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WhiteRatingBlackRatingNextLast MoveGame State
Subscriber lbthree1542Subscriber NN Cheap2176Black to move18 Dec '17 12:38InfoIn progress
Subscriber NN Cheap2176Subscriber lbthree1542White to move18 Dec '17 12:37InfoIn progress
Subscriber LHaas791327Subscriber NN Cheap2176Black to move18 Dec '17 12:35InfoIn progress
Subscriber NN Cheap2176Subscriber LHaas791327White to move18 Dec '17 12:35InfoIn progress
Subscriber jd771520Subscriber NN Cheap2176White to move18 Dec '17 11:45InfoIn progress
Subscriber NN Cheap2176Subscriber jd771520Black to move18 Dec '17 11:44InfoIn progress
Subscriber jcspessanha1177Subscriber NN Cheap2176White to move18 Dec '17 11:41InfoIn progress
Subscriber NN Cheap2176Subscriber scrappie1914Black to move18 Dec '17 11:40InfoIn progress
Subscriber kirbythecat1713Subscriber NN Cheap2176White to move18 Dec '17 11:39InfoIn progress
Subscriber NN Cheap2176Subscriber kirbythecat1713Black to move18 Dec '17 11:39InfoIn progress
Subscriber NN Cheap2176Subscriber jcspessanha1177Black to move18 Dec '17 11:38InfoIn progress
Subscriber NoFriendsPete1432Subscriber NN Cheap2176White to move18 Dec '17 09:35InfoIn progress
Subscriber NN Cheap2176Subscriber NoFriendsPete1432Black to move18 Dec '17 09:34InfoIn progress
Subscriber Jack Bertram2111Subscriber NN Cheap2176Black to move18 Dec '17 08:54InfoIn progress
Subscriber Mydogspot1231Subscriber NN Cheap2176White to move18 Dec '17 08:13InfoIn progress
Subscriber NN Cheap2176Subscriber Mydogspot1231Black to move18 Dec '17 08:12InfoIn progress
Subscriber NN Cheap2176Subscriber texasnurse1281Black to move18 Dec '17 08:11InfoIn progress
Subscriber texasnurse1281Subscriber NN Cheap2176White to move18 Dec '17 08:11InfoIn progress
Subscriber cliff garoup1389Subscriber NN Cheap2176White to move18 Dec '17 08:10InfoIn progress
Subscriber bpermaculture1363Subscriber NN Cheap2176White to move18 Dec '17 08:05InfoIn progress
Subscriber NN Cheap2176Subscriber bpermaculture1363Black to move18 Dec '17 08:05InfoIn progress
Subscriber ol531575Subscriber NN Cheap2176White to move18 Dec '17 08:02InfoIn progress
Subscriber ViA1847Subscriber NN Cheap2176White to move18 Dec '17 08:01InfoIn progress
Subscriber vandervelde2016Subscriber NN Cheap2176Black to move18 Dec '17 02:14InfoIn progress
Subscriber NN Cheap2176Subscriber Zabi Jowshanonline1933White to move18 Dec '17 02:13InfoIn progress
Subscriber wizardschess1870Subscriber NN Cheap2176White to move18 Dec '17 00:40InfoIn progress
Subscriber NN Cheap2176Subscriber wizardschess1870Black to move18 Dec '17 00:39InfoIn progress
Subscriber Erekose2039Subscriber NN Cheap2176White to move18 Dec '17 00:37InfoIn progress
Subscriber Penguin3031543Subscriber NN Cheap2176White to move18 Dec '17 00:34InfoIn progress
Subscriber NN Cheap2176Subscriber kingquoble1139Black to move18 Dec '17 00:24InfoIn progress
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