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Chess Player Directory for England

Chess Player Directory for England

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Subscriber Number 614932289121593114324 Jun '18 11:03Challenge Player
Standard member Captain Strange1801290195722324 Jun '18 11:03Challenge Player
Subscriber Den haag Eagleonline12193296147117646124 Jun '18 11:03Challenge Player
Standard member elvisramoneonline127711605535278024 Jun '18 11:03Challenge Player
Standard member tyzackonline111710114255622424 Jun '18 11:03Challenge Player
Standard member Neil1812online16812871541151824 Jun '18 11:02Challenge Player
Subscriber Pianoman1online145351492544237323224 Jun '18 11:02Challenge Player
Standard member gtvillanonline156515170681324 Jun '18 11:01Challenge Player
Subscriber Telboy 2online172770935386118452324 Jun '18 11:00Challenge Player
Standard member The Dark Destroyeronline180817214523424 Jun '18 10:59Challenge Player
Standard member knight majikonline138184064078414818024 Jun '18 10:59Challenge Player
Standard member blunt hedgehogonline16962193101794722924 Jun '18 10:57Challenge Player
Standard member Ahmed Gattooonline1391264124136424 Jun '18 10:56Challenge Player
Standard member milesyonline12606632743315824 Jun '18 10:56Challenge Player
Standard member Casablanca909online12411044953224 Jun '18 10:55Challenge Player
Standard member blackknight678online17152691111312724 Jun '18 10:55Challenge Player
Standard member brang104410933656844424 Jun '18 10:54Challenge Player
Standard member chessmateuk9378294153872724 Jun '18 10:53Challenge Player
Standard member Mark Charles Stevens1371156775169612024 Jun '18 10:53Challenge Player
Standard member Captain Jack17546884799911024 Jun '18 10:52Challenge Player
Subscriber Mister Biggins1238208696410408224 Jun '18 10:52Challenge Player
Subscriber Osbald Blakey1548253148951024 Jun '18 10:51Challenge Player
Standard member alexgc12777773763742724 Jun '18 10:51Challenge Player
Subscriber Gremlings15272207128366126324 Jun '18 10:49Challenge Player
Subscriber AntP10113001617582424 Jun '18 10:49Challenge Player
Standard member PA822447166713557723524 Jun '18 10:48Challenge Player
Standard member PawnCurry134832461564156012224 Jun '18 10:48Challenge Player
Subscriber Sevensquare148610664805117524 Jun '18 10:48Challenge Player
Subscriber Elle O15982205115090015524 Jun '18 10:46Challenge Player
Standard member VillaFan1245207395210823924 Jun '18 10:46Challenge Player

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