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Chess Player Directory for Cyprus

Chess Player Directory for Cyprus

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard member Butsefal231320458677923 Sep '18 17:56Challenge Player
Subscriber Peter and Diana14646043611994423 Sep '18 12:19Challenge Player
Standard member dpointon108616628078015423 Sep '18 05:49Challenge Player
Subscriber fridaypub135249322360232424820 Sep '18 19:26Challenge Player
Standard member knight killer12094802452181708 Nov '17 15:58Challenge Player
Standard member Kastro1217612931109 May '16 11:24Challenge Player
Standard member vipiu1964182101443708 Jun '13 19:32Challenge Player
Standard member radnis2001399286585509 Mar '13 10:46Challenge Player
Standard member TwinkiePuffp 98614113017 Jun '11 16:14Challenge Player
Standard member pappetrp 1108716010 Nov '10 20:36Challenge Player
Standard member sofoklis241147221012026 Oct '10 20:39Challenge Player
Standard member Chris1243p 1200321014 Aug '10 17:00Challenge Player
Standard member alexb1271319543023109 Jul '10 15:02Challenge Player
Standard member tidusjnrp 997707030 Mar '10 14:47Challenge Player
Standard member Cypressp 1200422004 Mar '10 13:14Challenge Player
Standard member pwnkingp 1356981018 May '09 14:04Challenge Player
Standard member smobe1086781958114 Mar '09 07:36Challenge Player
Standard member Polyphemusp 1126715114 Feb '09 01:00Challenge Player
Standard member raphaelas1329291117118 Jan '09 05:56Challenge Player
Standard member Ammochostos1258251113111 Jan '09 19:08Challenge Player
Standard member rollage1167612734023 Dec '08 19:11Challenge Player
Standard member Xarhs84712440122315302 Dec '08 13:54Challenge Player
Standard member mmarkoullisp 1200202004 Nov '08 16:52Challenge Player
Standard member TornadoZakurap 1063725008 Oct '08 11:04Challenge Player
Standard member DarkGPawnp 165118142219 Jun '08 21:43Challenge Player
Standard member kroskip 11351358008 Jun '08 15:03Challenge Player
Standard member jorykp 1200101027 May '08 12:00Challenge Player
Standard member scrab1380865331225 May '08 08:51Challenge Player
Standard member bismark the second86423716007 May '08 20:08Challenge Player
Standard member tasoprotp 1200303024 Apr '08 21:46Challenge Player

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