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Chess Player Directory for England

Chess Player Directory for England

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Subscriber FiddlewoodKidonline132939041830189018420 Oct '17 04:59Challenge Player
Standard member SexyBeastonline130810354815153920 Oct '17 04:57Challenge Player
Subscriber lord kevonline15679315273624220 Oct '17 04:57Challenge Player
Subscriber SirLurchonline162697404415437295320 Oct '17 04:56Challenge Player
Subscriber sperzmanonline158782564341310381220 Oct '17 04:56Challenge Player
Subscriber odoodsdudesonline140932621532159014020 Oct '17 04:52Challenge Player
Standard member MisterTeeonline14793982411461120 Oct '17 04:50Challenge Player
Subscriber Sheeps12853161441621020 Oct '17 04:47Challenge Player
Subscriber woody651389105554529539063620 Oct '17 04:47Challenge Player
Standard member Lee Chapman13045932732912920 Oct '17 04:31Challenge Player
Standard member The Dark Destroyer177015813123420 Oct '17 04:27Challenge Player
Standard member SBS3p 145118170120 Oct '17 04:24Challenge Player
Standard member junnujannu154449722551202040120 Oct '17 04:21Challenge Player
Standard member Pete16716786854022552820 Oct '17 04:08Challenge Player
Standard member Bluebird120711844716545920 Oct '17 03:58Challenge Player
Standard member MilkyJoe16586353432781420 Oct '17 03:31Challenge Player
Standard member Captain Jack1767612430899320 Oct '17 03:27Challenge Player
Standard member isayoldchap18074563081024620 Oct '17 02:53Challenge Player
Standard member icthusmars129611107453145120 Oct '17 02:51Challenge Player
Standard member CHUFFLEY15028575592841420 Oct '17 02:43Challenge Player
Subscriber Mandos117445951890256913620 Oct '17 02:35Challenge Player
Standard member Excalibur79107416455106320 Oct '17 02:30Challenge Player
Subscriber CosmicWarrior94624348189620 Oct '17 02:16Challenge Player
Standard member Chrisiv133616878537736120 Oct '17 01:57Challenge Player
Standard member Beatleboy13842000683120211520 Oct '17 01:47Challenge Player
Standard member PawnCurry121730911478149511820 Oct '17 01:43Challenge Player
Standard member Grant TheKing13654611692761620 Oct '17 01:38Challenge Player
Subscriber Steve4515586793742703520 Oct '17 01:30Challenge Player
Standard member TheBlueGhost16243692371122020 Oct '17 01:29Challenge Player
Subscriber UNCLEBRO150336721864160820020 Oct '17 01:02Challenge Player

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