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Chess Player Directory for Bulgaria

Chess Player Directory for Bulgaria

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard member dss1461552323923 Jun '18 16:16Challenge Player
Standard member BOBI199112188364273832623 Jun '18 15:16Challenge Player
Standard member I will try14273301721401823 Jun '18 13:59Challenge Player
Standard member jaguarbg16209633225608123 Jun '18 11:06Challenge Player
Standard member bako8614734302831321523 Jun '18 10:58Challenge Player
Standard member vl11115595682323082823 Jun '18 10:25Challenge Player
Standard member vancho13621327257323 Jun '18 04:30Challenge Player
Standard member mandarine184715959762423 Jun '18 04:01Challenge Player
Subscriber carlspring99817186741037722 Jun '18 22:31Challenge Player
Standard member venci2139217169103822 Jun '18 19:40Challenge Player
Standard member NikChes2146256194372522 Jun '18 13:49Challenge Player
Subscriber george19552353217145185421 Jun '18 16:28Challenge Player
Standard member kromanyon16592571281131621 Jun '18 08:37Challenge Player
Standard member Zaynelov1553198116622021 Jun '18 03:28Challenge Player
Standard member BGmaster1891378308383216 Jun '18 16:32Challenge Player
Standard member Chopard1823268222281816 Jun '18 09:09Challenge Player
Standard member aleskov1832334263373416 Jun '18 08:59Challenge Player
Standard member Pishman1973213187101603 Jun '18 18:47Challenge Player
Standard member The unreal17906653682465120 May '18 12:52Challenge Player
Standard member nikopanov15236222843053326 Apr '18 13:20Challenge Player
Standard member benchmark15507983424015514 Apr '18 13:37Challenge Player
Standard member Vankata13251397662121 Mar '18 18:51Challenge Player
Standard member tigero150821212777801 Mar '18 22:43Challenge Player
Standard member kochev14351036337312 Feb '18 07:32Challenge Player
Standard member kal79156759783490190158711 Feb '18 18:10Challenge Player
Standard member gengata142910314925003915 Dec '17 13:19Challenge Player
Standard member emil92161414833744219 Aug '17 13:34Challenge Player
Standard member Gorov1661473512024 Jun '17 16:42Challenge Player
Standard member geopard210279667620 May '17 00:37Challenge Player
Standard member Sith Killer13076682873166507 May '17 05:47Challenge Player

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