NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard memberRumaonline132610945704596527 Oct '21 07:24Challenge Player
SubscriberLizard King142095894624416180427 Oct '21 07:19Challenge Player
Standard memberpk01ranen15139045291627 Oct '21 06:50Challenge Player
Standard membertomwkarlsson12877363473721727 Oct '21 06:43Challenge Player
Standard memberPikk Ripap12711385027 Oct '21 06:18Challenge Player
Subscribermmehtone133711135555401827 Oct '21 05:27Challenge Player
Standard memberVeijo13994802641962027 Oct '21 05:16Challenge Player
Standard memberOlliSiren17187749171127 Oct '21 04:44Challenge Player
Standard memberjorsy144211865256115027 Oct '21 04:38Challenge Player
Standard membereltoro140317977679745627 Oct '21 04:28Challenge Player
Standard memberjouleh125210235224336827 Oct '21 03:23Challenge Player
Standard membermattilevanto9871303095527 Oct '21 02:14Challenge Player
Standard membertalzamir17991804107160313026 Oct '21 21:41Challenge Player
Standard memberDoubletrouble11482694920026 Oct '21 20:05Challenge Player
Standard memberNIKKOLA JOUNI135510124864735326 Oct '21 19:52Challenge Player
Standard memberptpoysa134016518048173026 Oct '21 19:51Challenge Player
Standard memberipekkari12291669071526 Oct '21 19:40Challenge Player
Subscriberchessnut69177211498022598826 Oct '21 19:17Challenge Player
Standard membersoroso14085662612743126 Oct '21 18:37Challenge Player
SubscriberMindgate2158812978713883826 Oct '21 18:16Challenge Player
SubscriberHantta1530110865633311926 Oct '21 17:58Challenge Player
Standard memberhak110913846366955326 Oct '21 17:50Challenge Player
SubscriberTimoJ1713865729026 Oct '21 17:09Challenge Player
Standard memberasuorsa1164512129126 Oct '21 16:12Challenge Player
Standard memberLepander131248389126 Oct '21 16:10Challenge Player
Standard memberSuntower11631004455126 Oct '21 14:56Challenge Player
Standard memberronishakki1640116554949811826 Oct '21 14:09Challenge Player
Standard memberPoro Sarvi15137473503484926 Oct '21 13:23Challenge Player
Standard memberRaaka148713145836607126 Oct '21 12:54Challenge Player
SubscriberRaimo Elukka18006253862033626 Oct '21 10:23Challenge Player
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