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Chess Player Directory for France

Chess Player Directory for France

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Subscriber Bebert IIonline197710325963399725 May '18 20:36Challenge Player
Standard member Poisbois1470127270046510725 May '18 20:12Challenge Player
Standard member thierry081731320186894525 May '18 19:51Challenge Player
Subscriber jmi6018332364132980023525 May '18 19:42Challenge Player
Standard member marinkovic12553061181751325 May '18 19:41Challenge Player
Standard member bikingviking136827741134146617425 May '18 19:35Challenge Player
Standard member fifi0816272551261191025 May '18 19:31Challenge Player
Subscriber sabinus107716827309015125 May '18 19:18Challenge Player
Standard member Joseph K155712905926356325 May '18 19:16Challenge Player
Standard member Toub18032339172044217725 May '18 19:14Challenge Player
Standard member stezam12724332481741125 May '18 19:09Challenge Player
Standard member musirapha16233072179693434225 May '18 19:03Challenge Player
Standard member sidicharbo1083327168155425 May '18 18:43Challenge Player
Standard member popel16148753924166725 May '18 18:32Challenge Player
Standard member Doom doom1556179769610257625 May '18 17:57Challenge Player
Subscriber HFRylec190489953923612425 May '18 17:27Challenge Player
Standard member migusmagus1108282157119625 May '18 17:22Challenge Player
Subscriber HFRpanzemeyer140910494485772425 May '18 17:18Challenge Player
Standard member mxtronix13046012852892725 May '18 17:05Challenge Player
Standard member Florent Desmons17746640151125 May '18 17:00Challenge Player
Standard member breizatao1947905562925 May '18 16:48Challenge Player
Standard member Minephild13811706998325 May '18 16:46Challenge Player
Subscriber Kratic1716161594553413625 May '18 16:43Challenge Player
Subscriber sigal lucien18754682421606625 May '18 16:25Challenge Player
Subscriber mikaeloff philippe134318858499617525 May '18 16:12Challenge Player
Standard member Le Corsaire160812287251025 May '18 16:09Challenge Player
Subscriber polo2000160243742121199226125 May '18 15:00Challenge Player
Standard member Triplezerosept16753201801132725 May '18 14:23Challenge Player
Standard member Claudovic102210985495242525 May '18 13:29Challenge Player
Subscriber Sammy the Froggy13747073653123025 May '18 13:24Challenge Player

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