NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard membert25online16043709208896465719 Oct '21 20:55Challenge Player
Standard memberSmittyTimeonline137331641268177711919 Oct '21 20:55Challenge Player
Subscribergolddog2online144049002284244816819 Oct '21 20:54Challenge Player
Standard memberWillieNelsononline145228321483110724219 Oct '21 20:54Challenge Player
Standard memberJean Luc Aonline149525922235219 Oct '21 20:54Challenge Player
SubscriberSanjay Gupta 2online125318498949094619 Oct '21 20:53Challenge Player
Standard memberwhiteknightonline8721034162019 Oct '21 20:53Challenge Player
Standard memberGruntiesonline185886746730010019 Oct '21 20:53Challenge Player
Standard memberhrkvconline130539541886195011819 Oct '21 20:52Challenge Player
Standard memberHeadsupMateonline220015413181519 Oct '21 20:51Challenge Player
Standard memberspringsunonline13802122132368511419 Oct '21 20:50Challenge Player
Standard member1972Mapleleafsonline15015633382052019 Oct '21 20:49Challenge Player
Subscribermghrn55online185144652858114845919 Oct '21 20:49Challenge Player
Subscriberjuilioonline142517108058287719 Oct '21 20:49Challenge Player
Subscriberwidgetonline103374633397391415219 Oct '21 20:47Challenge Player
Standard memberWalter Fredricksononline10941045546319 Oct '21 20:47Challenge Player
SubscriberTorrey13912936163212455919 Oct '21 20:45Challenge Player
SubscriberOsbert of Arden1587205988689827519 Oct '21 20:44Challenge Player
Standard memberriedlhuber14117813903632819 Oct '21 20:43Challenge Player
SubscriberVery Rusty12801359671265398107219 Oct '21 20:43Challenge Player
SubscriberThe Dark Knight 777138734711622172412519 Oct '21 20:43Challenge Player
Standard memberzeno631030621640619 Oct '21 20:43Challenge Player
Standard memberDarryl McKenzie129412515705948719 Oct '21 20:41Challenge Player
SubscriberScott614915255453271843419 Oct '21 20:40Challenge Player
Standard memberPeter1271p10761537519 Oct '21 20:39Challenge Player
Subscriberinukjuak153690204187407376019 Oct '21 20:37Challenge Player
Subscriberlaurence c121250112343232534319 Oct '21 20:36Challenge Player
SubscriberFlammon149616107048347219 Oct '21 20:36Challenge Player
Standard memberHarry Kemp1206312010119 Oct '21 20:36Challenge Player
Standard memberHelen Spangenberg93732923019 Oct '21 20:36Challenge Player
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