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Chess Player Directory for Canada

Chess Player Directory for Canada

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard member Tywaonline925205549615332621 Aug '18 09:39Challenge Player
Standard member Chollywoodonline12882534122212357721 Aug '18 09:39Challenge Player
Standard member agent33online1261124946468410121 Aug '18 09:38Challenge Player
Subscriber wsossin2117125979533912521 Aug '18 09:32Challenge Player
Standard member DanyDuck12537284402583021 Aug '18 09:16Challenge Player
Subscriber mischas167142141950202623821 Aug '18 09:16Challenge Player
Standard member inukjuak145981883790370569321 Aug '18 09:11Challenge Player
Subscriber krugerand170130931954100713221 Aug '18 08:59Challenge Player
Standard member okcorral1092963658221 Aug '18 08:49Challenge Player
Standard member badbrad5686726371190221 Aug '18 08:30Challenge Player
Standard member Trek1st145711598552752921 Aug '18 08:28Challenge Player
Standard member brianwc7516823862471182121 Aug '18 07:48Challenge Player
Standard member scottparks13703861981691921 Aug '18 07:19Challenge Player
Subscriber hrkvc13222897139414198421 Aug '18 07:08Challenge Player
Standard member dlindberg10691444393821 Aug '18 07:06Challenge Player
Standard member Petros1534487229249921 Aug '18 07:03Challenge Player
Standard member joeforking16348494583385321 Aug '18 06:57Challenge Player
Standard member pionfou12875592063332021 Aug '18 06:47Challenge Player
Standard member Osbert of Arden1519141661661818221 Aug '18 06:46Challenge Player
Standard member joe _mc_dankp 1200404021 Aug '18 06:34Challenge Player
Subscriber mghrn55167440492637100540721 Aug '18 06:31Challenge Player
Standard member RobertGoulet13065452892391721 Aug '18 06:21Challenge Player
Standard member davidwood12176352583552221 Aug '18 06:10Challenge Player
Standard member knightmasterbc14738714793454721 Aug '18 06:09Challenge Player
Standard member Fulcanelli9414221252544321 Aug '18 06:06Challenge Player
Standard member Gord Vass122030391479144711321 Aug '18 06:05Challenge Player
Standard member paulusbos1138712842121 Aug '18 06:04Challenge Player
Standard member John Enoch Prosser166137333121 Aug '18 06:01Challenge Player
Subscriber Sanjay Gupta 212975673092461221 Aug '18 05:48Challenge Player
Standard member DeltaSquare155979633134412121 Aug '18 05:31Challenge Player

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