NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard memberThroy67online122112637654633528 Jul '21 11:06Challenge Player
SubscriberHanttaonline1702101461429210828 Jul '21 11:03Challenge Player
Standard memberjorsy140011645116044928 Jul '21 10:56Challenge Player
Standard memberpk01ranen1493392314228 Jul '21 10:55Challenge Player
Standard memberLizard Wizard1066341815128 Jul '21 10:54Challenge Player
Standard memberNIKKOLA JOUNI13179974774675328 Jul '21 10:46Challenge Player
SubscriberMindgate2151712698493863428 Jul '21 10:22Challenge Player
Standard memberDw0lf10188363384782028 Jul '21 09:23Challenge Player
Standard memberRuma141910805664496528 Jul '21 09:08Challenge Player
Standard membersoroso13755532552702828 Jul '21 08:27Challenge Player
Standard memberaneeru1333293142147428 Jul '21 08:07Challenge Player
Standard memberjouleh12729734984096628 Jul '21 07:24Challenge Player
SubscriberLizard King133094794578410979228 Jul '21 07:08Challenge Player
SubscriberRaimo Elukka18206193841993628 Jul '21 06:50Challenge Player
Standard memberSuntower1158873749128 Jul '21 06:35Challenge Player
Standard memberronishakki1749115054448911728 Jul '21 05:42Challenge Player
Standard membermattilevanto10091222889528 Jul '21 02:52Challenge Player
Standard memberUnnamed12511042876028 Jul '21 00:17Challenge Player
Standard membertomwkarlsson13106913313461427 Jul '21 22:29Challenge Player
Subscriberchessnut69183111067762458527 Jul '21 20:03Challenge Player
Standard memberJermu1431984348727 Jul '21 19:39Challenge Player
Standard memberDoubletrouble11381563620027 Jul '21 18:56Challenge Player
Standard memberPoro Sarvi15547403483444827 Jul '21 18:51Challenge Player
Standard memberhak118213686306865227 Jul '21 18:29Challenge Player
Standard membertalzamir17911794106360113027 Jul '21 17:43Challenge Player
Standard memberRaaka139912975746546927 Jul '21 16:14Challenge Player
Standard membereltoro139117777589645527 Jul '21 15:39Challenge Player
SubscriberTimoJ1627704525027 Jul '21 14:37Challenge Player
Standard membernollis173814891421527 Jul '21 13:20Challenge Player
Subscriberrcihof162710455554494127 Jul '21 12:10Challenge Player
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