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WhiteRatingBlackRatingNextLast MoveGame State
Subscriber bvinci2325Standard member mihai522360Black to move24 May '18 17:55InfoIn progress
Standard member mihai522360Subscriber bvinci2325White to move24 May '18 17:53InfoIn progress
Subscriber bvinci2325Subscriber NN Cheap2210White to move24 May '18 16:46InfoIn progress
Subscriber NN Cheap2210Subscriber bvinci2325Black to move24 May '18 16:43InfoIn progress
Subscriber Blancaonline1742Subscriber bvinci2325Black to move24 May '18 15:22InfoIn progress
Subscriber bvinci2325Subscriber Blancaonline1742White to move24 May '18 15:21InfoIn progress
Subscriber bvinci2325Subscriber ptriple422040White to move24 May '18 15:15InfoIn progress
Subscriber bvinci2325Subscriber BlontLeffedrinkerSr1959Black to move24 May '18 13:31InfoIn progress
Subscriber bvinci2325Subscriber rookguy1730White to move24 May '18 02:44InfoIn progress
Subscriber rookguy1730Subscriber bvinci2325Black to move24 May '18 02:43InfoIn progress
Subscriber bvinci2325Subscriber jocsjunior1662Black to move24 May '18 00:43InfoIn progress
Subscriber blue birdonline1761Subscriber bvinci2325White to move23 May '18 19:29InfoIn progress
Subscriber yrddraig1992Subscriber bvinci2325Black to move23 May '18 19:29InfoIn progress
Subscriber blue birdonline1761Subscriber bvinci2325White to move23 May '18 19:26InfoIn progress
Subscriber bvinci2325Subscriber blue birdonline1761Black to move23 May '18 19:20InfoIn progress
Subscriber jankrb2210Subscriber bvinci2325White to move23 May '18 19:07InfoIn progress
Standard member jcozec1905Subscriber bvinci2325White to move23 May '18 17:08InfoIn progress
Subscriber bvinci2325Standard member jcozec1905Black to move23 May '18 17:01InfoIn progress
Subscriber bvinci2325Subscriber cenerentola2569Black to move22 May '18 20:48InfoIn progress
Subscriber bvinci2325Subscriber cenerentola2569Black to move22 May '18 13:58InfoIn progress
Subscriber cenerentola2569Subscriber bvinci2325White to move22 May '18 13:56InfoIn progress
Subscriber bvinci2325Subscriber jankrb2210Black to move22 May '18 13:51InfoIn progress
Subscriber czewiske1376Subscriber bvinci2325White to move22 May '18 00:00InfoCheckmate (0-1)
Subscriber Apawnocalypse2026Subscriber bvinci2325White to move21 May '18 15:54InfoIn progress
Subscriber bvinci2325Subscriber Apawnocalypse2026Black to move21 May '18 15:53InfoIn progress
Subscriber bvinci2325Subscriber jheikki1838Black to move20 May '18 19:50InfoResigned (1-0)
Subscriber bvinci2325Subscriber MAURO SEMER1864Black to move20 May '18 04:42InfoIn progress
Subscriber takinitez0071812Subscriber bvinci2325White to move19 May '18 13:06InfoIn progress
Subscriber bvinci2325Subscriber takinitez0071812Black to move19 May '18 12:58InfoIn progress
Subscriber bvinci2325Subscriber jankrb2210White to move19 May '18 05:28InfoIn progress
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