NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard memberenrikeq127914525948184021 Jan '22 02:18Challenge Player
Standard memberacastano129811905705764421 Jan '22 01:28Challenge Player
Standard memberbeto15243391461613221 Jan '22 00:34Challenge Player
Standard memberagmm19851422299136154921 Jan '22 00:01Challenge Player
Standard memberDiego Blanco15398105682093320 Jan '22 22:32Challenge Player
Standard memberGruve169549172873156248220 Jan '22 22:16Challenge Player
Standard memberGoldenKnight101147342014020 Jan '22 21:34Challenge Player
Subscriberrperez22029575983045520 Jan '22 21:33Challenge Player
Standard membersmquijano10987313293762620 Jan '22 20:21Challenge Player
Standard memberjemorales12767593183934820 Jan '22 17:47Challenge Player
Standard memberjorgeespagnol1624247124982520 Jan '22 12:38Challenge Player
Standard memberantonio spagnol15316633032837719 Jan '22 11:59Challenge Player
Standard membercachor9914733451261893009 Jan '22 05:16Challenge Player
Standard memberValentinmolina135817996641909 Jan '22 02:18Challenge Player
Standard memberLaniakea99p1200101010 Nov '21 02:25Challenge Player
Standard memberCoco78p1200101005 Nov '21 20:50Challenge Player
Standard memberchesser76p1200000001 Nov '21 04:14Challenge Player
Standard memberTony Onep1200211016 Oct '21 15:01Challenge Player
Standard memberEsnethp12761257005 Oct '21 23:32Challenge Player
Standard memberTomas195113062711451151119 Sep '21 22:38Challenge Player
Standard memberFredy Giraldo11255632972442202 Sep '21 14:41Challenge Player
Standard memberInrikruz69p1200000023 Aug '21 11:15Challenge Player
Standard memberDEEPFRITZp1200101006 Aug '21 13:39Challenge Player
Standard memberSAMUEL ROBLESp1200202005 Aug '21 11:38Challenge Player
Standard memberGMmagnus2600p1200101031 Jul '21 22:34Challenge Player
Standard member2008Julianap1200404030 May '21 22:09Challenge Player
Standard memberVarelap1200303003 May '21 21:33Challenge Player
Standard memberGuy Lacommép1385981020 Apr '21 19:50Challenge Player
Standard memberAossa1026p1200101018 Apr '21 12:08Challenge Player
Standard memberJorge Sanchezp1200000008 Apr '21 10:48Challenge Player
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