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Chess Player Directory for France

Chess Player Directory for France

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard member fifi08online151520910298914 Dec '17 09:51Challenge Player
Standard member Fabrice Moriceonlinep 1200321014 Dec '17 09:49Challenge Player
Standard member joy999online16227965411688714 Dec '17 09:48Challenge Player
Subscriber mikaeloff philippe139618328269327414 Dec '17 09:42Challenge Player
Standard member Dujardin Sebastien1454265135122814 Dec '17 09:40Challenge Player
Standard member Rudiger151612958581314 Dec '17 09:40Challenge Player
Standard member danger dave123210915704517014 Dec '17 09:39Challenge Player
Standard member Poisbois1514121667244210214 Dec '17 09:25Challenge Player
Standard member Florent Desmons172629262114 Dec '17 09:21Challenge Player
Subscriber Tenacitiz1555171498061312114 Dec '17 09:21Challenge Player
Subscriber Kratic1622139181845312014 Dec '17 08:50Challenge Player
Standard member Claudovic106410365214912414 Dec '17 08:15Challenge Player
Standard member sidicharbo1148251129119314 Dec '17 08:07Challenge Player
Subscriber jmi6017852283128377922114 Dec '17 07:44Challenge Player
Subscriber sigal lucien18024472291556314 Dec '17 07:36Challenge Player
Standard member 600fred15066573572693114 Dec '17 06:48Challenge Player
Standard member mxtronix13395902832802714 Dec '17 06:46Challenge Player
Standard member papyrol11797321924954514 Dec '17 06:26Challenge Player
Standard member sabinus103316056898655114 Dec '17 06:12Challenge Player
Standard member Doom doom1530177168710127214 Dec '17 05:37Challenge Player
Subscriber polo2000152642382047194025114 Dec '17 00:23Challenge Player
Standard member popel16438003623746413 Dec '17 23:39Challenge Player
Standard member Le Corsaire160612186251013 Dec '17 23:22Challenge Player
Standard member HFRJPcheck184467663699226580213 Dec '17 23:08Challenge Player
Standard member johnf1487192104721613 Dec '17 22:53Challenge Player
Standard member thierry081717296172834113 Dec '17 22:48Challenge Player
Standard member pensebete153211055715033113 Dec '17 22:43Challenge Player
Standard member Raspa145210995864823113 Dec '17 22:27Challenge Player
Standard member elo douwen1331642732513 Dec '17 22:06Challenge Player
Subscriber Sammy the Froggy13726943593072813 Dec '17 22:02Challenge Player

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