NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard membercplcpl2078608509227712 Apr '24 11:35Challenge Player
Standard memberFabioMouraFe179135331112 Apr '24 11:04Challenge Player
Standard memberGesatop1200303006 Apr '24 00:26Challenge Player
Standard memberKronnosp1200101005 Apr '24 22:35Challenge Player
Standard memberbarnabe94923320003 Apr '24 12:36Challenge Player
Subscriberdagobertocoimbra16353391901183101 Apr '24 20:37Challenge Player
Standard memberkapjek143218358939043830 Mar '24 05:36Challenge Player
Standard memberSnebur197465603226 Mar '24 10:44Challenge Player
Standard memberGlendhap107327027015 Mar '24 23:46Challenge Player
Standard memberfelipesqrap1200404010 Mar '24 09:40Challenge Player
Standard memberVitaometal81822121011 Feb '24 20:39Challenge Player
Standard memberMaximusGamesp1200101003 Jan '24 22:22Challenge Player
Standard memberKayserp1200211014 Dec '23 19:11Challenge Player
Standard memberPingaKureijip1200101014 Dec '23 19:10Challenge Player
Standard memberUlisses Moura183163558008 Dec '23 17:30Challenge Player
Standard memberchessguardsp1200202025 Nov '23 16:06Challenge Player
Standard memberkkkrasher155329280120 Nov '23 09:54Challenge Player
Standard memberPedro Soldanip1200101011 Nov '23 01:02Challenge Player
Standard memberTryAndTryAgainp1200101008 Nov '23 16:33Challenge Player
Standard memberbeneditojyr156621114623 Oct '23 16:38Challenge Player
Standard memberresguardsp66613013023 Oct '23 11:47Challenge Player
Standard memberSimbaAllInp1200000023 Oct '23 01:45Challenge Player
Standard memberDIRCEU CLETO JUNIORp1200000015 Oct '23 13:53Challenge Player
Standard memberPhelipep1200000012 Sep '23 14:56Challenge Player
Standard membersilviahelenap1200000007 Sep '23 00:20Challenge Player
Standard membernewpiecesp1200303019 Aug '23 10:42Challenge Player
Standard memberJrobertos1968170114510043203 Aug '23 02:19Challenge Player
Standard memberRoberto1701p171917151102 Aug '23 12:03Challenge Player
Standard memberjuliommc142521147029 Jul '23 00:00Challenge Player
Standard memberJRobertop1732871023 Jul '23 09:47Challenge Player
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