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WhiteRatingBlackRatingNextLast MoveGame State
Standard member Heath Garr1098Subscriber catnap6421023Black to move22 Sep '18 14:36InfoIn progress
Subscriber catnap6421023Standard member Heath Garr1098White to move22 Sep '18 14:35InfoIn progress
Subscriber catnap6421023Standard member RMEof11127White to move22 Sep '18 14:32InfoIn progress
Subscriber catnap6421023Standard member monty6271916White to move22 Sep '18 14:27InfoIn progress
Standard member Mary Visconti986Subscriber catnap6421023Black to move22 Sep '18 13:35InfoCheckmate (1-0)
Subscriber catnap6421023Standard member Homer19621103White to move22 Sep '18 12:54InfoIn progress
Standard member kingu1024Subscriber catnap6421023White to move22 Sep '18 10:52InfoIn progress
Standard member monarbid878Subscriber catnap6421023White to move22 Sep '18 09:12InfoIn progress
Standard member Nazif Gljiva908Subscriber catnap6421023Black to move22 Sep '18 07:17InfoIn progress
Subscriber xinebbsa1358Subscriber catnap6421023Black to move22 Sep '18 07:05InfoIn progress
Subscriber lstcyr1025Subscriber catnap6421023Black to move22 Sep '18 03:47InfoIn progress
Subscriber catnap6421023Standard member Tylya982White to move22 Sep '18 02:34InfoIn progress
Subscriber mister moggy855Subscriber catnap6421023Black to move22 Sep '18 02:02InfoIn progress
Standard member MartinB2751069Subscriber catnap6421023White to move22 Sep '18 00:47InfoIn progress
Subscriber catnap6421023Standard member Bart Foster 21102Black to move22 Sep '18 00:20InfoIn progress
Subscriber catnap6421023Standard member Eric969X1056White to move21 Sep '18 23:59InfoIn progress
Subscriber catnap6421023Standard member Gifford Peché1020White to move21 Sep '18 23:36InfoIn progress
Standard member FrankBruno756Subscriber catnap6421023Black to move21 Sep '18 22:25InfoIn progress
Standard member aledkinskywalker1032Subscriber catnap6421023Black to move21 Sep '18 22:06InfoIn progress
Subscriber catnap6421023Standard member mr buffaloo1021White to move21 Sep '18 21:24InfoIn progress
Subscriber milmark1177Subscriber catnap6421023White to move21 Sep '18 21:05InfoIn progress
Standard member mr buffaloo1021Subscriber catnap6421023Black to move21 Sep '18 19:47InfoIn progress
Subscriber catnap6421023Standard member Banzai915White to move21 Sep '18 18:04InfoIn progress
Subscriber catnap6421023Standard member mizutama1103White to move21 Sep '18 11:42InfoIn progress
Subscriber catnap6421023Standard member Fransieonline1270White to move21 Sep '18 10:10InfoIn progress
Subscriber catnap6421023Standard member johabonline1113White to move21 Sep '18 08:58InfoCheckmate (0-1)
Standard member Alan O'Dea929Subscriber catnap6421023White to move21 Sep '18 01:06InfoTimeout (0-1)
Subscriber catnap6421023Standard member tyzack1066White to move20 Sep '18 23:36InfoIn progress
Subscriber catnap6421023Subscriber Robert Fenwick May Jr.1037Black to move20 Sep '18 22:30InfoIn progress
Subscriber catnap6421023Subscriber mark61868White to move20 Sep '18 16:17InfoIn progress
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