Croatia (Hrvatska)

NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard memberkapetan162036941588196913728 Jul '21 10:23Challenge Player
Standard memberIVO JURKIC160914446646849628 Jul '21 09:57Challenge Player
Standard memberSUN TZU OS15753732221242728 Jul '21 08:33Challenge Player
Standard memberNazif Gljiva94415886488885228 Jul '21 07:25Challenge Player
Standard membertritonix137111394526464128 Jul '21 07:22Challenge Player
Standard memberidjakboz16892036826107813228 Jul '21 04:28Challenge Player
Standard membercromac16541946111357425927 Jul '21 21:53Challenge Player
Standard membernewchildintime141217667106327 Jul '21 21:52Challenge Player
Standard memberVuki151523221147100417127 Jul '21 21:50Challenge Player
Standard memberTatenko15257923693645927 Jul '21 20:57Challenge Player
Standard membersahmatov138114906557617427 Jul '21 18:17Challenge Player
Standard memberpetaar1556160587457215927 Jul '21 17:56Challenge Player
Standard memberSipak Drijen14881197041827 Jul '21 17:05Challenge Player
SubscriberBaxter82140023981229106110827 Jul '21 10:13Challenge Player
Standard memberxmenergy150611655905195626 Jul '21 15:05Challenge Player
Standard membergoran41p1200000025 Jul '21 19:55Challenge Player
Standard memberpave126311815505349725 Jul '21 04:16Challenge Player
Standard memberdamabessrama17796994461639023 Jul '21 21:56Challenge Player
Standard membermodestyblaise2112201127294523 Jul '21 20:49Challenge Player
Standard memberMimi1399321814014 Jul '21 02:03Challenge Player
Standard membermontechristo1313706313422652409 Jul '21 21:34Challenge Player
Standard memberborbor2180470597409 Jul '21 04:15Challenge Player
Standard memberbole0913834121512511029 Jun '21 07:45Challenge Player
Standard memberTata the champion128616694502213 Jun '21 02:59Challenge Player
Standard memberOnid14362901211264313 May '21 07:32Challenge Player
Standard membercvetnip866826009 May '21 18:02Challenge Player
Standard memberkovachessp1200303027 Apr '21 11:28Challenge Player
Standard memberKiki0301p1129716014 Apr '21 15:01Challenge Player
Standard memberPRANJAp1200505027 Mar '21 18:12Challenge Player
Standard membervecop1200202022 Mar '21 11:27Challenge Player
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