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Chess Player Directory for Canada

Chess Player Directory for Canada

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Subscriber AttilaTheHorn1668122858679288572119 Aug '17 16:42Challenge Player
Subscriber Lord Nelsononline158317638838285219 Aug '17 16:42Challenge Player
Subscriber dinc168online1387151154775986647419 Aug '17 16:42Challenge Player
Standard member Blavenonline133310806164333119 Aug '17 16:42Challenge Player
Standard member palmer45online120011355005963919 Aug '17 16:41Challenge Player
Subscriber dixondoonline13873701711673219 Aug '17 16:40Challenge Player
Standard member IloveRedwineonline14161738183919 Aug '17 16:40Challenge Player
Standard member Timid weakling10484361862252519 Aug '17 16:40Challenge Player
Subscriber Robert Hustononline1295713628719 Aug '17 16:37Challenge Player
Subscriber achile444online7117681176312019 Aug '17 16:36Challenge Player
Standard member Black Ravenonline13212921461291719 Aug '17 16:36Challenge Player
Standard member arifkhanonline13807163543382419 Aug '17 16:34Challenge Player
Standard member Don Nantais10195952123463719 Aug '17 16:31Challenge Player
Standard member Tim Bourguignon1707144101271619 Aug '17 16:27Challenge Player
Standard member Razorsharp161115829106195319 Aug '17 16:26Challenge Player
Standard member Tywa1055180745413292419 Aug '17 16:26Challenge Player
Subscriber Flea1214212600121813077519 Aug '17 16:26Challenge Player
Standard member Aldo Chiolap 1200101019 Aug '17 16:25Challenge Player
Subscriber larry the lick92311003647251119 Aug '17 16:24Challenge Player
Standard member t2517922388138755444719 Aug '17 16:23Challenge Player
Standard member Lukavich152136591248219421719 Aug '17 16:22Challenge Player
Standard member Flammon149712335506305319 Aug '17 16:17Challenge Player
Standard member bobxx74p 104216016019 Aug '17 16:15Challenge Player
Standard member Chollywood12382323113511226619 Aug '17 16:15Challenge Player
Standard member somemightsay159915510445619 Aug '17 16:14Challenge Player
Subscriber dirtysniper1113130260653715919 Aug '17 16:13Challenge Player
Standard member Dust196476462755019 Aug '17 16:13Challenge Player
Subscriber Bill Huot12005972613251119 Aug '17 16:07Challenge Player
Standard member lelloyd14067544033183319 Aug '17 16:03Challenge Player
Subscriber Shiva112715417617483219 Aug '17 16:02Challenge Player

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