NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard memberspeaker117312315503811521726 May '22 00:55Challenge Player
Standard memberStons15458554713493526 May '22 00:01Challenge Player
Subscribertommyk140332561517160413525 May '22 23:48Challenge Player
SubscriberoleMo1074201081811524025 May '22 23:13Challenge Player
SubscriberHanzii14322708160694715525 May '22 23:10Challenge Player
Standard memberMicDrud9944701383151725 May '22 22:48Challenge Player
Standard memberSøren Larsen1418664915225 May '22 22:13Challenge Player
Standard memberEdwin15162751331212125 May '22 21:58Challenge Player
Standard memberkoplev11315982882971325 May '22 21:53Challenge Player
Standard memberHenning Pedersen14403412191101225 May '22 21:34Challenge Player
Standard memberVorapsak gnik14656673123312425 May '22 21:33Challenge Player
Subscriberjunnujannu177169233434295453525 May '22 21:18Challenge Player
Standard memberTorben Knudsen1071347122218725 May '22 21:17Challenge Player
SubscriberJesper Meyer1617976920825 May '22 20:58Challenge Player
Standard memberolton9701208111125 May '22 20:51Challenge Player
Standard membervandmand0712055612862235225 May '22 20:42Challenge Player
Standard membereltoro65151211457393753125 May '22 20:29Challenge Player
Standard memberLamor1404174883378812725 May '22 20:28Challenge Player
Standard memberKartoffelmose18426503552167925 May '22 20:25Challenge Player
Standard memberTalbro15168825572883725 May '22 20:17Challenge Player
Standard memberLassen Talbro12928883425291725 May '22 20:13Challenge Player
Standard memberSvanberg1462178697866214625 May '22 20:04Challenge Player
SubscriberKresten16741316370904999107425 May '22 19:34Challenge Player
SubscriberCarstenNilaus1785139173548217425 May '22 19:29Challenge Player
Standard membercurtskilove14426894192343625 May '22 19:12Challenge Player
Standard memberToulouse13849294664016225 May '22 19:10Challenge Player
Standard memberaeroboen114742281651230926825 May '22 18:43Challenge Player
Standard memberClaus Jørgensen14653922581231125 May '22 17:52Challenge Player
Standard memberSuksdn16784493051024225 May '22 16:37Challenge Player
Standard memberFloms121122977143925 May '22 16:22Challenge Player
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