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WhiteRatingBlackRatingNextLast MoveGame State
Subscriber NN Cheap2151Subscriber coquette1382Black to move19 Sep '18 01:26InfoIn progress
Standard member phani271984Subscriber NN Cheap2151White to move18 Sep '18 23:07InfoIn progress
Subscriber Will Korstanje1423Subscriber NN Cheap2151White to move18 Sep '18 22:56InfoIn progress
Subscriber NN Cheap2151Subscriber Will Korstanje1423Black to move18 Sep '18 22:56InfoIn progress
Subscriber bttnpshrx1326Subscriber NN Cheap2151White to move18 Sep '18 22:54InfoIn progress
Subscriber MAN O WAR1795Subscriber NN Cheap2151White to move18 Sep '18 20:26InfoIn progress
Subscriber NN Cheap2151Subscriber MAN O WAR1795Black to move18 Sep '18 20:26InfoIn progress
Subscriber jankrb1996Subscriber NN Cheap2151White to move18 Sep '18 14:06InfoIn progress
Subscriber NN Cheap2151Subscriber jankrb1996Black to move18 Sep '18 14:05InfoIn progress
Subscriber Busman1829Subscriber NN Cheap2151White to move18 Sep '18 10:31InfoIn progress
Subscriber kirbythecat1616Subscriber NN Cheap2151White to move18 Sep '18 07:38InfoIn progress
Subscriber NN Cheap2151Subscriber kirbythecat1616Black to move18 Sep '18 07:37InfoIn progress
Subscriber NN Cheap2151Subscriber andrew12zy1177Black to move18 Sep '18 07:33InfoIn progress
Subscriber NN Cheap2151Subscriber bttnpshrx1326Black to move17 Sep '18 23:08InfoCheckmate (1-0)
Subscriber adalia bipunctata1318Subscriber NN Cheap2151White to move17 Sep '18 18:56InfoIn progress
Subscriber NN Cheap2151Subscriber John Hadley1876Black to move17 Sep '18 18:55InfoIn progress
Subscriber afcacbs2192Subscriber NN Cheap2151Black to move17 Sep '18 00:40InfoResigned (1-0)
Subscriber NN Cheap2151Subscriber Jack Bertram2030White to move16 Sep '18 13:44InfoIn progress
Subscriber NN Cheap2151Standard member phani271984White to move16 Sep '18 06:37InfoIn progress
Subscriber funkydunky711990Subscriber NN Cheap2151White to move16 Sep '18 00:54InfoIn progress
Subscriber NN Cheap2151Subscriber adalia bipunctata1318Black to move15 Sep '18 23:29InfoIn progress
Subscriber NN Cheap2151Subscriber funkydunky711990Black to move15 Sep '18 20:57InfoIn progress
Subscriber NN Cheap2151Standard member Mark C Marshall1895Black to move15 Sep '18 20:57InfoIn progress
Subscriber NN Cheap2151Subscriber Busman1829Black to move15 Sep '18 10:58InfoIn progress
Subscriber mghrn551616Subscriber NN Cheap2151White to move15 Sep '18 07:54InfoIn progress
Subscriber NN Cheap2151Subscriber mghrn551616Black to move15 Sep '18 07:54InfoIn progress
Subscriber NN Cheap2151Subscriber blue birdonline1739Black to move15 Sep '18 07:47InfoIn progress
Subscriber Imnotkasparov1762Subscriber NN Cheap2151White to move15 Sep '18 07:45InfoIn progress
Subscriber NN Cheap2151Subscriber Imnotkasparov1762White to move15 Sep '18 02:48InfoIn progress
Subscriber hellpudding2094Subscriber NN Cheap2151Black to move14 Sep '18 22:27InfoIn progress
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