NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
SubscriberGreat Big Stees61142181053305511003 Feb '23 13:16Challenge Player
SubscriberScott6149online140710035783497603 Feb '23 13:16Challenge Player
Subscriberinukjuakonline154692824309419178203 Feb '23 13:14Challenge Player
Standard memberRnt Olvronline10711225663303 Feb '23 13:13Challenge Player
Standard memberTars Tarkasonline14323821911692203 Feb '23 13:11Challenge Player
Standard memberKidColtOutlawonline154516010355203 Feb '23 13:11Challenge Player
Subscribermarcelocoimbra13703441571691803 Feb '23 13:10Challenge Player
Standard memberIan C Goweronline893567115447503 Feb '23 13:07Challenge Player
Standard memberlittlepawn30online1939509446342903 Feb '23 13:07Challenge Player
Standard memberGerv996529824351203 Feb '23 13:03Challenge Player
Standard memberRobertV1963121316179376572303 Feb '23 12:59Challenge Player
Standard memberGhe Ptz17489144774102703 Feb '23 12:56Challenge Player
Subscriberpatatechialeuse142110056403244103 Feb '23 12:56Challenge Player
Subscriberstewie9111366725711403 Feb '23 12:54Challenge Player
SubscriberBobla4517141698697036028125503 Feb '23 12:52Challenge Player
Standard memberRobb76134911616434962203 Feb '23 12:52Challenge Player
Standard memberSun of Nail114814365798104703 Feb '23 12:52Challenge Player
Standard memberle prof153839334203 Feb '23 12:47Challenge Player
Standard memberSynHeme18125975961003 Feb '23 12:45Challenge Player
Standard memberRichKhoury148111668752672403 Feb '23 12:44Challenge Player
Standard memberminnekeer11076257198315088003 Feb '23 12:43Challenge Player
Standard memberTheDarkCanuck1561432811403 Feb '23 12:43Challenge Player
Standard memberLa puce91418710172503 Feb '23 12:42Challenge Player
Standard memberWoodpusher7517761076034403 Feb '23 12:37Challenge Player
Standard memberJean Vanderley107111725346063203 Feb '23 12:37Challenge Player
Standard membermarinier391266264187661103 Feb '23 12:35Challenge Player
SubscriberBerniedrummond144943012036201025503 Feb '23 12:32Challenge Player
SubscriberAfloatCa13642671451101203 Feb '23 12:30Challenge Player
SubscriberkNIGHTHEAD15982659150597018403 Feb '23 12:29Challenge Player
Standard memberduraphil113311066736303 Feb '23 12:27Challenge Player
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