
Subscriber bvinci2334Standard member Farzad Farsee1334Black to move14 Aug '18 19:05InfoIn progress
Subscriber Jack Bertram2053Subscriber bvinci2334White to move14 Aug '18 12:52InfoCheckmate (0-1)
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