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WhiteRatingBlackRatingNextLast MoveGame State
Subscriber red cloud1832Subscriber bvinci2324Black to move11 Dec '17 20:47InfoIn progress
Subscriber bvinci2324Subscriber vandervelde2004White to move11 Dec '17 20:30InfoIn progress
Subscriber bvinci2324Subscriber RikWb1464Black to move11 Dec '17 19:44InfoResigned (1-0)
Subscriber vandervelde2004Subscriber bvinci2324Black to move11 Dec '17 17:40InfoIn progress
Subscriber bvinci2324Subscriber cardinalal2125White to move11 Dec '17 14:32InfoIn progress
Subscriber BlontLeffedrinkerSr1961Subscriber bvinci2324Black to move11 Dec '17 13:55InfoIn progress
Subscriber bvinci2324Subscriber Ragwortonline On Vacation1986White to move10 Dec '17 23:15InfoIn progress
Subscriber Ragwortonline On Vacation1986Subscriber bvinci2324Black to move10 Dec '17 23:01InfoIn progress
Subscriber bvinci2324Subscriber red cloud1832White to move10 Dec '17 22:36InfoIn progress
Subscriber bvinci2324Subscriber pondskater2383White to move10 Dec '17 22:03InfoIn progress
Subscriber cardinalal2125Subscriber bvinci2324Black to move10 Dec '17 21:47InfoIn progress
Subscriber bvinci2324Subscriber jankrb2143White to move10 Dec '17 21:25InfoIn progress
Subscriber jankrb2143Subscriber bvinci2324Black to move10 Dec '17 21:24InfoIn progress
Subscriber klopdisselboom1895Subscriber bvinci2324Black to move10 Dec '17 21:14InfoIn progress
Subscriber bvinci2324Subscriber klopdisselboom1895White to move10 Dec '17 21:10InfoIn progress
Subscriber bvinci2324Subscriber cenerentola2581Black to move10 Dec '17 20:54InfoIn progress
Subscriber taober2003Subscriber bvinci2324White to move10 Dec '17 20:39InfoIn progress
Subscriber bvinci2324Subscriber taober2003Black to move10 Dec '17 20:39InfoIn progress
Subscriber ptriple421958Subscriber bvinci2324White to move10 Dec '17 20:11InfoIn progress
Subscriber bvinci2324Subscriber ptriple421958Black to move10 Dec '17 20:09InfoIn progress
Subscriber Libellule1479Subscriber bvinci2324Black to move10 Dec '17 12:14InfoIn progress
Subscriber bvinci2324Subscriber yrddraig2022White to move10 Dec '17 10:00InfoIn progress
Subscriber RikWb1464Subscriber bvinci2324Black to move10 Dec '17 08:51InfoIn progress
Subscriber yrddraig2022Subscriber bvinci2324Black to move10 Dec '17 07:46InfoIn progress
Standard member LarryEM152126Subscriber bvinci2324Black to move09 Dec '17 20:34InfoIn progress
Subscriber bvinci2324Subscriber 2adventonline1737White to move09 Dec '17 19:30InfoIn progress
Subscriber 2adventonline1737Subscriber bvinci2324Black to move09 Dec '17 19:26InfoIn progress
Subscriber daromott1834Subscriber bvinci2324Black to move09 Dec '17 18:05InfoIn progress
Subscriber alastair nicollonline1578Subscriber bvinci2324White to move09 Dec '17 13:54InfoIn progress
Subscriber bvinci2324Subscriber MAURO SEMER2005White to move08 Dec '17 22:43InfoIn progress
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