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Chess Player Directory for Canada

Chess Player Directory for Canada

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Subscriber kristjanonline163060173332225543018 Jun '18 07:37Challenge Player
Standard member agent33121212234536719918 Jun '18 07:28Challenge Player
Standard member mirror warrior11507823643694918 Jun '18 07:26Challenge Player
Standard member Petros1484482224249918 Jun '18 07:23Challenge Player
Standard member bot 616063481781591118 Jun '18 06:46Challenge Player
Standard member tarmac soul12491446776118 Jun '18 06:38Challenge Player
Standard member paulusbos1112431527118 Jun '18 06:37Challenge Player
Subscriber Apawnocalypse2045255820304299918 Jun '18 06:36Challenge Player
Subscriber larry the lick90113464149181418 Jun '18 06:22Challenge Player
Standard member badbrad5693324671173218 Jun '18 06:18Challenge Player
Standard member mike walker16646292323138418 Jun '18 06:16Challenge Player
Subscriber Sanjay Gupta 212975212802301118 Jun '18 06:16Challenge Player
Standard member Ian C Gower87631480231318 Jun '18 06:13Challenge Player
Standard member Osbert of Arden1454138259960717618 Jun '18 06:08Challenge Player
Subscriber durienb20182085149544514518 Jun '18 05:45Challenge Player
Standard member Toyota114061158924218 Jun '18 05:41Challenge Player
Standard member Eviant51213144801832821518 Jun '18 05:38Challenge Player
Standard member Fulcanelli9544061162474318 Jun '18 05:37Challenge Player
Standard member Lukavich151245321567268627918 Jun '18 05:33Challenge Player
Standard member DeltaSquare169676732232711818 Jun '18 05:32Challenge Player
Standard member Gord Vass121530331477144411218 Jun '18 05:27Challenge Player
Subscriber mischas163141891938201623518 Jun '18 05:25Challenge Player
Standard member Einhard12268573335061818 Jun '18 05:19Challenge Player
Standard member Big Show10289023385451918 Jun '18 05:14Challenge Player
Standard member davidwood12576262553492218 Jun '18 05:12Challenge Player
Standard member Taiwanfootballer7911295176218 Jun '18 05:02Challenge Player
Standard member brosy10175392402881118 Jun '18 04:58Challenge Player
Subscriber dinc16811241908558571256466418 Jun '18 04:58Challenge Player
Standard member ninjaboot2312738413824372218 Jun '18 04:57Challenge Player
Subscriber Zenic153462733379262327118 Jun '18 04:55Challenge Player

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