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WhiteRatingBlackRatingNextLast MoveGame State
Standard member gibbsyonline1163Standard member Jeff Lackeyonline1281White to move16 Jul '18 02:55InfoIn progress
Standard member gibbsyonline1163Standard member lisapw1842Black to move16 Jul '18 02:02InfoIn progress
Standard member gibbsyonline1163Standard member Wurzal1171Black to move16 Jul '18 00:05InfoIn progress
Standard member gibbsyonline1163Standard member mmule1237Black to move15 Jul '18 23:39InfoIn progress
Standard member gibbsyonline1163Standard member Tomáš Žatko - školap 1361Black to move15 Jul '18 23:38InfoIn progress
Standard member gibbsyonline1163Standard member obalp 1282Black to move15 Jul '18 23:37InfoIn progress
Standard member gibbsyonline1163Subscriber tamperman1194Black to move15 Jul '18 23:37InfoIn progress
Standard member Shaun de Villiers1155Standard member gibbsyonline1163White to move15 Jul '18 23:16InfoIn progress
Standard member Willem Podtp 1200Standard member gibbsyonline1163White to move15 Jul '18 23:15InfoIn progress
Standard member lisapw1842Standard member gibbsyonline1163White to move15 Jul '18 02:03InfoCheckmate (0-1)
Standard member unclelarryp 1158Standard member gibbsyonline1163White to move14 Jul '18 01:40InfoIn progress
Standard member Dariofozzp 1020Standard member gibbsyonline1163White to move14 Jul '18 01:06InfoIn progress
Standard member gibbsyonline1163Standard member Shaun de Villiers1155White to move11 Jul '18 07:56InfoGame drawn
Standard member gibbsyonline1163Subscriber adixon10001254White to move11 Jul '18 06:15InfoCheckmate (0-1)
Standard member gibbsyonline1163Subscriber Raampje x1206White to move10 Jul '18 09:33InfoResigned (0-1)
Standard member ShagleRockp 1133Standard member gibbsyonline1163White to move09 Jul '18 10:53InfoTimeout (0-1)
Standard member gibbsyonline1163Standard member Jeff Lackeyonline1281Black to move09 Jul '18 00:50InfoCheckmate (1-0)
Subscriber fogie On Vacation1217Standard member gibbsyonline1163White to move06 Jul '18 22:57InfoIn progress
Standard member gibbsyonline1163Standard member Wurzal1171White to move05 Jul '18 10:05InfoCheckmate (0-1)
Standard member Tomáš Žatko - školap 1361Standard member gibbsyonline1163Black to move05 Jul '18 06:06InfoCheckmate (1-0)
Standard member mmule1237Standard member gibbsyonline1163White to move05 Jul '18 05:45InfoTimeout (0-1)
Standard member gibbsyonline1163Standard member unclelarryp 1158Black to move05 Jul '18 05:02InfoTimeout (1-0)
Standard member lisapw1842Standard member gibbsyonline1163White to move04 Jul '18 23:16InfoCheckmate (0-1)
Standard member Sledge011247Standard member gibbsyonline1163Black to move03 Jul '18 09:27InfoResigned (1-0)
Standard member gibbsyonline1163Standard member Justin Sousa1163Black to move01 Jul '18 04:26InfoTimeout (1-0)
Standard member puhitaewa1284Standard member gibbsyonline1163Black to move29 Jun '18 05:00InfoCheckmate (1-0)
Standard member mmule1237Standard member gibbsyonline1163White to move28 Jun '18 23:21InfoTimeout (0-1)
Standard member gehidore1091Standard member gibbsyonline1163White to move28 Jun '18 04:06InfoResigned (0-1)
Standard member gibbsyonline1163Standard member lisapw1842Black to move27 Jun '18 01:36InfoCheckmate (1-0)
Standard member Shaun de Villiers1155Standard member gibbsyonline1163White to move27 Jun '18 00:39InfoCheckmate (0-1)
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