NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard membermattilevantoonline100618949133703 Feb '23 20:30Challenge Player
Standard memberRuma142111766184936503 Feb '23 20:17Challenge Player
Standard memberpk01ranen14533261471295003 Feb '23 20:16Challenge Player
Standard memberLizard Wizard1188694026303 Feb '23 20:11Challenge Player
Standard memberhak105015687217836403 Feb '23 19:41Challenge Player
Standard memberPoro Sarvi16037933833595103 Feb '23 19:38Challenge Player
Standard membereltoro1334194882910586103 Feb '23 18:43Challenge Player
Standard memberjouleh144213006645528403 Feb '23 18:25Challenge Player
Standard memberDw0lf95210134145772203 Feb '23 18:16Challenge Player
SubscriberMindgate2145014439704294403 Feb '23 18:00Challenge Player
Standard memberJermu14861456274903 Feb '23 17:48Challenge Player
Standard memberRaaka143413806086987403 Feb '23 17:38Challenge Player
Standard memberpazi7512609365643333903 Feb '23 17:24Challenge Player
Standard memberHKane183818186445103 Feb '23 17:24Challenge Player
SubscriberJarkkoK1576493015403 Feb '23 17:13Challenge Player
Standard memberSuntower11511426377203 Feb '23 17:07Challenge Player
Standard membernollis178215699421503 Feb '23 16:04Challenge Player
Standard memberSherlocked146310753342003 Feb '23 15:57Challenge Player
SubscriberLizard King1378102684935445587803 Feb '23 14:00Challenge Player
Standard membersoroso14527693663604303 Feb '23 13:45Challenge Player
Standard memberPexx174710799071274503 Feb '23 13:30Challenge Player
Standard memberronishakki1636121456452412603 Feb '23 13:23Challenge Player
SubscriberHantta1624147182846118203 Feb '23 12:54Challenge Player
Standard memberV Airaksinen1787367256793203 Feb '23 11:54Challenge Player
Standard memberpikku myy11386213302751603 Feb '23 11:21Challenge Player
Subscriberrcihof167612506915114803 Feb '23 11:04Challenge Player
Subscriberexpectnomercy188312998953059903 Feb '23 08:27Challenge Player
Standard memberjorsy143612905806545603 Feb '23 07:55Challenge Player
Standard membertalzamir17561949120561013403 Feb '23 05:15Challenge Player
Standard memberEino Laukko1419351914203 Feb '23 05:14Challenge Player
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