NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Subscriberbrgalonline1461875333119 Oct '21 21:42Challenge Player
Standard memberlantignieonline153415383521819 Oct '21 21:38Challenge Player
Standard memberpopeyethesailor142059042492297943319 Oct '21 21:34Challenge Player
Standard memberjeangaga153810943561019 Oct '21 21:30Challenge Player
Standard memberchristianlabat1600986133419 Oct '21 21:15Challenge Player
Standard memberFinney091518674021619 Oct '21 21:10Challenge Player
Standard membersidicharbo11966953453381219 Oct '21 21:10Challenge Player
Standard memberpapyrol108314063289839519 Oct '21 21:04Challenge Player
Standard memberDav Kasparov1564219143631319 Oct '21 21:04Challenge Player
Standard memberMarkthelionheart1289422213203619 Oct '21 20:59Challenge Player
Standard memberGOS03120p1378642019 Oct '21 20:44Challenge Player
Standard memberpopel1660161767678116019 Oct '21 20:44Challenge Player
Standard memberjohnf12212361161021819 Oct '21 20:41Challenge Player
SubscriberSebix15513331841202919 Oct '21 20:40Challenge Player
Standard memberbahouais174527224119 Oct '21 20:31Challenge Player
SubscriberGwendal Morvan-Illitch195718315329119 Oct '21 20:18Challenge Player
Standard memberOneRowdyRook130741931119 Oct '21 20:17Challenge Player
Standard memberCedric Cajet13921277248719 Oct '21 20:16Challenge Player
Standard memberalbinos17112380142663631819 Oct '21 20:14Challenge Player
Standard memberMarie Mévellec88926026019 Oct '21 20:11Challenge Player
Standard memberthierry0816585653371606819 Oct '21 19:36Challenge Player
Standard memberBresse1077381028019 Oct '21 19:30Challenge Player
Standard memberLebert1033311147157719 Oct '21 19:20Challenge Player
Standard memberjoy99916581652111034919319 Oct '21 19:15Challenge Player
Standard memberelmajnoun11769573425991619 Oct '21 18:52Challenge Player
Standard membermxtronix13617233433512919 Oct '21 18:33Challenge Player
Subscribersigal lucien17736123272117419 Oct '21 18:10Challenge Player
Standard membercadafalcusp1384532019 Oct '21 18:04Challenge Player
Standard memberRaspa126015848267124619 Oct '21 17:58Challenge Player
Subscriberpolo2000145256412719257334919 Oct '21 17:33Challenge Player
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