NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard membersébastien cambrielsonline1484986330526 Nov '22 16:01Challenge Player
Standard membergolgothonline140628179226 Nov '22 15:59Challenge Player
Standard memberpopeyethesailor151860662549306745026 Nov '22 15:49Challenge Player
Standard memberpapyrol11321470344102310326 Nov '22 15:49Challenge Player
Standard memberYannick Rhinop1200000026 Nov '22 15:33Challenge Player
Standard memberpopel1476191077993120026 Nov '22 15:27Challenge Player
Standard membercadafalcus1350602732126 Nov '22 15:26Challenge Player
Standard memberCedric Cajet1347255140106926 Nov '22 15:18Challenge Player
Standard membermontmartre185712067183949426 Nov '22 14:58Challenge Player
Standard memberGanlanshu91524380159426 Nov '22 14:35Challenge Player
Standard memberJacques Lacan11104811742575026 Nov '22 14:34Challenge Player
Standard memberthierry0817186163751726926 Nov '22 14:25Challenge Player
Standard memberlantignie17163691901423726 Nov '22 14:13Challenge Player
Standard membersidicharbo10827563663781226 Nov '22 14:01Challenge Player
Standard memberDidier Leperou134136288026 Nov '22 14:01Challenge Player
Standard memberPherl16291085450426 Nov '22 13:37Challenge Player
Subscribersabinus10582316102512217026 Nov '22 13:37Challenge Player
Standard memberMinus1495473215026 Nov '22 13:20Challenge Player
Standard memberRaspa139718199058506426 Nov '22 13:05Challenge Player
Standard memberTpatapouf1463594612126 Nov '22 12:59Challenge Player
Standard memberGOS031201468674225026 Nov '22 12:42Challenge Player
Standard memberdpambakian1090553322026 Nov '22 12:40Challenge Player
Standard memberlanouzille1242283149131326 Nov '22 11:45Challenge Player
Standard memberWalkerTR13904782002562226 Nov '22 11:42Challenge Player
Standard memberelmajnoun114811184286702026 Nov '22 10:52Challenge Player
Standard memberbozitino134920090101926 Nov '22 10:40Challenge Player
Subscriberbrgal14571599561326 Nov '22 10:25Challenge Player
Subscribermikaeloff philippe144723701083118710026 Nov '22 10:23Challenge Player
Subscriberpolo2000151058662837266736226 Nov '22 09:39Challenge Player
Standard memberalbinos17372478148166932826 Nov '22 09:16Challenge Player
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