NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
SubscriberLizard King146299564800431284424 May '22 21:11Challenge Player
Standard membersoroso13056182813033424 May '22 20:43Challenge Player
Standard membertalzamir18011844110960413124 May '22 20:26Challenge Player
Standard memberPexx172510448781224424 May '22 20:25Challenge Player
Subscriberrcihof177311776494804824 May '22 19:51Challenge Player
Standard membertone515576913722615824 May '22 19:47Challenge Player
Subscriberexpectnomercy185412408612859424 May '22 19:08Challenge Player
Standard memberpk01ranen156819697702924 May '22 19:07Challenge Player
Standard memberPoro Sarvi16057663643525024 May '22 18:55Challenge Player
SubscriberMindgate2149813659124124124 May '22 18:32Challenge Player
Standard memberMikael74116464702379396912224 May '22 18:09Challenge Player
Standard memberNIKKOLA JOUNI137810525064905624 May '22 17:50Challenge Player
Standard memberronishakki1650118755650712424 May '22 17:48Challenge Player
Standard memberhak124814356657145624 May '22 17:46Challenge Player
Standard memberkuha159924814224 May '22 16:58Challenge Player
Standard memberSuntower13021266164124 May '22 16:12Challenge Player
Standard memberjorsy146812205436255224 May '22 15:19Challenge Player
Standard membermattilevanto104415338110524 May '22 15:10Challenge Player
Standard memberjouleh133111505854887724 May '22 14:57Challenge Player
Standard memberRaaka146113465976767324 May '22 14:05Challenge Player
SubscriberHantta1709126373338414624 May '22 13:50Challenge Player
Standard membereltoro1243186579210155824 May '22 13:50Challenge Player
Standard memberRuma138811145834666524 May '22 10:57Challenge Player
Standard memberDoubletrouble11411946032224 May '22 10:46Challenge Player
Standard memberDw0lf10539283795282124 May '22 08:25Challenge Player
Standard membernollis176415295421524 May '22 04:43Challenge Player
Standard memberLizard Wizard1075492621224 May '22 03:31Challenge Player
Standard memberjuhoog1171536036023 May '22 16:49Challenge Player
Standard memberJermu13781094457822 May '22 20:36Challenge Player
SubscriberTimoJ16911046638022 May '22 05:31Challenge Player
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