NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard memberAivar Viira81312477424743104 Dec '22 00:14Challenge Player
Standard membertaffarel154710705294855603 Dec '22 20:41Challenge Player
Standard memberMeelis Saal15384752721436003 Dec '22 20:40Challenge Player
Standard memberpetery115984572381665303 Dec '22 20:05Challenge Player
Standard memberMurro12852919134215225503 Dec '22 19:22Challenge Player
Standard memberVaike51120813836107225103 Dec '22 19:21Challenge Player
Standard membertomps138011737334241603 Dec '22 18:48Challenge Player
Standard memberpurk153428471415129114103 Dec '22 15:35Challenge Player
SubscriberVanemGrenberg157147822265194157603 Dec '22 14:59Challenge Player
Standard memberVaakum1464171172273925003 Dec '22 14:18Challenge Player
Standard memberheipuu14532143980104511801 Dec '22 05:42Challenge Player
Standard memberVello Vellearup1024514011 Nov '22 15:06Challenge Player
Standard memberSatrancKursu23123p1200101017 Aug '22 16:06Challenge Player
Standard memberJaak Kadastu1435451722627 Jul '22 06:25Challenge Player
Subscriberlepik142953242577252222525 Jun '22 19:53Challenge Player
Standard memberEintaluJ2051594251223 Jun '22 08:16Challenge Player
Standard membercrazzzy pawn165636276319 Aug '21 18:44Challenge Player
Standard membertessale1402785226030 Jul '21 05:47Challenge Player
Standard memberAaremangibmaletp1200211013 May '21 20:11Challenge Player
Standard memberlumekirp751627342210212 May '21 15:02Challenge Player
Standard memberBertie Bumfluff103632194222524 Mar '21 10:45Challenge Player
Standard memberDuubikp1200330025 Feb '21 23:02Challenge Player
Standard memberkarneval17823181911101707 Feb '21 20:41Challenge Player
Standard memberbirg0p1200101024 Jan '21 23:19Challenge Player
Standard memberVahurv1148241310110 Aug '20 20:32Challenge Player
Standard memberkrlmtdp1031505006 Aug '20 06:01Challenge Player
Standard memberV P Kungla1108251014125 Jun '20 17:40Challenge Player
Standard memberHolkster123p1200101022 Mar '20 15:44Challenge Player
Standard membergwvncq166131881760122020815 Jan '20 19:37Challenge Player
Standard memberfreejazz147520194101627 Oct '19 16:02Challenge Player
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