NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard memberRaspa135415288106744402 Aug '21 09:36Challenge Player
SubscriberBebert IIonline2021121969539712702 Aug '21 09:36Challenge Player
Standard memberCedric Cajetonline1296774330402 Aug '21 09:35Challenge Player
Subscribermikaeloff philippe13142282104411439502 Aug '21 09:27Challenge Player
SubscriberGenieGP17293702031571002 Aug '21 09:23Challenge Player
Standard memberMacBertiep1194412515102 Aug '21 09:21Challenge Player
Standard memberDickyWes14003902051711402 Aug '21 09:20Challenge Player
Standard membersébastien cambriels1438423012002 Aug '21 09:02Challenge Player
Standard memberLebert1138283137140602 Aug '21 08:57Challenge Player
Standard memberWalkerTR14514461952321902 Aug '21 08:53Challenge Player
Standard memberPherl170921147002 Aug '21 08:46Challenge Player
SubscriberSebix165015189491302 Aug '21 08:39Challenge Player
Standard membertimbres621657927114702 Aug '21 08:35Challenge Player
Standard memberpapyrol109713943269739502 Aug '21 08:23Challenge Player
Standard memberlantignie1591864928902 Aug '21 07:56Challenge Player
Standard memberleemute10456442054083102 Aug '21 07:33Challenge Player
Standard memberTrinaleap1325843102 Aug '21 07:33Challenge Player
Standard memberdpambakianp1182532002 Aug '21 06:58Challenge Player
Standard memberGanlanshu94120570131402 Aug '21 06:56Challenge Player
Standard memberpopel1645155165274915002 Aug '21 06:48Challenge Player
Standard memberBaradon113225453200102 Aug '21 06:43Challenge Player
Standard memberscacchidelnordp1200330002 Aug '21 06:38Challenge Player
Standard membermxtronix13607193423482902 Aug '21 06:26Challenge Player
Standard membermigusmagus11754972872001002 Aug '21 06:26Challenge Player
Standard membersidicharbo11616803353331202 Aug '21 06:17Challenge Player
Standard memberjoy99916921614108633918902 Aug '21 06:10Challenge Player
Subscribersigal lucien17786093262107302 Aug '21 06:08Challenge Player
Standard memberNicolas Bourlet191835311302 Aug '21 06:02Challenge Player
Standard memberDidier Leperou137930246002 Aug '21 05:53Challenge Player
SubscriberKratic18052725160986724902 Aug '21 05:45Challenge Player
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