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WhiteRatingBlackRatingNextLast MoveGame State
Subscriber catnap6421071Standard member monty6271944White to move24 Jun '18 09:06InfoIn progress
Standard member L.A Womanonline1140Subscriber catnap6421071Black to move24 Jun '18 08:34InfoIn progress
Standard member stillrocking1033Subscriber catnap6421071Black to move24 Jun '18 08:01InfoIn progress
Subscriber catnap6421071Standard member Brano Breznicky1010White to move24 Jun '18 08:00InfoIn progress
Standard member Unicorn943Subscriber catnap6421071Black to move24 Jun '18 07:54InfoIn progress
Standard member baruch1014Subscriber catnap6421071Black to move24 Jun '18 07:23InfoIn progress
Subscriber catnap6421071Standard member MutantGoldfish1044White to move24 Jun '18 07:23InfoIn progress
Standard member Nathan B1051Subscriber catnap6421071Black to move24 Jun '18 06:32InfoIn progress
Subscriber catnap6421071Standard member bestey1040White to move24 Jun '18 06:32InfoIn progress
Subscriber catnap6421071Subscriber milmark1188White to move24 Jun '18 06:20InfoIn progress
Standard member Mindmanager1014Subscriber catnap6421071Black to move24 Jun '18 04:53InfoIn progress
Standard member Foggy10001115Subscriber catnap6421071Black to move24 Jun '18 03:50InfoIn progress
Standard member precious2sea952Subscriber catnap6421071Black to move24 Jun '18 02:24InfoIn progress
Standard member earfer951Subscriber catnap6421071Black to move24 Jun '18 01:48InfoIn progress
Subscriber Kewpieonline961Subscriber catnap6421071Black to move24 Jun '18 01:34InfoIn progress
Standard member Banzai1025Subscriber catnap6421071Black to move24 Jun '18 01:34InfoIn progress
Subscriber catnap6421071Standard member comfy cheap sofa1030Black to move24 Jun '18 01:31InfoIn progress
Standard member MartinB2751067Subscriber catnap6421071White to move23 Jun '18 23:53InfoIn progress
Subscriber catnap6421071Standard member Seudin Šahat904Black to move23 Jun '18 23:52InfoIn progress
Subscriber catnap6421071Subscriber Fransie1216Black to move23 Jun '18 23:50InfoIn progress
Subscriber mark61883Subscriber catnap6421071White to move23 Jun '18 20:28InfoCheckmate (0-1)
Subscriber catnap6421071Subscriber bohemia51online1401White to move23 Jun '18 15:08InfoIn progress
Standard member mossiegrinder966Subscriber catnap6421071White to move23 Jun '18 11:55InfoTimeout (0-1)
Subscriber catnap6421071Subscriber eagleswing1187White to move23 Jun '18 01:33InfoIn progress
Subscriber catnap6421071Subscriber lstcyronline1051White to move23 Jun '18 00:57InfoIn progress
Subscriber lstcyronline1051Subscriber catnap6421071Black to move23 Jun '18 00:56InfoIn progress
Subscriber catnap6421071Standard member tyzack1117White to move23 Jun '18 00:43InfoIn progress
Subscriber catnap6421071Standard member Endorphin994White to move23 Jun '18 00:21InfoIn progress
Standard member Soliduss1114Subscriber catnap6421071White to move22 Jun '18 23:35InfoIn progress
Standard member nauarxos1071Subscriber catnap6421071Black to move22 Jun '18 23:04InfoCheckmate (1-0)
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