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WhiteRatingBlackRatingNextLast MoveGame State
Subscriber bvinci2357Subscriber jankrb2172Black to move20 Feb '18 15:13InfoIn progress
Subscriber bvinci2357Subscriber bellafizz2414Black to move20 Feb '18 15:12InfoIn progress
Subscriber Bychan2108Subscriber bvinci2357White to move20 Feb '18 15:05InfoIn progress
Subscriber bvinci2357Subscriber ptriple421980Black to move20 Feb '18 12:11InfoIn progress
Subscriber ptriple421980Subscriber bvinci2357White to move20 Feb '18 12:08InfoIn progress
Subscriber bvinci2357Subscriber Farzad Farsee On Vacation1703Black to move20 Feb '18 11:52InfoIn progress
Subscriber Pattrick062194Subscriber bvinci2357White to move20 Feb '18 03:50InfoIn progress
Subscriber bvinci2357Subscriber kristjan1737Black to move20 Feb '18 03:49InfoIn progress
Subscriber bvinci2357Standard member mihai522420Black to move20 Feb '18 03:45InfoIn progress
Standard member mihai522420Subscriber bvinci2357White to move20 Feb '18 03:43InfoIn progress
Standard member jcozec1955Subscriber bvinci2357Black to move20 Feb '18 00:03InfoIn progress
Subscriber bvinci2357Standard member jcozec1955White to move19 Feb '18 23:59InfoIn progress
Subscriber bvinci2357Subscriber Pattrick062194White to move19 Feb '18 22:44InfoIn progress
Subscriber bvinci2357Subscriber vandervelde2037Black to move19 Feb '18 21:05InfoIn progress
Subscriber vandervelde2037Subscriber bvinci2357White to move19 Feb '18 21:02InfoIn progress
Subscriber bvinci2357Subscriber vandervelde2037Black to move19 Feb '18 21:01InfoIn progress
Subscriber vandervelde2037Subscriber bvinci2357White to move19 Feb '18 20:58InfoIn progress
Subscriber durienb1977Subscriber bvinci2357Black to move19 Feb '18 20:44InfoIn progress
Subscriber bvinci2357Subscriber durienb1977White to move19 Feb '18 20:44InfoIn progress
Subscriber czewiske1409Subscriber bvinci2357Black to move19 Feb '18 14:50InfoIn progress
Subscriber bvinci2357Subscriber cenerentola2558White to move19 Feb '18 07:34InfoIn progress
Subscriber bvinci2357Subscriber sbini1566White to move19 Feb '18 04:45InfoIn progress
Subscriber klopdisselboom1875Subscriber bvinci2357Black to move19 Feb '18 04:36InfoIn progress
Subscriber bvinci2357Standard member chessweh1715White to move19 Feb '18 04:23InfoIn progress
Standard member chessweh1715Subscriber bvinci2357Black to move19 Feb '18 04:20InfoIn progress
Subscriber alastair nicoll1549Subscriber bvinci2357White to move19 Feb '18 03:48InfoIn progress
Subscriber jankrb2172Subscriber bvinci2357Black to move18 Feb '18 19:44InfoIn progress
Subscriber taober1978Subscriber bvinci2357Black to move18 Feb '18 18:14InfoIn progress
Subscriber bvinci2357Subscriber taober1978White to move18 Feb '18 06:08InfoIn progress
Subscriber cenerentola2558Subscriber bvinci2357Black to move18 Feb '18 04:58InfoIn progress
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