NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Subscriberdinc168136230097833920744101422 Jan '22 04:16Challenge Player
Subscriberlaurence conline118452502444244636022 Jan '22 04:15Challenge Player
Standard memberbrianwc75online15624442821382422 Jan '22 04:15Challenge Player
Standard memberchesstononline1080400250142822 Jan '22 04:14Challenge Player
SubscriberOsbert of Ardenonline1580211892091828022 Jan '22 04:14Challenge Player
Standard memberMaxBoonline9781385480422 Jan '22 04:13Challenge Player
Standard memberBCGrizzlyBearonline9611253886122 Jan '22 04:13Challenge Player
Standard memberfarjeronline80676765422 Jan '22 04:12Challenge Player
Standard memberPudgeonline1199795518622 Jan '22 04:11Challenge Player
Standard memberTat-Liang Cheamonline108621712222 Jan '22 04:11Challenge Player
Standard memberpichura1670354231952822 Jan '22 04:10Challenge Player
Standard memberCormac Flynnonline1164803940122 Jan '22 04:08Challenge Player
Standard memberGruntiesonline1870107062633111322 Jan '22 04:07Challenge Player
Standard memberKalip1200404022 Jan '22 04:04Challenge Player
Standard memberMatthewSuzukip153417133122 Jan '22 04:04Challenge Player
Standard memberGord Vass123132281575153411922 Jan '22 04:04Challenge Player
Standard membermnkossp12001027122 Jan '22 04:03Challenge Player
Standard memberJean Luc A139433528545522 Jan '22 04:02Challenge Player
Standard memberMarechal1265230691501122 Jan '22 04:01Challenge Player
Standard memberThedutchman126113126286701422 Jan '22 04:01Challenge Player
Standard membermikedickman126432625269522 Jan '22 03:59Challenge Player
Standard memberSpud651061291215222 Jan '22 03:58Challenge Player
SubscriberFzek471326279142131622 Jan '22 03:56Challenge Player
Standard membergmacd1829713661371522 Jan '22 03:55Challenge Player
Standard memberpiersm13573781981691122 Jan '22 03:55Challenge Player
Standard memberChris Davies1150391126222 Jan '22 03:50Challenge Player
Standard membermikesalami1349210570113564822 Jan '22 03:49Challenge Player
Standard memberRobertV1963112915138796122222 Jan '22 03:49Challenge Player
Standard memberMcKyla1280177690276011422 Jan '22 03:48Challenge Player
Standard memberPaddlesp1200632122 Jan '22 03:47Challenge Player
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