NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard memberthierry08online16046794081957605 Dec '23 18:55Challenge Player
Standard memberCedric Cajet14923552011401405 Dec '23 18:51Challenge Player
Standard memberRaspa136219969819417405 Dec '23 18:50Challenge Player
Standard memberalbinos16892588153071534305 Dec '23 18:50Challenge Player
Standard memberlanouzille1335396208183505 Dec '23 18:48Challenge Player
Standard memberjoy99916072027137142023605 Dec '23 18:48Challenge Player
SubscriberHFRpanzemeyer133612815447112605 Dec '23 18:46Challenge Player
Standard memberP75L1544493810105 Dec '23 18:45Challenge Player
Standard memberRichard Wesley1278236103126705 Dec '23 18:44Challenge Player
Subscribersigal lucien17807073822467905 Dec '23 18:43Challenge Player
Standard memberAlain Girard1190652340205 Dec '23 18:38Challenge Player
Standard memberpopel15842244878113523105 Dec '23 18:18Challenge Player
Standard membergolgoth1332874536605 Dec '23 18:17Challenge Player
Standard membercadafalcus13871536975905 Dec '23 18:09Challenge Player
Standard memberelmajnoun114611534426912005 Dec '23 17:44Challenge Player
SubscriberBebert II1901141480546314605 Dec '23 17:16Challenge Player
Standard memberolivier bardou73530326105 Dec '23 17:05Challenge Player
Standard memberGreg agen1584684321405 Dec '23 17:03Challenge Player
Standard membersébastien cambriels151518611761805 Dec '23 16:22Challenge Player
Standard memberdpambakian1157956035005 Dec '23 16:07Challenge Player
Standard memberKit1152p60217017005 Dec '23 15:45Challenge Player
Subscribermikaeloff philippe158924091106120110205 Dec '23 15:43Challenge Player
Standard memberEssylld1604553316605 Dec '23 15:35Challenge Player
Standard memberLebert1059454216229905 Dec '23 15:13Challenge Player
Subscriberpolo2000145160492905277237205 Dec '23 15:07Challenge Player
Standard memberGanlanshu92026286170605 Dec '23 13:51Challenge Player
Standard memberLegranddidier11044401472791405 Dec '23 11:55Challenge Player
Standard memberWalkerTR13954882012642305 Dec '23 11:47Challenge Player
Subscribersabinus10992481109413078005 Dec '23 11:33Challenge Player
Standard memberJPouille1515684125205 Dec '23 11:10Challenge Player
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