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Chess Player Directory for England

Chess Player Directory for England

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard member icthusmars1267149510293957119 Aug '18 03:10Challenge Player
Subscriber psychodiscokid101513305157882719 Aug '18 02:46Challenge Player
Subscriber UNCLEBRO150038461959167721019 Aug '18 02:44Challenge Player
Subscriber Indonesia Phil177381834930616319 Aug '18 02:32Challenge Player
Standard member Neil181216812901561161819 Aug '18 02:28Challenge Player
Standard member IceKnight164042722086185633019 Aug '18 02:21Challenge Player
Standard member CHUFFLEY14179456043271419 Aug '18 02:13Challenge Player
Standard member Steve4515357323913004119 Aug '18 01:59Challenge Player
Standard member king charles11498553215052919 Aug '18 01:58Challenge Player
Standard member WOLFHEAD114515315989092419 Aug '18 01:57Challenge Player
Standard member Epic Walrus12723251541561519 Aug '18 01:49Challenge Player
Subscriber Elle O On Vacation16672244117491415619 Aug '18 01:44Challenge Player
Standard member elvisramone131012095815438519 Aug '18 01:35Challenge Player
Standard member Mark Charles Stevens1365161677371712619 Aug '18 01:26Challenge Player
Standard member Stuart19021281204671812497919 Aug '18 01:26Challenge Player
Subscriber meule158625511320105417719 Aug '18 01:15Challenge Player
Subscriber floattheriver114810212847231419 Aug '18 01:08Challenge Player
Standard member Bracker197316633312001161519 Aug '18 00:41Challenge Player
Standard member brillianterpianist13779295003903919 Aug '18 00:39Challenge Player
Subscriber colin powell On Vacation142513436536642619 Aug '18 00:23Challenge Player
Subscriber InvaderOfRome19372642197033533719 Aug '18 00:15Challenge Player
Subscriber BREXIT15193151281691819 Aug '18 00:12Challenge Player
Standard member The White Rider126212914398272519 Aug '18 00:12Challenge Player
Subscriber paul1137349072394227723619 Aug '18 00:07Challenge Player
Standard member Masons Munchers1207203689210846019 Aug '18 00:03Challenge Player
Standard member john77716065182772142718 Aug '18 23:52Challenge Player
Subscriber FourHorsemen191134601817118945418 Aug '18 23:46Challenge Player
Standard member clarpa1559285169109718 Aug '18 23:45Challenge Player
Standard member Hogwarts116414385558572618 Aug '18 23:42Challenge Player
Subscriber tangerinefish105651762649241910818 Aug '18 23:41Challenge Player

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