Cape Verde

NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard membermiriadep1200110028 Aug '11 22:27Challenge Player
Standard memberfeisty24p1200101028 Aug '11 22:24Challenge Player
Standard memberRamosOto1043621843107 Jul '11 10:25Challenge Player
Standard memberReicandyp976909028 Nov '10 05:16Challenge Player
Standard membernaturegirl1630p1200202020 Oct '10 05:15Challenge Player
Standard membercyanrhapsody1585603028209 Aug '10 04:05Challenge Player
Standard memberlad123p1200303007 Jul '10 18:38Challenge Player
Standard memberzorbert6989639335104 Oct '09 21:32Challenge Player
Standard memberCaroline8p1200660009 Aug '09 00:59Challenge Player
Standard memberNajmusp1200101005 Apr '09 04:38Challenge Player
Standard membernochenta98017545127324 Dec '08 00:40Challenge Player
Standard memberSeriousJackp1200101008 Dec '08 23:02Challenge Player
Standard membervalter111253492820118 Jan '08 12:28Challenge Player
Standard memberduka2001p1200110029 May '07 17:15Challenge Player
Standard memberguyq14p899909025 Apr '07 22:08Challenge Player
Standard memberBlaise44p1200404025 Mar '07 18:37Challenge Player
Standard memberManuelito1301372116028 Dec '06 20:20Challenge Player
Standard memberjumbojoxp1200202006 Dec '06 04:56Challenge Player
Standard memberJaymes91591p1200101013 Jun '06 13:58Challenge Player
Standard membermadzer7p1200202001 Jun '06 23:44Challenge Player
Standard memberleaop1200101026 Sep '05 00:40Challenge Player
Standard membergrant playerp1200202013 Jan '05 16:14Challenge Player
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