NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard memberRumaonline150412776775316925 Apr '24 05:02Challenge Player
Standard memberSherlocked148110955342025 Apr '24 04:59Challenge Player
Standard memberOnni Vaaralaonline1567543515425 Apr '24 04:55Challenge Player
SubscriberLizard King1519108195184468794825 Apr '24 04:49Challenge Player
Standard memberjouleh131716198216999925 Apr '24 04:42Challenge Player
Standard membereltoro1334205387511176125 Apr '24 04:35Challenge Player
Standard memberPoro Sarvi16338484183745625 Apr '24 03:55Challenge Player
Standard memberhak107817638198737125 Apr '24 03:54Challenge Player
Standard memberjorsy138214316647066125 Apr '24 03:52Challenge Player
Standard memberHarri Kuusimurto1685238122912525 Apr '24 03:48Challenge Player
Standard memberPexx184311549751334625 Apr '24 03:43Challenge Player
Standard memberRaaka141814546357388125 Apr '24 02:48Challenge Player
SubscriberHantta1673175998854123025 Apr '24 02:22Challenge Player
Standard memberronishakki1739124357953313125 Apr '24 02:09Challenge Player
Standard memberDoubletrouble112581458360225 Apr '24 00:50Challenge Player
Standard memberDw0lf102511694816642424 Apr '24 20:37Challenge Player
Subscriberjheikki176812257094199724 Apr '24 20:36Challenge Player
Standard membertone515337734092966824 Apr '24 20:02Challenge Player
Standard memberJermu14742371001191824 Apr '24 20:00Challenge Player
Standard memberpk01ranen15005402282169624 Apr '24 19:25Challenge Player
Standard membertalzamir16762067131761613424 Apr '24 19:07Challenge Player
Standard memberSuntower11881677491224 Apr '24 19:01Challenge Player
Subscriberrcihof175913877755555724 Apr '24 18:56Challenge Player
Standard memberVeijo13255032692112324 Apr '24 18:54Challenge Player
Standard memberWallu Hietanen156425230224 Apr '24 18:50Challenge Player
Subscribermmehtone122912606086322024 Apr '24 18:47Challenge Player
Standard memberSeveri Rissanen1420392612124 Apr '24 18:46Challenge Player
Standard memberTane Ukkola143521174024 Apr '24 18:43Challenge Player
Standard memberEino Laukko1539513216324 Apr '24 18:36Challenge Player
Standard memberHKane1813238113646124 Apr '24 17:40Challenge Player
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